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  1. My mistake. Sorry about that.


    I'm guilty of excessive haste in making update with the new terrain (forgot about those values​​).


    I will change these values ​​to the appropriate (specifically 84 and 86) but I would do it later (say May 19) after warning users about this.

  2. That file was inserted quickly, not positioned carefully. Open the file swap_communicator.scml on notepad and replace to that code:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><spriter_data scml_version="1.0" generator="BrashMonkey Spriter" generator_version="b5">    <folder id="0" name="swap_communicator">        <file id="0" name="swap_communicator/swap_communicator.png" width="100" height="100" pivot_x="0" pivot_y="1"/>    </folder>    <entity id="0" name="swap_communicator">        <animation id="0" name="BUILD" length="1000">            <mainline>                <key id="0">                    <object_ref id="0" name="swap_communicator" folder="0" file="0" abs_x="2.009901" abs_y="-4.613861" abs_pivot_x="0.490099" abs_pivot_y="0.113861" abs_angle="0" abs_scale_x="3" abs_scale_y="3" abs_a="1" timeline="0" key="0" z_index="0"/>                </key>            </mainline>            <timeline id="0" name="swap_communicator">                <key id="0" spin="0">                    <object folder="0" file="0" x="2.009901" y="-4.613861" pivot_x="0.490099" pivot_y="0.113861" angle="0" scale_x="3" scale_y="3"/>                </key>            </timeline>        </animation>    </entity></spriter_data>
    After inserting the code, to be sure, open spriter and overwrite the project.
    Link to communicator.zip below