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  1. i dont want to comment on this too much since i dont agree with most of it, but i just want to say that input blocking isnt an exploit
  2. i want a lore biome with hallways and hallways of gravitas stuff...maybe a malformed alpha dupe here or there... :thinkicnign:
  3. if you want to have a debate then you should read through what has already been said regardless of whether it "should have been already included" or not. it would have strengthened your argument by letting you take into consideration what has already been discussed and negotiated about the character. not going to lie, that comment makes you look like an ass, since you act as if wigfrid's F tier rating had no thought put into, even though you have absolutely no proof of such a thing happening if you hadnt A: looked into the minds of the tier list creator while they were thinking up the tier list or B: freaking read through the arguments that had taken hold before making your comment. That said, as far as i'm concerned, wigfrid is F tier because of her inability to drink coffee and how little her buffs can matter compared to other characters, as a result. Her vampirism and attack buff is good, but being able to get a billion more hits in with coffee, is better, and very very possibly makes up for such attack buffs.
  4. Darker...Darker...Yet, Darker....
  5. I want improved seasons just as much as the next guy but new characters are gucci!!
  6. klei please i really really really want to be able to sit in chairs and able to sleep in beds in houses please klei i want this so bad
  7. all of that, save for coffee, is replaced by simply hitting things for a while. For blue caps, butter, wings, waffles, dragon pie, all of that you need to either farm or forage for for a long time. Wigfrid only needs a weapon. because his perks are foobar compared to the downside he has and how little his perks matter in many places
  8. I think that wigfrid, while a lot of things hold her back, is still good, or at least better than the people in her own tier because of her vampirism allowing her to endure a lot more than normal
  9. Hell no! Why would you want to make a character's interesting features, worse? Werepig wilba cannot interact with many many buildings, guards attack her, her hunger drains like crazy, and she can't wear armor. She can be powerful, yes, but that is a good thing! Not allowing her to pick up things in her werepig form would not only not make sense (her clothing is still nearly completely intack when she transforms and her hands still exist in their near regular state) but it would be a nerf for no reason!
  10. [Game Update] - 307715

    Warbucks had his earpods on and couldn't hear us, sigh... :pensive:
  11. Oh hey so they don''t That is very strange about the tesla lantern.
  12. As cool as this is, I'm not sure that this was specifically implemented to that skin lantern. Doesn't the regular lantern do that too?