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  1. Thank you. ^^ I've always been a bit "blocky" with my style. I'll be coming out with page 4 soon too. Just have to finish getting college enrollment squared away. *whistles*
  2. Eerps, it’s Willer’. Fire is so purty… (I like Willow honestly, she’s just so silly with her gusto towards fire. I always think of Willow being like this, somewhere in her mind’s happy place. That is, if the pyromaniac has one.)
  3. I like it! So this is an old fanfic that you're returning to?
  4. Thank you. ^^ I've always loved comics, ever since I was small. I'm glad I can get in some practice now on paneling and word balloon-ing.
  5. Hipturtle and Wilson during winter. She slept next to the fire for so long that her shell had warmed right up. Being playful like she is, she teases Wilson for not having a nice warm shell. Wilson then decided to make his newest invention- the SHELLINATOR-TOR. Of course, this is just carrying her around as a warmer heat stone instead. Hipturtle's not too fond of it though.
  6. This is my Don't Starve comic/fic. I have a character of mine who is also in them too. I'll be updating it and hopefully making more if you guys like it. Thanks! (Sorry about the size issues, I tried to fix it)
  7. Finished up my Chester. ^^ I also think that I'm going to start taking requests; I think they would be fun and good exercise. ^^
  8. Digital doodle. Trying to practice both while I still have time. CHESTER!!!!!!!!!! NIYAAAAAAAAAW! Cleaning up and coloring over the top on one of them. (still unfinished)
  9. Messy but a lot of fun. I like how Willow turned out but Wolfgang looks so happy!!!
  10. Here ya go Azreth. Gold! ^^ (btw, I had to post it on Tumblr with my phone so if you want me to take it off of there, I can.)
  11. You don't ever get jealous that he's always able to stalk Wilson without Wilson shoo'ing him off?
  12. Watercolooooooooooooooooooor ~

  13. ^^ Awwwww, thanks! Charlie is super duper adorbz so... it would seem like she'd freak out if she saw a cute wittle jacka-rabbi-lope.
  14. Niyaaaaaaaaaaw... I like your pencil work. It's so cute. ^^ I can't wait to see what you do next! Have fun in Arizona!