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  1. some issuse , my player.log : Desktop is 1366 x 768 @ 59 Hz Unable to find a supported OpenGL core profile Failed to create valid graphics context: please ensure you meet the minimum requirements E.g. OpenGL core profile 3.2 or later for OpenGL Core renderer No supported renderers found, exiting (Filename: Line: 531) . how to fix? glxinfo | grep OpenGL OpenGL vendor string: Intel Open Source Technology Center OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Ironlake Mobile OpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 17.3.6 OpenGL shading language version string: 1.20 OpenGL extensions: OpenGL ES profile version string: OpenGL ES 2.0 Mesa 17.3.6 OpenGL ES profile shading language version string: OpenGL ES GLSL ES 1.0.16 OpenGL ES profile extensions:
  2. yes , i known . but the full command has issuse too ; ktech ./myitem.png ./myitem.tex Loading non-TEX from `./myitem.png'. Error: ktech: Invalid geometry argument when i add switch " --no-mipmaps " in it ,it exec success. but the tex file not we want. ktech --no-mipmaps ./myitem.png ./myitem.tex ──(Fri,Mar02)─┘ Loading non-TEX from `./myitem.png'. Compressing 64x8 image into KTEX... Compressed. Dumping KTEX to `./myitem.tex'...
  3. can 't conver all png to tex , error : ktech myitem.png Loading non-TEX from `myitem.png'. Error: ktech: Invalid geometry argument anyone help ? i am install it via aur on archlinux []
  4. I installed the two packages is solved, issues now closed. . lib32-alsa-oss lib32-alsa-plugins
  5. [bug?] No sounds with my linux book , the FX,Music and Ambient always be 0, and i can't change it . like : log here:
  6. When open two servers on a single hardware server, the second server can be seen, but no one can join the game, who have encountered this problem? (First start of the service process is normal)。 I have read in this section of the wiki
  7. some crash for overworld server ,logs :
  8. @V2C Yes , i am already make the server_port defferent and the master_port ,error again.
  9. i don't set any steam_authentication_port prop, any issue with it?
  10. When enter the cave,i will be kick out ,and the main server log here: [00:47:40]: Validating 7: status: ACTIVE world: 1603015731 available: true [00:49:37]: CURL ERROR: Operation too slow. Less than 5 bytes/sec transferred the last 60 seconds[00:49:37]: Failed to send server broadcast message[00:51:05]: New incoming connection|52304 GUID: 526921161855741524[00:51:05]: Client connected from IP:[00:51:05]: ValidateGameSessionToken token: RCExWysJ+++CiwFt85vLqt+YXAsW4Dnh for: 526921161855741524[00:51:07]: SendHandShakeServerListing[00:51:07]: [SHARD] Read save location file for 'KU_-aeI4Lmd'[00:51:07]: [SHARD] Save location file read! APP:Klei/SV2/save/session/077000C45E606996/KU_-aeI4Lmd_/savelocation for KU_-aeI4Lmd[00:51:07]: [SHARD] ForwardPlayerIfNeeded worldId is [1([SHDMASTER])][00:51:24]: ReceiveResumeRequest[00:51:24]: Received request to resume from: session/077000C45E606996/KU_-aeI4Lmd_/0000000003[00:51:24]: OnResumeRequestLoadComplete - UserID KU_-aeI4Lmd[00:51:24]: [Load] SPAWNING PLAYER AT: (-196.47, 0.00, -186.60) [00:51:29]: Activating portal 7 to 1603015731 [00:51:29]: Serializing user minimap to session/077000C45E606996/KU_-aeI4Lmd_/minimap[00:51:29]: Serializing user session to session/077000C45E606996/KU_-aeI4Lmd_/0000000003[00:51:29]: [SHARD] Requesting migration of player KU_-aeI4Lmd from [SHDMASTER] to 1603015731(caves)[00:51:29]: [SHARD] Beginning migration of player KU_-aeI4Lmd from 1([SHDMASTER]) to 1([SHDMASTER]) (2).