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  1. i did use tamed hatches and i did feed them, but was that actually said to be a requirement to begin with anyway? I was just doing it because I also wanted the coal output. i feel like that would've been important to mention. Also, I fundamentally cannot prove that I built it exactly as you designed because you didn't actually put the entire build in the screenshot (I.E. whereever the heck your conveyor rails go) but I went through like 4 or 5 different failed attempts trying to build it exactly as you demonstrated, so if nothing else, I'm pretty sure your device has the smallest room for error i've ever seen short of desperately trying to starvation ranch voles without any grooming.
  2. i set literally everything exactly as you put in your original photo and 200 cycles later i come back to an empty farm and broken dreams. does your design actually work or not?
  3. A Don't starve journey to the moon

    when suddenly, charlie appears out of thin air in front of Wes.
  4. what if (under the idea that quacken's tentacles are much more spread apart ) you had get super close to the quacken's face and once you were sufficiently close you would grapple the quacken's beak and pull on it and then launch it back at the quacken to do damage and you had to do this about 3 times to defeat her
  6. wanna know what really grinds my gears? how in some of webber's skins his face gets noticeable flatter from the side. The problem is much more extreme in wendy but I play webber much more. Makes some of his skins look a lot worse from the side than they need to.
  7. not dst, but to me as my main, Wilba, one of the most attractive basing spots is a tallbird-populated area, whether it be a fort of just a few of them. Wilba of course has a monstrous appetite when she's werewilba, so whenever I find myself in the predicament where I've used up all of the food I gathered and don't have anything more to do with the transformation (which is a scenario i very often find myself in), I just head over to the tallbirds and without fail the many "packages" of 2 meat + 1 egg waiting for me are able to hold me over till I can get back to Wilba. Wilba mains Rise up.
  8. im so glad that her character is focused on the merm part and not the potential gorge part
  9. what is the duck feeding him?
  10. Twigs HD

  11. Your name is WILSON. As was previously mentioned, you are trapped in the CONSTANT. A number of REEDS are safely kept within your Captchalogue. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for SCIENCE. You like to do science but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You have a fondness for TINKERING WITH MACHINES, but are also, NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You also like to hang out with your FRIENDS sometimes. You have just came back from a mission Wickerbottom had sent you on to get more reeds for her books. What will you do?
  12. It looks like burt's hat is not inside the helmet with him.
  13. Didnt you guys change the name of "tune up for what?" To "finely tuned"?
  14. as much as i love to play wilba i think i'd rather have more new characters
  15. this is the saddest day of my life we were speculating that you guys really were putting in 64 bit for dst in windows and as a result there were gonna be putting in sw for dst and it was gonna be like this world setting and life jackets were gonna be reworked and all this cool crud how could you do ths to me joew how could you crush my hopes like this
  16. the point in which the gravitas facilities (oni's closest equivalent to ruins) were still active was in the 23rd (or was it 24th?) century. The actual game likely takes place a good few years afterwards. Wilson entering the constant takes place at 1921. The constant's moon is entirely different to the shattered planet that we see in the ONI universe. The constant's moon is, while we have no confirmations of any sort, is likely falling apart due to things occuring _inside_ the constant and/or it's surrounding dimensions (forge, gorge). The ONI shattered planet is Earth after an apocalyptic event that occurred after a time travelling generator went haywire and exploded, sending crud-tons of debris every which way, inside one of these bits of debris being the printing pod. I'm all for connections to ONI and DS, but lets keep it scientific gosh darn it! Here's a resource of oni lore if you don't actually have the game/can't be bothered to farm lore bits.
  17. Really happy with this super simple outfit using my only woodie skin.
  18. one of the best features that I think was dropped from don't starve in all of it's life I think was the cave walls. The cave walls for those who don't know were a feature that was in while the caves were in beta, and were just that. This is what the cave walls looked like when they were first introduced. Later on they got touched up a bit before being ultimately removed. Of course, the cave walls during this point didn't look very good, but as far as i'm concerned it was the first few steps into the caves, actually feeling like they were caves. The caves as of now as you all know just sorta have endless voids in places of what is impassable territory. this doesn't feel to me like anything close to a cave. I think cave walls, implemented in a more developed way (smoothened edges, better way to show where you are aside from just a small circle around you, more textures that make the transition from ground to wall more natural, stuff like that. I definitely think that Cave walls have the capability to look good and enhance the experience of being in caves, by virtue of it theoretically making the player feel more like they're in a cave instead of a dark realm with mushrooms.

    Caves are supposed to be sorta claustrophobic, and i think them being flat isnt much a problem if the entire world is such as well. I think it would look fine, all i would want in terms of their shape is for their corners to be rounded out a little.