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  1. I totally avoid base on purpose on public servers when there is an entire Group of bad players. Ive learned how to live pretty almost of winter and summer and only be in base maybe 1 time out of every 4 to 6 days
  2. The Stinking Merm, and Clayfish have been down for Days now.
  3. Ever since Walter has been introduced Wigfrid looses a small amount of sanity when hit by monsters. It is very minor and I dont run stuff to show a log on this I just play her All the time with 800 hrs + logged into the game with this being my main character I can assure you it is not normal.
  4. I Wanted to let Klei Admin know since this is both Your Game And Your Server that The Rabbit Trap Server on Multiple Occassions Glitches so anybody that zones into the Caves will forever be connecting. Even after Restarting the game Entirely after 10 attempts it still says Connecting But never loads the caves or reconnects the player to the server on the regular world. I am sorry if I am the only person to report this issue but I promise you it affects all the players on the Server. It is a very Exclusive bug/glitch to the Rabbit Trap maybe you can figure it out instead of deleting reports on the problem.