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  1. I got off of the game with the king & Flortifications built. I restarted the server and i see that the flortifications do not have the flags on them.
  2. When i lit a stack of 40 Red Firecracker's when they were about to blow up i somehow pick them up while they were about to start cracking
  3. When you blow up the Moon Stone with Gunpowder or Slurtle Slime while the Moon Caller's Staff is on the Moon Stone. The staff pops off while the light is still there, even when you restart your game.
  4. also the mod is missing the keys the crown and some other items that I forgot
  5. I finally got shipwrecked DLC and I wanna try this mod. also a addition to this mod is that u should add a search bar so u can type in what you want
  6. it crashes whenever I try to continue or create a new game
  7. Uhhh it just sends me to a menu and it has new immigrants in it when I click open it just restarts my computer
  8. everytime I try to click open It just does nothing PLZ HELP ME WHATS GOING ON
  9. why does it send me to a menu where I can open the Ap wtf