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  1. Wormwood Origin Theory

    ok ok you got me on the snaptooth flytraps being able to eat....but have you ever heard of a plant that can speak and walk and craft science machines????
  2. Wormwood Origin Theory

    wormwood (and snaptooth flytraps for that matter) are probably both animal and plant considering they eat more than just plant stuff and generally act like an animal would much more than a plant acts considering they walk and hunt and stuff.
  3. Had no idea about modutil! thanks a lot!
  4. I want to add a tag to all deciduous trees. How would i do that in a mod?
  5. please dont ask for the devs to make things less cool
  6. Why does fog exist

    weevole mantles dont make you slow like other chest items do, just wear them or dont wear anything at all (other than your precious glasses>:()
  7. Why does fog exist

    wear a weevole mantle
  8. Why does fog exist

    you stink the fog mechanic isnt something that needs to go, craft a pith hat before day 11 like everybody else
  9. nothing there is what i want to have happen, i just want more ocean-specific biomes like i dunno a place where lots of sharks like to hang out and a coral reef and a hot spring that increases your temperature but also melts your boat n stuff i'd also like more boat attachments that make the idea of living on just one boat piece a bit more viable, like maybe a trawl net attachment that you can attach to the side of your boat and it catches some food for you, and maybe another type of sail that goes faster than the other one. altogether I'd like to gush a bit about how this expansion has the potential to be amazing since it expands our horizons so much with so much theoretical new content to explore and be around but pengull bait would be pretty nice too
  10. this is the solution i can absolutely agree with and accept. I'm glad community-side problems are being fixed by the community.
  11. Critters don't jump at all from either boat or to land, they stay whereever they are until they're warped to you somehow.
  12. [Game Update] - 334206

    >no more multiple robins how will i repopulate the world of the extremely endangered roc population now?
  13. [Game Update] - 332790

    can the ancient suit/living artifact maybe last 4 or 5 minutes instead of 3 minutes? I know it's very powerful of an item, but you theoretically need to kill 2 bosses to get one of it, and it's one time use and all. So i'd just like it if it lasted just a smidge longer.