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  1. Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    my poor poor sanity
  2. Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    i am satisfied with hamlet on most fronts but there're a few things that i wish were in it like a way to get to and from other islands without having to play wagstaff or go through ruins, stuff like that
  3. years of not having geometric placement have sharpened my skills
  4. While i dont think wigfrid is as powerful as wolfgang i encourage that you play different characters in this game. It's more interesting to play as a variety of characters rather than just one.
  5. i couldn't find it
  6. you will all pay with blood
  7. WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. bbq collection

    even tho its super simple i really really like webber's pool getup
  9. this has been here since shipwrecked, you could make your game shipwrecked compatible when selecting rog and bam able to play as other characters. set the starting spawn to lights out to get a few supplies to help you start lol
  10. if you want i can go get my ps4 and show you me doing it there too
  11. you can play literally any of them in any world if you have hamlet compatibility enabled
  12. you're making a character "better" to play by nerfing another item instead of making the characters kit better and able to stand better on its own plus god i hate making sewing kits
  13. if you didnt go to the deep ends of the caves (the ruins) before giving up on dst (or your world, depending on what you meant by "remove my game") then you effectively skimped yourself out on the entire endgame of this game my dude
  14. I've played the game on ps4 and flotsam and the parrot boat spawns without shipwrecked dlc even purchased
  15. i don't understand how to design a setup that uses the heat of a metal refinery making steel/iron to power the metal refinery without outside influences. No matter what i try, it's always not enough and I end up running the backup coal generators at least a little bit. how do you people do it?