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  1. i see , that make sense Thanks for the info
  2. I think i found something else, every blueprint that you make with the alchemical researcher should go in the gold icon tab, right? well i found that some of the blueprints go in the normal EE tab, the one with the dark matter icon. is this a mistake or it is on purpose?
  3. Me again, i think i saw a video where you could dig up things with the pickaxe but i am not sure, is that right? if not , why don t you add a shovel?
  4. I also "fixed" some other mods with this , thanks again and sorry if i spammed or something like that
  5. does it work with other mods? like EE or Madman s fighting pack?
  6. how do i consume the xp token? i only have the examine option
  7. Is there a way to make it burning forevere? not just when you re around
  8. sorry to bother you again but version 2.7.1 crashed while 2.7 works , not sure why
  9. Duude, that s fast, thanks mate Now i am in the description sweet
  10. Hey, it s not actually compatible with older version, because when i am not using the dlc when i want to make the blueprints thing i still need batteries..