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  1. i will make the most HIGH EFFORT drawing of a duplicant carving a puftkin
  2. i love this idea of wormwood just...falling off of hamlet mountain and ending up in the constant, but i feel like wormwood's quote for the florid postern would imply that he indeed came through it and that it was a new development for him....or maybe it means that he fell into the "forest" and then only after that did the florid postern appear and all of that happen
  3. the mecahnics for doors have since changed since many studies on morbs were made. In order to drop them (and any other grounded critter) down doors, you must close a pneumatic door while they are in it, while they are on top of another door. it is likely that you could get morbs to drop by doing this kind of mechanism where when a morb steps on the weight plate, it closes the door behind it and forces it to move forward onto the door on top of a door, which will subsequently close and send the morb down. However honestly, I'd just save myself the trouble and plant a trap down next to the morb generating outhouses and move the morbs to some sort of harvesting place where I can suck their gas and feed it to pufts. You don't need to generate morbs for more than maybe 40 of them, so why bother making an automated system?
  4. The weses you ban from your servers could possibly be the most experienced and most valubale assets to your teams....with wes more than anything it is about what the player accomplishes with their character much more than anything the player has by default. A wendy or wickerbottom has the full capability to just sit around all day and do nothing useful while a wes is capable of defeating the fuelweaver singlehandedly.
  5. I feed it to my squeaky pufts for recreation and food my guide for ranching pufts if you want to know how to use squeakys to turn it into bleach stone
  6. I recognize how wormwood basically requires for 3 entire skins each skin so i am happy to see him get more skins alongside the other characters. Pumpkin wormwood epic!
  7. Aside from that, Its amazing that we can finally place walls/fences on the edge of the world! I remember for so long having to put boulders or statues on those places in order to keep mobs from gunning it. Really good change!
  8. Yes, in fact, the don't starve art style makes wendy (and walter) look like children, despite them having the same height and proportions as the other characters. Look at how they dress and how they talk. Webber is more complicated because we don't ever get to see his actual skin, just the spider layer in front of it. However he makes up for this by being one of the most explicilty child characters in what they say when you examine stuff, and stuff like his victorian outfit... if you honestly think that the only reason that people think wendy/webber, the characters that scream child in design & quotes/ just quotes respectively, then i can only assume that you have only looked at wendy for nanoseconds at a time and have never read quotes for either
  9. its like saying that someone hasn't explicitly stated their age so even though they look and act like a child and everyone thinks they're a child they might not be so its ok very cool vid like this vid
  10. wendy's quotes, however depressing, have always hinted, no, pointed, no, just short of _stated_ that she was a child. Webber even more so, I have no god damn idea how you can examine a single thing with webber and not think "this creature is of very childish mind". Since release of both of these characters they have been thought to be children in the eyes please
  11. do any quotes in the game? ever at all?
  12. I miss those times.... But honestly, I'd say it's worth them all moving to the Emote Expansion mod since we'll get like...what was it? 23 more pages of emotes? Sounds good to me. yes and webber too
  13. they dont ever hurt you unless they thinkyou're a shadow doe
  14. this all is real great! but wheres the beefalos can be ridden into cave part?