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  1. it really seems extremely far, is that in 2013 they talked about giving the best singplayer possible to the players and seeing Hamlet with so much potential being kind of "canceled" in version 1.0 for them to focus on dst is sad at least for me that only play offline.
  2. R.I.P

    After the cancellation of Hamlet 1.0 we will have another dlc ? because honestly I did not like so much dlc the content is cool but I was not pleased that they had canceled the content to focus on dst. I’d really like to see the singplayer that they talked about so much that it would be unforgettable that it would be the best...
  3. So I was thinking will one day klei will join both games ? because honestly when Don’t starve game Together or Don’t starve alone, I always feel that lack content. For example I will play dst and there is an item or a change in a character and whenever I will play alone I miss that character or item, same thing with dst. I think if you put together both games it would become something amazing without having to share content or attention for just one game, because after the cancellation of Hamlet 1.0 worries me that. this is my opinion
  4. Lag

    Would like to talk here about optimizing the game in general, the Don't starve together recently won its ship upgrade and considering the weight of the two servers to load, the map etc.. The Don't starve alone is poorly optimized even with this option which in my opinion was half, since Hamlet does not have there many bioms etc... Would like an optimization.
  5. The map of Don't strave alone is visually ugly and annoying to be revealed compared to the don't starve together, outside that I miss icons for gold stones etc...
  6. I'd like you to put animation on Berry Bush's as well as don't starve together, because in the don't starve they seem half dead lifeless. And last thing I ask you to let me take the moult that we planted from the trees with the shovel. Thanks
  7. As a single player DLC with the main map that the DST (with the new upgrade of ships can weigh less? Even loading also two servers?) sincerely the Klei gave up the single player put an optimization button to correct an "error" because they were Focused on other things congratulations. hamlet "optimization" News update dst ;-; EXCUSEME
  8. With time walking stones trees among other things arise in his face as it is stone, after taking two steps with the character she simply sprunted there as if it were not loaded
  9. Character Glitch

    Character gets these "black dots" and flicking
  10. Visual Bugs, when we set fire to something and we went away, form that square.
  11. Seaworthy and Skyworthy

    Doesn't make sense to have Seaworthy if SkyWorthy can lead to both, it would make more sense to have only Skyworthy if only it can lead to the two DLC's
  12. Hamlet Bug

    When we start ROG with Hamlet we can build things from other DLC's but if we start ROG with SW we can't. Same thing happens to Wormwood
  13. [Game Update] - 334206

    Optimization? Nothing? Okay
  14. [Game Update] - 333702

    The world of Hamlet is simply poorly optimized, does not have the content promised and postponed the update to launch poorly optimized, only removed the name "Early Access". I followed this game from beta and see the disinterest of Klei by the game launching DLC missing content and poorly optimized because it is in a hurry to launch update for DST, sorry but for me this is an offense to those who paid "more expensive for more content" If the game was just planning for the singleplayer I understand but this idea of launching separate multiplayer was the worst thing they did. Besides other games like hot lava and Griftlands that are dead practically, all this to pay attention to DST content. I will not buy anything else in early access, not klei. About updating the game as Home sweet Home, is it going to launch update in a century to get it out of early access? Just to sell? Are selling the game in early access that's what you can see. Excuse me but this DLC was announced at 2017 and from there to here only that? Make us wait for that.
  15. [Game Update] - 333702

    It even sank, and the people who paid the most expensive by DLC simply have to accept that this is the content, delivering the game poorly optimized, being they promised many things. It's their mistake. I'm not surprised if they close the doors. In Brazil this costs a little more expensive This because Hamlet was postponed with promises of various new content. Only lies.