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  1. goldfish another idea: the webber is the son of the spider queen huh? it is a great idea because the hat is parecing the spider queen but another idea if the webber the sanyte of him is decreased from flowers but evil flowers restores the sanite or the night resotres his sanite because the webber has a spider p.s:coll guy,cool
  2. salsa parabéns mas a pirataria eh por causa de gente que não tem como pagar como meu primo,ele tem o computador mas não da para ele pagar entedeu? se você quer afundar a pirataria, tirar a diversão e o único jeito de conseguir games de computador va em frente porque pagar mais de 20,00 reais num game indie beta não aceito ainda mais com a desura que o don´t starve eh 6,00 reais eu acho, mas tem gente que não tem banco para ajudar e ainda mais de vinte reais num jogo beta, a steam fica com 18,00 enquanto quem produz, 6,00
  3. it´s cool the mod because i understand of the rainnometer in Science because he is meteroloagy
  4. a idea make the followers a litlle Strong full so... a spider with a hat or a pigmen with a weapon
  5. goldfish the mod is really god but the webber is a spider correct? you make if webber there is a chance to produce string of the spiders and make the light of him a little more powerful because i don´t veing all but a light no much weak
  6. mr.toddles a idea: a unique weapon for him snowballs with 10 dmg segund idea: he lost health in summer because it´s impossible in the first night of winter craft the hat and third idea: make him a little more happy in frozen because he is much mad and final idea:do not correct the osund, or the sound of a humm... SNOWMAN!!!