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  1. Okay well, trial and error i suppose. Welcome to the community by the way.
  2. Some description and a picture might help.. i mean most of the people on this forum don't download stuff they don't know about, this is uninformative as it get's, because i don't even know if this is a custom character or not.
  3. o_o Okay, i'll download this once there's atleast 3 craftable item's, cornflakes aren't convincing irl or in game enough to buy/download xD.
  4. Thank you, i do use this mod and i appreciate you updating it to RoG.
  5. Straw hat and rake, sound's good to me.
  6. Thank's a lot man, this really helped me out, i install the mod, and 1 day later deerclops attack's.. thank's to you there were survivor's XD.
  7. I like it, but can there please be an english version of this?
  8. Sounds good to me, i will consider downloading this after the weekend.
  9. Great weapon look's good, hope to see more soon :3.
  10. 6-7 Day's late but still worth it, Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone ;3.
  11. Come on guy's, i agree this is a little bit OP, but let's not be so harsh, Instead of trying to bring down the mod just ask him to make it less OP, Instead of Insta Killing Maybe it takes more then 1 Poison Meat to kill a hound, Or add something more potent to the recipe that is harder to achieve, Or give it a low shelf life like ortorin said. This is a good mod, but it get's way too much dislike if you ask me, but for now there is 76 people who downloaded it and there will be more, this mod is for new players so it would make the game a bit easier for them, rather then dieing on day 8-20 they might be able to survive longer and atleast get to set up a proper base.
  12. Looks brilliant!, I can't wait to see what else you are going to add ^_^.