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  1. Ban GNO for making me think of the game and therefore losing the game.
  2. Ban Link for not being Zelda
  3. dont change it anymore

    What change do you mean?
  4. Watch a DST streamer that has stream gifts enabled. You'll know because under the stream, there should be a comment or button saying they are enabled!
  5. DST ideas

    Moved to DST - Suggestions and Feedback
  6. why did you join the klei forums?

    DS was the first ever game I bought on Steam. I had pirated it as a kid and followed through every update. Once Caves were out, I discovered a forum existed, and jumped right in. At the time, my English was terrible, but this place and the friends I made in this community helped me become a fluent speaker that now moderates this awesome place. I'm really glad to be here, I'm really glad I bought the game and the friends I made here helped me to do things and meet people that I never thought I would had I not been here. I owe a lot to Klei and to everyone here.
  7. downvote

    You probably are still able to see it because of these old archived downvote posts. Since the feature once was there and is registered, I think the forums show it anyway. It was used on days way back, even before I joined, but I think it was abused and generated a lot of toxicity, so it was removed.
  8. No, it's for her appearance, but I agree. She likely will get remodeled if she's the one being added. Remember her concept art was from the early days of Don't Starve, a lot has changed since then.
  9. Honestly, Waverly was one of my favorite unfinished characters. I REALLY hope she's the one coming to DST.
  10. Griftlands Alpha Launch

    To quote the main post:
  11. The Hot Lava section coloration is off

    Should be fixed
  12. Hot Lava shirts?

    A GAT shirt would be amazing. I could go around my house singing the theme song without a care in the world.
  13. Count to 200 without interruption

    Twenty three and some pudding for me.
  14. What games have you been playing?

    Nice! I just started getting back into D&D myself, after two failed attempts. My new group doesn't seem like they'll bail out on me, so here's hoping!