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  1. the final character!!! and luigi once more......for practice of the posing!!!!
  2. im pretty sure that its only if you do some sort of debug command, it disables your steam achievements. That being said, I've heard of cases where it just disabled on its own, maybe due to a command being activated unknowingly.
  3. I'd rather have a "hive" character like beatrice that i moderately enjoy playing, as compared to just the singular bee
  4. meep on the dsi doodle ada training to be a SPACE PILOT
  5. All i'd really change is the merm king's tributes. I wish he could give gold or something else thats useful, so I'd have a reason to keep him alive thats seperate from just the stat bonuses & merm guards. Merms that pick stuff up for you would also be great, but i don't know how that'd work out in actual gameplay.
  6. Lbphero


    what if hogs were in minecraft?
  7. the Flymingo, distant cousin of the dragonfly and lover of shallow bodies of water to slurp up fish in.
  8. you can't turn off your brain while you use wheeler's dodge, you have to time it each time. This isnt turning off your brain, this is skillful use of the perk that can easily backfire if you dont do it perfectly.
  9. How in the absolute underwhere have you kept a beefalo in all of its fight-picking wont-let-you-on-once-its-started-fighting wont-go-into-caves nitre-guzzling glory for well over 5600 damned days??
  10. How? if you dodge into an enemies attack, your armor still takes damage and breaks, so its essentially just tanking, and if you dont wear armor, wheelers health will last extremely little hits should you fail to dodge in time, i do not understand why so many people think this perk is so broken when really its like, THE risk/skill into reward perk.
  11. uh, nobody but walter can actually equip them. they can carry them in their inventory, but only walter can shoot or put it in their hand slot.
  12. you have no idea how much i'd hate that with all of my being
  13. i'd only want interiors tastefully added into dst and like...nothing else. I appreciate hamlet being this little weird slice of DS with it's own special stuff and it's own bits of lore. Adding it to DST without making like an entire different world type akin to island adventures SW Only mode would be really, really offputting and strange. I'd like it if like, a version of cave clefts within the caves was implemented and cave spiders hid in there, and I'd like it if you could build your own little cottage to take refuse in. Thats it. For the love of god, don't add hay fever into the game ever, if hamlet wasn't enough Uncompromising Survival is enough to show how absolutely infuriating and annoying of a mechanic it is and should've never see the light of day.
  14. My mind is constantly plagued with thoughts like "what if paper mario was in don't starve?" and I frequently think of characters somehow ending up in the constant and what they'd use to survive. Naturally, I'd like to hear what the community thinks about this concept. What character do you think you'd have the most fun playing as in DST?
  15. my first thought is that his crown or some other external force (perhaps the obelisks?) are keeping the transformation at bay
  16. I'd say the meat effigy is very clearly wilson shaped, who else in the world has that cool of a hairdo? Though the idea of the spider talking for that quote is a strong one. Consider me very intrigued, I think I can almost believe in this theory again with that idea.
  17. -Webber examining the Meat Effigy, pre DST Though that bit about the headstone being at wilson's house + wilson's webber skull quote got me thinking, I kind of very much doubt wilson & webber share any blood, i mean look at wilson. Pretty sure the portal maxwell instructed wilson to create required the blood of a virgin.
  18. seems like a lot of the time, elephant cactus is targetting the grumble bees instead of bq herself. I wonder if there'd be a way to stop that.
  19. Heres how I imagined it: While the shovel is equipped, you right click on it while it's in your hand slot to Start Digging. And that spawns a little hole akin to a mole burrow. Now if you keep on digging and digging (would be around 1 opulent shovel's worth of shovel uses maybe??) eventually a hole down appears, and from there you can build a little stake and rope down to use as a player-made entrance to the caves. Where the player cave entrance would lead would either be random or predetermined by the player leaving some sort of marker underground before digging. The concept of holes leading down is pretty versatile though, so I implore you to give your own description of how it'd work, if you want it in the game.
  20. had to wipe the soda off my monitor for this. the only other elegant i've ever gotten iirc is a, uh, wes skin. (scratch that, i got a silly little forge hammer earlier.)