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  1. I have no idea why this is happening to you. I talked to the person who does the coding for the mod and he gave me some possibilities. For the first one I'd need to know where are you playing from and what platform are you using, because it looks like you're playing from a japanese PS4 and it doesn't recognize the main function.

    To see how it works you'd need to send me your main.lua that is found in dont_starve/data/scripts


    The second possibility would be that you delete the morguescreen.lua file of the mod, that is inside dont_starve/mods/satori/scripts/screens. The only thing that this file does is to let you see Satori's face on the morgue screen so if you don't mind having a blank square there you can delete it.

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  2. @Valjaria I have no idea why that happens. Do you have any other mods enabled? If you do, try disabling them before running this one. It'll also be helpful if you post the log so I can see what exactly is causing the problem. As for the beefalos, no, tamed ones won't attack the player during mating season.


    @DwerBomb Touhou Project is a series of bullet hell shooter games made by ZUN. You can find more information about it on the wiki.