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  1. Hey I have an idea, while we are waiting for the mod, to pass the time, why don't you date me
  2. Oh I've seen your mod today, it's really cool, and having OCD I thought that it would help me out quite a lot, but then I pointed out to myself that this is a very Tim Burton'esk game, and asymmetry is pretty much the core of the artwork, so having stuff slightly off inst that big of a deal. Great mod though!
  3. Couldn't agree more, especially with the direction most of the molders seem to be going. I've been objectively studying pretty much all the mods that are currently on steam workshop and in forums, and in my honest, humble opinion, the only 2 mods that made sense to me were the honey v.2 (longer lifetime, can be reheated, just like real life, and as the only single thing that bothered me about this game being the fact that honey would rot, this mod pretty much made the bother go away entirely), and the freezer mod, which just seemed so in place, and was actually balanced with the frozen items needing 2 days to thaw, you had to be strategic about it when winter came. As of character mods... Well, they were interesting. In my opinion if you gonna dedicate your time to making a character, at least make sure that you get 2 things straight: 1. you nail the artwork (talking about the rubbish ones made in paint). 2. they fit the in game world, and it makes sense for them to be there, add a bit of story depth in fact. (there are some really good ones, but something about them isn't just quite there in the right sweetspot it feels) I mean, why on earth would you waste your time making a bloody Link character? If you like Zelda so much.... just play Zelda? And .... My little pony characters? Seriously guys? To me at this point that's just equivalent to walking into a funeral wearing a pony costume, and being like "sup?" when people are looking at you funny. Not even gonna bother discussing the stat changing mods, as you named them yourself - "cheats". Plain and simple. if you need a mod that gives you an infinite weapon, armor , HP, or anything along those lines, face it, you probably grew up as a spoiled kid that didn't receive enough ass-beating needed to develop character. Just sayin...
  4. I was messing with him it means exactly what the dirty minds suggest, hue hue
  5. Sorry for disappointment Whats wrong with Massive Dynamic? o.O ( )
  6. Hi guys, Aaron here, I have a question of sorts. (Warning: wall-o-text.... -ish) I've started this game not that long ago, but fell in love with it very rapidly. I beat the Adventure Mode, and currently on 111th day in survival mode with Wendy, got a thriving self sustaining camp, basically life is pretty good in the wilderness. Back to the point. Since I came to this game late, when the hype has kinda settled down a bit, I can't help but feel a little sense of dread related to this games development. To me it seems like Klei gave their best to create an incredible game, but at some point it reached the peak balance between cash-flow and development expenses, as well as the fact that new secret projects are probably cooking in the basement that need resource attention. The whole Steam workshop thing, again to me says "Hey bros, we gave it our best, unfortunately our CEO says we need to work on other things now, here you go, carry on the torch yourselves". The reason I'm pointing this stuff out is - I love the game. I think its absolutely fantastic, and I really don't want to see it retreat into the shadows. As a person that loves the idea of games being vanilla (I only used one mod, the one that gives you tech to craft freezers), and frowns upon those pesky whippersnapper mod users ( ), I believe that - sure mods may be refreshing at first, but in the long run they just derail the delicate balance that was in mind when game was in development, and was released with intention to give a certain vibe, and feel. I guess to summarize my babbling, my question would be: Do you think, that with Klei passing development torch to the community, Don't Starve has an actual future and potential to become greater than it is now? (Sadly at it's highest peak me thinks), or will it just get swept under the rug as a mod riddled platform with lasers, and tanks, and god mode, and unbreakable armor, tools that don't expire, and god knows what other nonsense that turns Don't Starve into anything BUT the game we fell in love with. That is all! Thanks for reading if you did, let me know what you think Kind regards, Concerned Survivor
  7. Not trying to be pushy, all im saying is that this is the best thing ive seen in a long time, and cant wait for it to happen
  8. Hi, Just wondering, will this mod ever see daylight? (no pun intended) ┬ČAaron