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  1. anyway to speed things up here is a list of all my mods i currently have enabled other than yours: phew there ty and yw putting them all down for you. Also this is nobody's business but Graysloth's mmkay?
  2. ok but first i'd like to say that i recently got a ghost of yours to spawn and i got both of my custom drops from it with no problem so i guess the error doesn't happen everytime huh. btw i hate to ask again but i feel it would be easier to contact you directly on steam i already sent you a friend request on it so if we could chat there i would greatly appreciate it.
  3. idk i was just playing the game as usual. I was very far away from the only dug grave i have found thus far and that happened :/
  4. sorry to say bad news look at this:http://www.mediafire.com/?ik4i5khysv0si
  5. btw i noticed that a mod called picky!picky!picky! by tehmugwump is more than likely what was causing the issue btw you should warn about it in the description or release a patch for it like you told me how to.
  6. yeah i did and i may have here is what i did: local all_ghost_extra_loot = { item = "nightmarefuel", chance = 1/5, item = "ectoplasm", chance = 1/3, }
  7. um bad news i got this when i assume one of your ghosts showed up. I've seen several others unlike before so i thought it was working but i guess not here's the error screen i got: https://www.mediafire.com/?kik2akq63galkv6
  8. lol i guess using whatever mod does that for so long i forgot that but regardless it seems to be working fine now but can you tell me how to make it so your ghosts can also drop ectoplasm so as to make your mod even better?
  9. thx but i've had other modders gladly help me get their stuff to work so i'm hopeful that plospo will be willig to help me as well if not then i will have to sadly. Oh also it seems to happen mostly when i target mandrakes, and butterflies sometimes, with the boomerang or anything to soon after examining something else.
  10. Great mod but uh i got a game crashing bug on my hands involving this mod and the waverly the bewitched mod can you possibly fix the problem i'm having on your end? here is a link to download the error screen i got: https://www.mediafire.com/?dazkyyqdlz5ka77 For the record this happens on occasion when i target something with a boomerang and since i'm using the link mod this is quite a problem PLEASE help if you can thx.