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  1. For making ice tiles, does anyone know offhand the minimum density water necessary to guarantee freezing in a block? Or if supercooled water dripped from a pipe will form a block? /would test myself but won't be able to for a week
  2. Gas already flowing towards an output in a below-capacity pipe began to flow backwards towards the source pump when the output was removed. Have never seen this until the new conduit algorithms came out on the preview branch - previously the packets stood still in the pipe in that scenario. This might fall under the "feature not a bug" category, as the gameplay effects are likely minimal (and in my case actually beneficial, as it allowed me to clear a pipe with some unwanted gases). In attached save, the stupid windy hydrogen line from the left of the starting base to the top left was the offending pipe. The gas was most of the way towards the drecko farm when I removed the bridge (currently a gap in the pipe) to get rid of some chlorine. The Happy Abode.sav
  3. No access to tungsten

    I started up a Verdant map, and quickly realized there was no tungsten. This will close off the pathway to thermium unless it's made available in space.
  4. Table salt doesn't show up as a material type, and apparently can't be stored as a consequence.
  5. Lumber quantity has no units (kg, kcal, etc) in the resource tracker sidebar. It simply shows as a number, in contrast to the wood burner which shows a quantity
  6. As in attached screencap, Joshua cannot learn ranching. He has a skill point and the prerequisite farming 1 and the ranching interest. Ranching tech has been researched. The Dorky Rat's Nest.sav
  7. Edit: Likely resolved in comments by @nakomaru and @neotuck. On this save file, there is a small amount of crude oil acting as a liquid lock in the top right corner of a gold geyser setup at the mid-bottom of the map. The liquid lock will sometimes disappear when the dupes walk over it. I've only observed it when they're pathing from within the volcano room, over the lock, and back down the ladder to the right outside the room. It appears to happen about half the time a dupe takes that pathing from this save point. Tragic Shack.sav