[00:51:29]: [SHARD] Migrating player data from: session/077000C45E606996/KU_-aeI4Lmd_/0000000003[00:51:30]: [SHARD] CLOSE CONNECTION for 1113337429[00:51:30]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_SHARD_SILENT_DISCONNECT[00:51:30]: [SHARD] Received disconnect notification for 'KU_-aeI4Lmd' on server '1([SHDMASTER])' ('1([SHDMASTER])')[00:51:49]: [SHARD] Migration for KU_-aeI4Lmd timed out.[00:51:49]: [SHARD] Cancelling pending migration of player 'KU_-aeI4Lmd' from '0()' to '0()' (2).The cave logs here : [00:00:18]: Reconstructing topology [00:00:18]: ...Sorting points [00:00:18]: ...Sorting edges [00:00:18]: ...Connecting nodes [00:00:18]: ...Validating connections [00:00:19]: ...Housekeeping [00:00:19]: ...Done! [00:00:19]: 1 uploads added to server. From server_temp[00:00:19]: [SHARD] Connecting to master...[00:00:19]: Telling Client our new session identifier: 069000C50797D240[00:00:19]: [Warning] SteamGameServer_Init Failed[00:00:19]: Your server will still start, but some Steam functionality may be missing.[00:00:19]: Steam ports can be configured through command line by adding:[00:00:19]: -steam_authentication_port 12345 -steam_master_server_port 12346[00:00:19]: or through settings.ini, under the [network] heading[00:00:19]: steam_authentication_port = 12345[00:00:19]: steam_master_server_port = 12346[00:00:19]: [Warning] Disabling Steam services[00:00:19]: Auth port: 8766 Master server port: 27016[00:00:19]: [SHARD] Sending slave information to master...[00:00:19]: [SHARD] Registering in lobby as a slave server...[00:00:22]: [SHARD] Slave is now ready![00:00:22]: World '1' is now connected [00:04:12]: [SHARD] Migrating player data to: session/069000C50797D240/KU_-aeI4Lmd_/0000000002[00:04:12]: [SHARD] Received player migration data packet for 'KU_-aeI4Lmd' (2)[00:04:12]: [SHARD] PASS IS 'oP8ppN5xplmzmW'[00:04:31]: [SHARD] Migration by user ('KU_-aeI4Lmd') failed (157).
  11. i dont know why the cave world auto generate the server password in it's setting.ini file,so the main world can't connect with it . it like : server_password = ev9BPhoLSi0wlFif i delete it ,it will regenerate after server reboot
  12. I built a steam group, and then my friend added up, the configuration is such that -------------------------------------------- [network] steam_group_id = 9331684 steam_group_only = true -------------------------------------------- But I and my friends have no access to the server. This log is: ------------------------------------------- [03:51:46]: New incoming connection|40531 GUID: 180144006414707933 [03:51:46]: ValidateGameSessionToken token: EYWnwxwnJeucDpfOX/x7+aSpEsNv+RuJ for: 180144006414707933 [03:51:56]: SendHandShakeServerListing [03:51:56]: [Error] SendUserConnectAndAuthenticate failed for steamid '76561198194044582' [03:51:56]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_GAME_SESSION_AUTH_FAILED [03:52:02]: New incoming connection|40512 GUID: 779122756871998014 [03:52:02]: ValidateGameSessionToken token: HTmZNeIuaf8Nxbw2UjKZQSaYYQMFcxws for: 779122756871998014 [03:52:03]: SendHandShakeServerListing [03:52:03]: [Error] SendUserConnectAndAuthenticate failed for steamid '76561198194044582' [03:52:03]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_GAME_SESSION_AUTH_FAILED [04:24:00]: New incoming connection|6388 GUID: 1044835712239828091 [04:24:00]: ValidateGameSessionToken token: rw^eyJVc2VySUQiOiJLVV80cnFVWU9pSCIsIkdhbWUiOiJEb250U3RhcnZlVG9nZXRoZXIiLCJQdXJwb3NlIjoiR2FtZVNlc3Npb24ifQ==^rfUvDatOZCsIx4TVGhS8MVACtc1p+uhF for: 1044835712239828091 [04:24:03]: SendHandShakeServerListing [04:24:04]: [Error] SendUserConnectAndAuthenticate failed for steamid '76561198170773561' [04:24:04]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_GAME_SESSION_AUTH_FAILED --------------------------- any bug or my config wrong?