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  1. no i just recently spent like 3 bucks completing my webber collection a couple days ago
  2. just wish the sounds were louder. Marble turf got cool sounds but i legitimatelly just cant hear it without picking out the sound file
  3. i dont doubt this can happen but like i have never seen or heard about this ever happening, do you have like a screen example or something?
  4. have you ever seen the animation for when a boat breaks while you're riding a beefalo on it? I imagine it like that.
  5. wurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. my only "plan" is to eventually get bee boxes running so i dont have to worry about food ever again
  7. To add onto this, you can also use Eggs as filler in many cases to replace ice, meaning that the birdcage is very useful as wurt! Turn that useless meat into something good!
  8. It would appear to me that today is Wurt's birthday as listed on the compendium. One of my favorite characters to play for the interesting disbenefit of only being capable of eating vegetables, and having some of the more resource-friendly and useful minions at her disposal. Can we get some happy birthday wishes??