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  1. Hot diggity dang, and I even posted about something like this. Absolutely can't wait, and will definitely not miss this.
  2. Ey that's pretty cool. Thanks.
  3. Eh? I thought we were talking about the Hamlet beta. Splumonkeys have always been Splumonkeys, whether out of the barrel or pod I thought. He was mentioning some kind of Spider Monkey prototype?
  4. I can't seem to find an image of these proto Spider Monkeys at all. Do you have an example?
  5. This one is still only implied, isn't it? There's a fair few hints yes, but still not confirmed?
  6. Reread the sentence again, only one of the characters will be free to all Don't Starve owners. The other will be limited to Hamlet like Wilba and Wormwood.
  7. Let me preface this by saying that I had not played Warbucks myself prior to his retirement. I can only assume there might be detractors who accost me for it, but I feel I must speak up. I am an avid fan of Klei, and even more of Don't Starve. I feel that as a company, Klei generally makes pretty good decisions, especially compared to several others nowadays. However, I feel strongly against the general removal of content already introduced to a game, especially a character. I feel that it leaves a metaphorical hole in the feel of the world. Despite the relatively lackluster mechanics of Warbucks, or the characteristics that I've gathered some online would complain or worse about, I am of the opinion his absolute removal from the game is a bad decision. I understand that as a company, Klei must make decisions that may be seen as negative, but I do not believe this one was warranted. I feel Warbucks could still have been just retooled to a point the general consensus would have been agreeable. I am not going to drop the game or despise Klei for this choice, and I understand that there are mods to reenable him in the game, which even they have suggested. I do wholeheartedly hope however, that they go back on their decision and reintroduce him somehow. Thanks for reading, and rock on anyways, Klei. An addendum in light of the Klei post in the main update thread: I can understand and accept the reasoning of uninteresting character and the decision that the development time wasn't worth it for him. I still don't entirely agree, but it is how it is. If anyone at Klei reads this, I still thank you for the effort spent on Don't Starve, Hamlet, and Together. I hotly anticipate your upcoming content, and sincerely hope you guys and gals can find some extra time to reintroduce Warbucks in the future. I believe that while Hamlet is indeed still in Early Access, and as such, content and features are liable to be removed if needed, an entire character is a little more than just a feature. Hope everything works out well.
  8. I had a thought while working today: Now would be an excellent time to bring back the short content update trailers that Don't Starve used to have for its original run, but now for the character changes (And possibly backstories). A chance to reuse old music tracks like D.R. Style and all that could even happen. I could imagine small trailers similar to the likes of Strange New Powers and All's Well that Maxwell, but themed for each character rebalance as the months go by, and perhaps including previews for the additional content also coming. Even silly pun names for each update dependant on the main feature.