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  1. This has been on my mind for a bit, so forgive me for digging up old bones. I don't gnome if there's a better thread for this... The only characters I predict will be genuinely underwhelming in DST are Wes, Willow, and Wendy (already in C Tier). Beyond that, I would highly prefer utility-based characters over those with raw stat boosts. Having extra damage in combat is not as important when you have four spears available, and beyond that monster armies and high-tier weapons (e.g. explosives) simply have more influence than a flat damage boost. Team composition has been on my mind more than the rest of the deal -- with extra bodies, working together to establish a base as quickly as possible and obtain access to the more difficult to craft. Therefore, managing character perks would be the core aspect of the game. As a mall subset of the roster grows in power immensely once they are "funded," an ideal team composition would focus on reaching a point where nothing in the game can meaningfully stop you. In short, I would want a team that sacrifices some safety nets for maximal endgame growth as well as decent assistance in early game harvesting. My ideal 4-man would be: 1) Maxwell 2) Woodie 3) Wickerbottom 4) Webber -Maxwell is the carry that the rest of the team needs to support for full and complete endgame dominance. His shadows and sanity gain are indispensable, particularly for magic-centric combat. -Woodie is the jungler and early game warrior. He can clear entire swaths of arboreal biomes while the rest of the team focuses on other resources. -Wickerbottom is the base manager, farmer (of both food and rare items, see: Krampus Sack) and portable flute. She can cover early base building summarily and grows in potential as the game goes on. -Webber is the lone wolf-spider, the unsung hero, the dark knight, the silk shadow. He will be managing spider-based resources, mining and caving while the rest of the team takes care of more pressing matters. The best way to play this comp would be to have the first three members work as a loose trio (particularly Maxwell + Wickerbottom) while Webber works on his own as a full-time resource gatherer, spelunker and Meepo clone. Maxwell and Webber may require more baby-sitting than the other two, but their perks are powerful enough to warrant the hassle. Despite the above sounding good on paper, I nevertheless suspect a very high amount of Wilson and Willow players online -- played mostly by beginners, Effigy constructors and fire-happy griefers. That said, I'd love to see if my proposed team setup works as well as I imagine it can.
  2. While this video is technically the climax of a month-long challenge, I believe it is robust enough to stand on its own. I am intimately familiar with the wailing and gnashing of teeth associated with one's first encounter of a killer beehive. To those that scorn them to this day, I have enacted retribution upon these heartless drones. "A love letter to every starving wanderer that cursed the existence of killer bees, begets the uproarious lamentations of an unstable librarian. Rest well, comrades... you are not forgotten." This is a one-off video, so do not expect a sequel or continuation. I consider the video to be feature-complete, so please enjoy it as is. Please let me know if you enjoyed the video! Thank you for watching.
  3. Since this topic came back, I'll tack on an update: They came back. I'm going to cull them again after I finish relocating every single pig on the map, and if they come back yet again then I don't know what to say.
  4. New biomes? Looks like I shouldn't get too attached to my current worlds. All things considered, I'm okay with turning over a new leaf (heh) for the sake of new content. Looking forward to the finished product.
  5. This is something I can test without too much hassle, although they have not reappeared since I finished the job in the video. I suspect it has something to do with homeless pigs that once lived near ocean barriers. I'll likely get around to it this week. I may fiddle with mods in the not-too-distant future, but not within the next couple weeks. I'd like to finish what I wanted to do in this world before I start bug-hunting mods for free. I have made a small pile of backup saves for this world, although they may all be tainted by mod presence since I generated the world with them on and never turned them off since. However, I'll upload them in case someone else wants to try their hand before I do: Day 1 ; Day 27 ; Day 56 ; Day 81 ; Day 105 ; Day 121 ; Day 184 (post-pig annihilation). Thanks for the ideas.
  6. Steam. Mods used are: Minimap HUD, Always On Status, DisplayFoodValues, Architectural Geometry, Diggable Reeds. I'll likely wipe out what's left during winter since dusk will be much longer then. There's not much to report if I don't know how to reproduce it, so for now it's closer to a quirk this world has... an explosive, bacony quirk.
  7. I recently rolled a new world with a unique goal, and after some time I noticed a peculiar problem: pigs began walking on water over time. I've found that their accumulation seaside has gotten worse as time passed, and from what I can tell I am not the only one with this problem. Funny thing is that there isn't any house near the coast. Of course it means that he really is the sea god. While there is some solace in knowing I am not the only one with this... unique world aspect, my predicament is markedly exacerbated since part of my plan involved setting Pigs to Lots and moving all of the pigs into a city by hand. I'm not really sure what the best way to deal with these pigs is, but as a former Willow main I tried doing what felt natural: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrsLc7VNauc Is there a way to stop this from happening? It was fun in its own way at first, but I don't want this to become unmanageable by Day 500. I've taken to culling homeless pigs in my city just to avoid massive frame rate drops, but... something about it feels all wrong. I don't want to bloody my hands on a weekly basis just to keep my CPU stable. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks much for reading.
  8. Willow is my favorite character in general, but especially for her fiery personality. Other characters just don't have any spark in their lines.