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  1. Why does fog exist

    wear a weevole mantle
  2. Why does fog exist

    you stink the fog mechanic isnt something that needs to go, craft a pith hat before day 11 like everybody else
  3. nothing there is what i want to have happen, i just want more ocean-specific biomes like i dunno a place where lots of sharks like to hang out and a coral reef and a hot spring that increases your temperature but also melts your boat n stuff i'd also like more boat attachments that make the idea of living on just one boat piece a bit more viable, like maybe a trawl net attachment that you can attach to the side of your boat and it catches some food for you, and maybe another type of sail that goes faster than the other one. altogether I'd like to gush a bit about how this expansion has the potential to be amazing since it expands our horizons so much with so much theoretical new content to explore and be around but pengull bait would be pretty nice too
  4. this is the solution i can absolutely agree with and accept. I'm glad community-side problems are being fixed by the community.
  5. Wes able to talk

  6. [Game Update] - 334206

    >no more multiple robins how will i repopulate the world of the extremely endangered roc population now?
  7. [Game Update] - 332790

    can the ancient suit/living artifact maybe last 4 or 5 minutes instead of 3 minutes? I know it's very powerful of an item, but you theoretically need to kill 2 bosses to get one of it, and it's one time use and all. So i'd just like it if it lasted just a smidge longer.
  8. why did you make it about bernie i hate it what this willow is has barely anything to do with the actual fire-loving willow of dont starve singleplayer (and what she canonically is) and everything to do with a tacked on item that was given to willow because people were complaining about her when you took her powers away
  9. [Game Update] - 328827

    uh, whats wheeler's downside now?
  10. I've been told that "having a global call that activates the patch from mods instead of mods patching themselves" closes a lot of doors in the modding scene. Will the way dll modding work for oxygen not included change at any point, to allow for more extreme mod changes?
  11. i want a lore biome with hallways and hallways of gravitas stuff...maybe a malformed alpha dupe here or there... :thinkicnign:
  12. Darker...Darker...Yet, Darker....
  13. I want improved seasons just as much as the next guy but new characters are gucci!!
  14. klei please i really really really want to be able to sit in chairs and able to sleep in beds in houses please klei i want this so bad
  15. [Game Update] - 307715

    Warbucks had his earpods on and couldn't hear us, sigh... :pensive:
  16. inb4 charlie final dlc character
  17. @Letitbeeyou need to have the materials available to craft it to have the option to craft it
  18. thats where all the rooms happen, which is why there be so many honey-lights
  19. The Pugalisk's Hypnotic Freeze beam doesn't actually freeze mobs such as the scorpion, despite being hit head on.