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  1. nobody (cept for variant) will see it, plus making a status update doesn't push down the stupid X gender posts she wouldn't be as cool as woodlegs in dst dont @ me
  2. i have thoughts like this all the time-- what if you were riding a beefalo and then suddenly it just started digging into the ground? (it learned from a minecraft letsplay not to do that but it does what it wants) what if you tried to play walani [cheesenuggets] and just that one singular time, there was an actual option to equip head skins for her and you only had one unlocked? what if terraria and dont starve switched places?
  3. pretty tame reaction to something that wasnt ever mentioned in any patch notes and you never saw in any game resource or anything, i would be going crazy if i saw it happen
  4. i did literally nothing wrong please stop trying to get my in trouble for NO REASON
  5. im NOT CRUD postinng its a legitimate QUESTION
  6. how would you feel if you were racing carrats (alone because it's a singleplayer server of course) and just as you were about to win a race between your carrat and 3 other shadow ones, your carrat jumped with an animation you had never seen before and just rose and rose and never stopped rising and you could tell it was still in the same X and Z position because you could lock onto it. What would you do ? would you SCREAM?!!????
  7. which character would he play?!!?!?
  8. Lbphero

    w WAAHAAAOO!!!

    nah webber should go "But I'm super duper With a big tuper 'Cause no ones going to hit it like me 'Cause Mario has a big C But I got the A+ on that test because it's a big mess Mario might be a super m-er man But I'm going to have a big tan He might have went to the past and'mm to the future But I'm gonna make a New game how to nuture Man, Mario can't play like that T-Dub's, on the may Man, you want to hit it down with the big town Man, you can't be like the big brown"
  9. Lbphero

    w WAAHAAAOO!!!

    i want webber to spawn with a red cap (with an M on it for mspider) and he can use it to go "WAHOO!!!!!!!" maybiue jump too he could alos examine it and be like "you wanna play with your mario games? i had a big raims is a big taims cause mario might be super"
  10. Lbphero

    w WAAHAAAOO!!!

    you are understandably fearful of the truth out of the fact that you cannot comprehend it
  11. what if webber kne wabout mario so he was like "WAHOO!!!!!!" (and put on a cap that has a M on it because it says for mspider) HOO HOO
  12. The trick is to recycle cheap elegant/heirloom distinguished on the community market to weave whatever you want to get. In that way, yes, i have bought a couple winona skins
  13. they said they wouldn't bring any more existing/unused characters into the game i think so walani out of question y'ever been to a chinese server?
  14. sure, when I'm done with it! Glad to see people excited about it.
  15. I'm referring to the animation that plays when a dupe administers a cure to a sick dupe that's in this disease clinic building.
  16. @watermelen671 may you please show me the animation that a dupe uses when they're administering a cure through the disease clinic? not the actual dupe being cured, but the dupe giving the cure? I won't be encountering zombie spores any time soon again so I'd like to see the animation here.
  17. please i got closure just let me be sure
  18. 100%, any projects that happen to come out after the fact are Extremely unrelated and at most would only share few ideas.
  19. Lbphero

    Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    my poor poor sanity