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  1. Arg No, I didn't have any more informations on the tracking page. You have to count on your customs to keep you updated I guess :/
  2. I didn't. What I meant is : sometimes they check the marchandise, so it takes a long time to get to your mail box. Sometimes they don't check it and you receive your package very quick through normal postal circuit. Be patient, maybe one week, or maybe 3, but it will arrive safe and sound to your mail box
  3. I live in France, and the update stopped at this message, I received Chester less than one week later. I got lucky with customs office I think, last time I ordered something coming from another country it took 3 weeks...
  4. Chester is home and he's handsomely cute ! *\o/* Too bad my cat is too big to sleep in it...! It would have been a so cute photo.... :/ And I got a mini chester in my blind box !
  5. About the issue of keeping track of friends : We could see recent steps of players, those steps would disappear after some time. Maybe some surface won't keep track of steps (so you can try to stalk someone or hide from someone too). Also I think maybe it could help to be able to write on the wooden sign "home of xxx" or "To the east" It could even be a way to create treasure hunt events or such Maybe I've missed something about it but : what about the teleportato ? Everyone would change world ? The game looks great can't wait to play it !
  6. Got my email today announcing the shipping of my Chester :D *\o/*
  7. Awesome news ! And so unexpected ! But really a good surprise for me, I can't wait to play it with friends But... but ! I wonder what will happen to perma death ?! Anyway, I can't wait to try the alpha !