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  1. Ocean 2 Appreciation

    it makes more sense to me that RoG and Sw are more or less on the same level of elevation and hamlet is on a high plateau mountainesque surface, maybe above sw. I don't think the graph we're making now does a good job as representing the constant thus far. heres one i doodled in about 8 minutes to represent what i believe to be the current landmasses and their positioning compared to eachother now.
  2. the joke got old quick, eh? lul
  3. day 30: land bridges between islands still haven't been fixed or made less apparant :pensive:
  4. i think you need to pick some flowers, friend. Otherwise, Cool update!
  5. yeah, long ago, before like, qol1, maybe even first space upgrade
  6. A few issues with the ocean I have go as follows: 1: the lunar island is more often than not connected to the mainland through a shallow water bridge. This doesnt make sense from a lore standpoint because the lunar island is not a landmass that was connected to the mainland at any point, it's a chunk of the moon that fell down into the ocean. Other than that, it makes finding the lunar island much more simple than otherwise which in my opinion massively takes away from the experience of actually exploring the ocean and finding the island on your own terms, more it feels like the game's pushing you to ignore the majority of the ocean in favor of travelling down specific paths to the island. 2. theres the damn sea stacks everywhere and they're discouraging me from going into the ocean Recently, a worldgen update made it so that sea stacks spawn in **MASSIVE** numbers in all of the ocean that isn't the lunar island, mainland, or the bridges connecting them. This makes me deeply not want to explore any of the ocean that isn't leading into another landmass to land on. The way this is looking, the ocean appears to be shaping up to only be a metaphorical road or bridge connecting different landmasses, rather than the ocean being it's own actual biome that you can explore and have fun in. I really don't like that.
  7. The one man band should play a version of what should we do with the drunken sailor when you're standing on a boat. It's just science, I need my sea shanties.
  8. where the heck is wilba
  9. day 90: still cant apply skills through any kind of debug mode
  10. Clockwork Rook Damage Bug

    i'd imagine being hit by a hunk of metal running towards me would do slightly more damage than being hit by a hunk of meat
  11. [Game Update] - 348553

    I'm so dead....I have to like, think of how to do EVERYTHING differently
  12. welp, my save is dead.
  13. Critters don't jump at all from either boat or to land, they stay whereever they are until they're warped to you somehow.
  14. thank god he's near exactly the same except for some QOL things. Good job klei!
  15. Wes able to talk

  16. [Game Update] - 334206

    >no more multiple robins how will i repopulate the world of the extremely endangered roc population now?
  17. [Game Update] - 332790

    can the ancient suit/living artifact maybe last 4 or 5 minutes instead of 3 minutes? I know it's very powerful of an item, but you theoretically need to kill 2 bosses to get one of it, and it's one time use and all. So i'd just like it if it lasted just a smidge longer.
  18. [Game Update] - 328827

    uh, whats wheeler's downside now?
  19. I've been told that "having a global call that activates the patch from mods instead of mods patching themselves" closes a lot of doors in the modding scene. Will the way dll modding work for oxygen not included change at any point, to allow for more extreme mod changes?
  20. i want a lore biome with hallways and hallways of gravitas stuff...maybe a malformed alpha dupe here or there... :thinkicnign:
  21. Darker...Darker...Yet, Darker....
  22. I want improved seasons just as much as the next guy but new characters are gucci!!
  23. klei please i really really really want to be able to sit in chairs and able to sleep in beds in houses please klei i want this so bad