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  1. Thanks a lot I will get on with another. Do you do much drawing yourself?
  2. Hi there guys, hope you are all well. I wanted to post this as it is my first attempt at doing some Don't Starve art, and I was hoping for some feedback on how I could improve my drawing and maybe on some background ideas? The character is my boyfriends YouTube avatar that I have drawn (tried) into the Don't Starve world after he experienced an unfortunate incident, in Don't Starve Together, trying to collect spider glands in the swamp. I tried to warn him, but well... he would not listen. I couldn't resist drawing him trying to run off with his spoils, fortunately he got out alive and still is to this day. I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say Thanks a lot guys and cheerio for now.
  3. Hi there guys, hope things are going well We have now released Part 6 - A Quest For Food and Part 7 - Food, Poo and Lag! of our Don't Starve Together series. We would really love it if you took some time to give them a view, much appreciated In Part 6 - A Quest For Food we are 6 days in and huger drives me to a panic and attacks the local wildlife. Meanwhile Icy… well... tries to catch food in his own special way in his attempts to not starve. In Part 7 - Food, Poo and Lag! Now that the base is down Cazzzy and IcyVenom start to gather some food. Icy also has fun popping around the map. We both really hope that you enjoy, and please let us know what you guys think. Feedback is really important to us Thanks a lot guys and see you around. Cheerio for now. Cazzzy
  4. Hi there everyone, hope you are doing well. If you have a minute we would really love you to take a look at the latest episode of our Don't Starve Together Series. In Part 5 - Lagging to Death, Icy is troubled by a turkey and Cazzzy makes some dismal offerings to the pig king. We also make up our mind where we want our new base Wooooow progress! We both hope that you enjoy our videos and if you do then please check out some of our other videos, the would be AWESOME. Cheerio for now. Cazzzy
  5. Hi there guys, hope you are well So I just wanted to take the time to let you guys know about Part 3 - Chester Buddy! and Part 4 - Beef! of our Don't Starve Together series. In Part 3, Icy gets Chester as a buddy and the poor guy has to hold a whole lot of charcoal. Cazzzy is also accused of being a food thief! and in Part 4, Cazzzy and Icy finally find BEEFalos, and manage to break their ongoing Don't Starve curse: Both Icy and myself hope you enjoy both videos and please don't forget to leave a like or share the videos if you do. We really appreciate it everything you guys do. Cheerio for now. Cazzzy
  6. Hi There everyone I am Cazzzy from Just a Boy and a Girl Gaming and I was hopping that you would take just a bit of time to check out our new Don't Starve Together let's play series where IcyVenom and myself play WX-78 and Wolfgang. In Part 1, Cazzzy and IcyVenom start their adventure in the world Don't Starve Together. After a bit of a surprising start involving a touch stone they continue on as Wolfgang and WX-78. We start of exploring the world that we have come too and Cazzzy attempts to stop IcyVenom from killing himself. Then, in Part 2 insolence flares up within the ranks as Icy rebels against Cazzzy and her teaching and insists on running into lots of swamps. They dice with death before, in a moment of stupidity, Cazzzy trusts Icy and things go a bit wrong. The strong man and the robot continue their quest to survive. http://youtu.be/bGEoQzRpggs We have both really enjoyed playing Don't Starve, and Reign of Giants and so far we have loved actually being able to play together on the same world, so we both hope you guys enjoy our antics. Thanks a bunch for your time! Cheerio for now! Cazzzy
  7. Hey there So we are back again with our latest episode of Don't Starve Reign of Giants and Icy has not killed off poor Webber yet. All is not 100% well though as Icy continues to pick almost every flower he sees (Just to piss me off ) and we still have no giants. Look out for the face planting goats and lots more derping in this episode. We both really hope you enjoy and would really love to hear what you think of the series so far. Thank you very much and its much appreciated Cheerio for now. Cazzzy x
  8. Hi there everyone We are Just a Boy and a Girl Gaming and we would really appreciate if you would check out our series, where Icy 'the noob' attempts to keep poor little Webber alive and I try and coach him. In this episode things start to go a little bit down hill for the spider man. Is this the end???? :S Link: We hope you enjoy and don't forget to let us know what you think Thanks a lot. Cheerio for now. Cazzzy x P.s. If you want to catch up on what has happened so far then here is a link to the playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj7hJhR1xIILpQeXc7thKgLKl8NeCc3x7
  9. Hey there all So basically as I am sure some of you guys are aware I am part of the Youtube duo Just a Boy and a Girl Gaming. I basically wanted to do this to say thanks to everyone from here who has watched our Don't Starve series or any of our other videos. We really appreciate you guys taking some time to watch our videos. I know this is all a bit cheesy but I just wanted to try and express my gratitude. So yeah thanks a lot. If anyone is interested we have posted a new episode of Don't Starve so you can check that out, here is the link: Thank you all so much again and will catch up soon. Cheerio for now. Cazzzy x
  10. Hi there all Here is the third part of our Reign of Giants play through series. Find out if Icy manages to survive past the first few days. Here is the link: We really hope you enjoy, and let us know what you think. Cheerio for now. Cazzzy
  11. Hey there all! I just wanted to give you guys the link for the second episode of our Reign of Giants playthrough: We really would love you to take a look and let us know what you think if you would like too Also if you haven't seen our first episode and would like to have a look then here is the link for that aswell: Hope you enjoy! Cheerio for now Cazzzy
  12. Hi there everyone! So it is Cazzzy here again from Just a Boy and a Girl Gaming. I basically just wanted to let you all know/remind people that we are still running our A Noob Plays Don't Starve series and that we have released a new video today! Give it a watch here: Has IcyVenom got any better at playing? Have I exploded and killed him yet due to his incompetence? Have a look and see. Also a big shout out to all the people who gave me useful hints and tips, thank you all. As ever and comments and feedback are welcome and we are always trying to improve our videos and make them more entertaining to watch, so do get in touch, Hope to hear from you all soon, and enjoy. Cazzzy