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  1. @rezecib oh, thanks a lot : ) This is really helpful. I really find it interesting using these trigger, but sometimes I can't find the list of those triggers, unless rumbling through the scripts. I wonder if there's anyone who would made a list of those triggers. At least for the reference : ) Anyway, thanks again : D
  2. The problem I had in my mod is that when player died and got revived, the speed of the character went back to default Wilson's speed. So, are there any onRevive function, where it triggers when the character got revived? (like, onLoad, onSave thing) or any method that could fix this? Thanks : ) -Abatrozz
  3. Version 1.01


    v1.01 - Fix the bug where "Out of date" appears in the mod menu - Add the icon for mod menu This is my first time making mod for Don't Starve. I attempted to upload via Steam Workshop but for some reason, it's not listed in the workshop. The link is working though (If you want to have a look, click here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=212992764 [Details] Noctacrozz (Noz) Character [Ver 1.0] Health : 150 Sanity : 300 Hunger : 125 Speed : 1.5 times of Wilson Special : Has cool glasses (Yet to come, Coolness guaranteed) Science is on his side (Regen sanity when gets near labs) More to come I also put an easter egg (sort of) in this mod, dare you to find it. XD Visit me : www.facebook.com/AbatrozzArtspace Hope you like : D More to come!! ______________________ Thanks, Abatrozz