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  1. Update: Off all the worst luck in the world I start clearing the few trees on my Island and wake the blasted tree guardian... I guess I will setup a base on the other side of the worm-hole until I am tooled up enough to defeat him and properly settle there. I guess all good things come at a cost xD
  2. Heyo, I started this world and discovered an island only accessible by a worm-hole after some searching I found the right worm-hole on Day 4. Can hounds still attack me? The island is really small. Here a some pics. One is the island the other is map.,pgcVDYC#0 Its pretty cool huh? Protokohl, EDIT: Made a typo in the title and now can't change it?
  3. Best episode yet (In terms of understanding what I am saying )
  4. Alright episode 2 is released: Trying to slow down and not rush my words. I achieved it fairly well but it is much better in ep 3 .
  5. Heyo, I have started a Don't Starve playthrough. This is my first vid . Please enjoy and don't forgot to comment, rate and subscribe!