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  1. I just noticed mine, a shadow chester badge since I bought a shadow chester. Show off your rad badge! Are you on the shrine? If so, what is your name on it?
  2. If they mated and became overpopulated in an instant like in real life it'd be better.
  3. After this kickstarter there will be tons of Chester mods available.
  4. Real excited for Starbound. December 4th.

  5. Who actually did this to figure out that? That's such a terrible way to die.
  6. If you're new to it I really suggest gathering up a ton of allies. It'll be too tough to handle without 'em otherwise.
  7. We're approaching 80k now. We'll certainly get 85k but I think it's real unfortunate if we do not get Snow Chesters in-game when people have bought Snow Chesters. I mean, people would want a plush of a thing that actually is in the game I'd expect. Well, whatever isn't reached there will be a mod of I suppose.
  8. When Shadow Chester dies I think he should reset, so he would have to absorb the nightmare fuel again.
  9. Imagine being able to use all three chesters in the game at once. It would be amazing if you could put two eyebones in different chesters and hold onto one, causing them to form a line behind you.
  10. They said that Snow Chester has winter fur. Extra fluffy. Imagine if when opening his chest the character places their hands in his fur and slowly regains heat.
  11. How often do you drink if your liver is worth that little?
  12. They'll still have to put in the currency into their bank which takes time.
  13. Keep in mind that people who decided to get a pack, can always change. I'm sure there's some Shadow Chester owners who will swap over to Snow for example, causing Shadow Chesters to become availible again. Same the other way around. Not to mention, if they add yet another Chester type they'll get people wanting to buy that recolour and changin from snow+shadow to whatever the next is.
  14. That's a metric butt tonne of followers. I don't even have 20 on my main blog.
  15. Well, not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving. I'm fairly sure a lot of the fanbase are outside of the US as well. And a lot of people sell well on extreme commissions like 25 USD for a sketch. I personally would refuse such an offer but some people like buying expensive things. Deviantart is a pretty common place for people to sell their work/do work for cash.
  16. Well if you sell commissions you could totally afford a Chester within 20 days.
  17. Ah I see. The snow chesters sure are going down really slow. I find it unfortunate if they all end up being bought and then we never get the snow chester in-game.
  18. You can swap it out and make the Shadow Chester availible for someone else.
  19. I wonder who will be the first to put a portable minifridge inside their Snow Chester.
  20. Oh man, Snow Chester. Crap, damnit.. Now I want all three but I only afford one. I hope that Snow Chester doesn't have 12 inventory slots like Shadow Chester, because that would make Shadow Chester useless compared to Snow Chester that holds food fine for you. I want a Shaved Chester for summertime, increased walking speed and less panting.
  21. I am curious as to what the next step will be, but if it's over 120k I doubt we'll reach it anyway. It wouldn't be logical if they decreased the amount per step, since they'll end up not gaining anything each step really.
  22. Judging by how much it's slowing down and how little it's increasing per hour, we would probably be at about 90k at the end of the kickstart. Unless they have a REALLY good goal that is near 100k, but they'll probably make it around 150k or so, making it uninteresting. Edit: And so, we have reached 60,000. G'job folks.