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  1. Hey, what's up dude?

    1. delete accoun

      delete accoun

      What's going on man. I think I'm done with this account, I'm trying to patch everything up. I'm a lot older and more mature than I was four or five years ago, but I might still peep in though from time to time. I'm surprised someone caught me in the middle of this. Cheers.

    2. ImDaMisterL


      Nothing much, just life, and yeah, I remember you from back then, wanted to pipe in and see how you were doing. I'd be happy to see you here then and again. Good luck at life and everything else dude, don't be a stranger and feel free to come chat from time to time. Good to see you again!

  2. Why does fog exist

    Hey guys, just a friendly reminder to stay on-topic. Thanks
  3. I'll get the rose bush...
  4. Well, let me put this joke in the right shelf
  5. [FanArt] Bernie protecting Willow

    Moved to Art, Music & Lore. Amazing art, TheDistinguishe! Welcome to the forums!
  6. Sharing Game Videos

    If they're not related to any Klei game, then yes.
  7. Merged your Wilson thread to this one, and the drawings really aren't bad! Keep it up, art is all about dedication and practice
  8. glitterdoodles

    Heeeey, welcome back! I missed your awesome art!
  9. It can, but I tend not to do it because it can get messy and hard to understand. Let's just leave the link to it here so people can see this other thread.
  10. fan art 3, doodle

    I can, but they easily get messy, so I tend not to unless really necessary.
  11. fan art 3, doodle

    Hey, maybe you should keep all your fan art in the same thread? People usually only make separate threads when they don't plan to upload any more art, at least in a while
  12. Wheeler's hair art and design

    I know, I was also using it as an example as to what a graphical glitch is
  13. Wheeler's hair art and design

    Actual bugs and glitches are to be reported, like the Wes animation issue up there. Just check the Bug Tracker to make sure someone hasn't reported the issue already
  14. We can edit status update replies but not the status themselves? What if we commit sme kinda typo we wanna fix?

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    2. minespatch


      Having a new laptop helped in my case.

    3. Auth


      As king of status updates, I hear you...

    4. DragonMage156


      As the master of typos, I ,too, hear you.