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  1. Infinite bunny meat?

    If the one shot tree bug is still around then thats been noticed and not fixed
  2. Mysterious notes?

  3. I thought the boomerang thing only happened to me, didn't catch it went through me and smacked me in the face a couple days later ;I
  4. big hound yay wait I have to fight deerclops right now. I need more worlds
  5. Hey look my beard is back on my back

  6. Show us your camp!

    I named mine beardgang, wait a min
  7. Show us your camp!

    I penned my Rockies so they can't have fun in the world. I really have nothing to do in my world except murder krampii
  8. Show us your camp!

    No, I brought like 6 pies to the ruins and ran my way up to the surface with him on my head, I gots the hungers!
  9. Show us your camp!

    One of my caves and ruins are full of them too, I looted everything out of that cave, drives me insane to be inside of caves because they creep me out. I also have a decent amount of thulecite.
  10. How to change the character?

    Or the easy way, die XD
  11. Show us your camp!

    The main parts of my base, I have more of it Like the kitchen at the bottom Don't mind the jam...
  12. Better Krampus

    0.01 is 1% 0.1 is 10 % so it has 5% chance now