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  1. Hello guys, I found this thread by looking for a solution to publish a mod with multiple authors. Currently I am working on new features of a Don't Starve Together Mod and some other guy is the original author. I am therefore not able to update the game files. Is there any possibility to achieve that?
  2. Hey there, I found your posts about tips for scripts. I want to use Ctrl+R and Right Shift in DST. How can I do that?
    Plus: Is there any mod tooling like the "Mod Testing Toolbox" for DST?


    Thanks a lot and keep on the good work.

  3. Manure is on my mind.

    1. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      No sh...? Err, nevermind.

    2. s1m13


      Better than bucket-o-poop-hat!

  4. Why planting, if you can use it as a weapon? Catch some birds or stuff!
  5. Please Subscribe, Rate and Favourize on steam! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=220511926 Have Fun!
  6. It isnt?! Maybe your client is out of date.?!
  7. Life giving amulet may be the source. I will try it out..
  8. Thanks for your reply. There is an option to turn healing off, already. Please use this one. There is infact a lower threshold for such small amounts of healing. This might be TOO low. I will have a look. Can you say me, why you healed in this specific moment? Usually there is no way to heal over time, am i right?!
  9. Why? To find the right source folder?
  10. Dämätsch Indicatorz

  11. Thanks to @Dan3609 and @Dyre for bug report. Fixed it. New Version is available!
  12. I mean, that i will change the mod so far that there is only one mod out there. And everyone who does not want to see the healing has to change one line in the source code.
  13. Ok. So you dont want to see the damage you are healing? I will publish that in the next version. (will be a configuration issue)
  14. Yeah. Your post wasnt very clear... And the things i posted were crap anyways. You will have to analyze the code of stewer.lua, cooking.lua and cookpot.lua, I think. modding is a very laborious stuff. Just keep on searching. Try to understand the code, look what is THERE, look what is NOT there.. good luck! (Maybe search for other mods doing the same, you want to do)
  15. Well, the good answer is: There is a way for nearly everything to do in Don't Starve modding. Luckily! I dont know, if you modded some other stuff (try creating some easier stuff first), before you start with this one, but if you look at the cookpot anims, you will like 2-3 pictures for the given states (closed, opened/empty, opened/full). These pictures are animated for fluid transitions. Modding your idea, would require removing the opened/full picture (or making it transparent) and integrating the item pictures of the meals as new prefabs into the cookpot, when its ready. Just try it, and dont bother to ask in the forums!
  16. Version 0.5


    Such Red. Less Green. Much ouch. So Bääääm. WOW Damage Indicators are over 9000!! Damage Indicators /ˈdæm.ætʒ ˈɪn.dɪ.keɪ.torz/ Such Red. Less Green. Much ouch. So Bääääm. WOW Damage Indicators are over 9000!! (Oh yeah.. nearly forgot: get this mod to display cool fancy numbers on top of the heads of monsters you are just smashing) Configuration-Options: Only show damage: No heal. Display mode: 'Straight' for OCD-Version. Amount of Numbers: Low for number-hell if you freeze. Decimal Points Intention: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/30774-mod-idea-damage-indicator/ Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=220511926 Big thanks to @simplex for inspiring code snippets!
  17. Version 0.4


    BETA [DS, RoG] Warning: This mod is not yet completely tested; please keep in mind, that it might crash on use. Im looking forward to change to a release stable version. Please test this mod and send messages, if you find any bug! Stinky in Here Have you ever had an ice box full of nearly spoiled food and didnt know, what to do? Just throw it on ur new fancy compost pile and get extra poop! This new compost pile (requested here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/30589-mod-request-compost-piles/) can turn veggies, meals, twigs, grass, seeds and lot more into poop. You dont have to run to your beefalo-plains to find poop, you can generate it by yourself! Features: Rotting veggies, fruits, eggs, meals, grass, twigs, cones, flowers, mushrooms and seeds (mandrakes, too ) Dropping 1-4 Poop after a few days (~1.5-10 days) with given criterias (amount of stuff, spoilage ..) Burnable with 0-3 ash (amount ~poopamount) Probability of fireflies (usual: 2%, 90% in a specific case) Design: ~Farm + fancy poop-flies, New UI(5 Slots) Tech-Category: Food (Science Machine needed) 6xRocks 3xPoop 4xLogs Future changes: Custom minimap icon (possible?) Special thanks to @Malacath for the great support! Balance and Variables:
  18. Version 0.31


    hailthepinecones This mod adds some extra features to pine cones dropped by (not sparse-)evergreens. You can now harvest every grown up evergreen and will find one pine cone. These pine cones disappear, when evergreens grow old. Now you can craft some mighty cone missiles to throw at your enemies head. This conemissilesstack up to 6 and reload on use. The damage is quite low (12) and there is a chance of 20% to miss the target. Balance: To balance this mod, pine cones now dont burn in fire pits as good as without the mod. Treants don't chill out as fast as without the mod. Additionally: You can farm acorns from birchnut trees with a probability of 25% if they are grown big. (farming from any trees can be turned off) Configuration: Re-equip cone missiles: If you want to disable automatic reload. Harder Treeguards Pine cone flammability Harvest from trees Big thanks to @Malacath for the great support!