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  1. this is still an issue with the most recent version of spaced out!, and I really think it should be addressed. Drilling round trips are rather necessary for the sake of automating drilling.
  2. I feel like people are getting so caught up in preserving food that they forgot to consider why people were preserving food to begin with, and as such are desperately searching for a solution to food preservation that completely stops spoilage, when you don't.... need to.... The main use of edible matter is to keep duplicants alive, and in order to do this, one only needs to preserve as much food as it takes to get duplicants to the next batch. As a result, unless you're doing something like, I guess wild farming where the times between harvest are dozens and dozens long, you're very likely going to be able successfully avoid starvation with very little food preservation involved. As such, the idea of infinitely storing countless amounts of food for your entire game, seems a little silly or arbitrary to me, and I personally have been getting along perfectly fine cooking pepperbread, with a few fridges in co2 for sleet wheat, and a singular powered fridge for pepperbread (~12 dupes). As much as I would like to have duplicants flitting around with kitchen buildings, I think it's fine enough that there isn't all that much inbetween, between harvesting a plant and cooking it into a high quality meal. I think that the fact that we only go as far as refining metal, rather than continuing to shape it into, for example, metal sheets, is a showcase that klei doesn't really want the crafting to be too complex. I would however be very interested in things like a deep freeze building more automation complexity to the fridge buildings, more diverse ingredients from ranches, and the concept of duplicants not being able to - or just not liking to eat their food frozen, and needing a microwave or equivalent building to heat it up before eating (perhaps another use case for the meter valve?). I would love to milk gassy moos, and perhaps use that with some sucrose to create ice cream, even!
  3. For way more work and setup for something super tiny .... notice how the regulator above has very little setup on it at all ... but it still works fine...
  4. I cant get enough of how the thermo regulator is actually being used as small scale cooling now with the food spoilage change
  5. thank you so much for the retrofitted fields!
  6. I don't want to feed them any of those. I mean sage hatches eating duplicant food.
  7. Neat! I have to wonder how good sage hatches are at making coal...
  8. Asteroid fields are pretty disconnected from the rest of the playing field....seems like they could be retrofitted into existing game saves easier than other mechanics....could we please have them retrofit into existing game saves?
  9. Currently, a rocket with a drillcone going to some kind of asteroid field set to round trip, will meet at its destination and then immediately turn back, hypothetically gathering rather little of the resources at that destination if the rocket is fast. May there please be something put in place so round trips can be made more efficient in this regard...? Perhaps the rocket would only begin to turn back from a field after it's given cargo containers are full?