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  1. Like so many other I also just received my $220 Kickstarter package plus $21 CAD for customs. (Not too bad) Chester is just perfect and the eye bone so fluffy and cute. I was lucky enough to get 9 of the 12 characters from 16 blind boxes and 10 of 14 extra items. I look forward to trading with some of you to fill out the rest of my collection. Special thanks to Klei Entertainment for this whole project. The wait has been difficult but the anticipation has been magical.
  2. Not sure if this helps anyone but I am in Canada and just received my confirmation today!!! I ordered the Ultra DS Blind-Box Combo with the 16 Don't Starve Blind-box Collectible Figures and Chester. Not sure how long it will take but it is on its way. I am hoping that I do not have to pay customs but I guess I will find out in a few weeks.
  3. Glad to hear the stickers are done. I feared there were more delays. I eagerly await my email notification with tracking number.
  4. So very excited for this! Thank you Klei. You made my April.
  5. I didn't find this email until today at work and now I must wait until I get home to download everything. The download sounds sizable so thanks Klei for send so much artwork. (4:30PM can not arrive fast enough!)
  6. I am not sure what is more exciting; waiting for news about the beta release date or reading everyone crazy comments of having to wait just a bit longer?
  7. He is pretty cute. I am really looking forward to the beta.
  8. So excited!!!! I am ready to peek at a bunch of Giants! Wait, I mean peek at Reign of Giants.
  9. I am so excited for this! The characters, crafting and new cycles sound amazing. This is only my second post so let me say hello to everyone on the forums btw.
  10. Fantastic to hear! I am counting the days until May.