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  1. Steam Biome: Forgotten Forge

    Explore new, dark area in ruins.
    It is recommended to use with Steampunk mod and Tiny Alchemy Powers mod.
    I want to introduce a mod that evolved from a part of Tiny Alchemy Powers. Most mod is new level and biome located in the ruins. But you will notice a change on the surface, especially if you use Steam Biome with Steampunk and Tiny Alchemy Powers.
    In version 2.0 Mod is full compatible with Hamlet
    In version 1.2 Mod is full compatible with Shipwrecked
    In version 1.1 Forcefield can be charged with transistor
    In version 1.0.3 and 1.1 added configure options:
    Alchemy Engine recipes options:
    Original: 4x boards, 2x cut stone, 6x gold nugget in vanilla
    4x boards, 2x cut stone, 2x electrical doodad in RoG
    Metal: 4x boards, 6x metal plates, 3x goldnugget
    Fire Supressor recipes options:
    Original: 2x gears, 15x ice, 2x electrical doodad
    Metal: 6x metal plates, 15x ice, 2x electrical doodad
    Ice Box recipes options:
    Original: 2x gold nugget, 1x gears, 1x board in vanilla
    2x gold nugget, 1x gear, 1x cut stone in RoG
    Metal: 4x metal plates, 1x gear, 1x board in vanilla
    4x metal plates, 1x gear, 8x ice in RoG
    Magic: 1x blue gem, 1x gears, 1x board in vanilla
    1x blue gem, 1x gear, 1x cut stone in RoG
    Both: 1x blue gem, 1x gears, 4x metal plates
    What is in mod:
    Forgotten forge is located below the ruins. It is a very hot place full of new dangers and challenges. Forge is a completely optional location. To get there you need to find the right key. In addition, you can get there only once per world (save).

    Tech Biome (In Ruins) dark and forgotten place, but watch out for the machines

    Metal Golem - Forgotten Forge Boss (You need to find a replacement for the battery to turn it on)
    Tesla Tree: this tree can greatly electrocute
    Ancient Tech Devices: machinery of unknown purpose
    Pipes: metal source
    Gear Table: interesting devices
    Food Generatior: who would have thought?
    New Clockworks: to full collection
    Lava Pond: don't try to swim (ported from DST - but little changed)
    Fire Apple Tree: new...tree
    Rhino House: ...
    Rhinventor: new very aggresive mobs
    Lavarva: too hot! (ported from DST - but little changed)

    Copper Nugget: new mineral
    Metal Plates: something you always needed
    Fire Apple: hot and tasty

    Tesla Scepter: buzz is now on your side
    Tesla Gun: More powerfull buzz
    Metal Armor: do you want to be tough? You have the answer
    Force Field: the most powerful armor (from 1.1 version it can be charged with transistor)

    All Clockworks: new loot – metal plates
    Gold Nugget: can be transmuted (if you have Tiny Alchemy Powers mod)
    Steampunk - while you're both on: Steam Punk and Steam Biome mods, you will need metal to create objects from both mods.
    Tiny Alchemy Powers - while you're both on: Steam Biome and Tiny alchemy Powers mods, you can transmute gold in copper, and vice versa.
    Kuloslav (programming, animations, graphics, testing)
    Hast (graphics, testing)
    Steam Biome is compatible with the vanilla version and RoG.
    If you have any feedback or ideas, please leave a comment.
    For Simplex and his Tile Adder
    For Urist McEngie and his Rechargable Gems mod
    Q: How I get Metal Plates?
    A: You can get Metal Plates from the Clockworks or from objects in Steam Biome or Steam Island.
    Q: Can I refine metal Plates?
    A: No, refine option is not available from 2.0 path. But you can forge Metal Plates from copper nuggets by using a new structure - Anvil.
    Q: Why you changed original recipes like Alchemy engine or Ice box?
    A: Because these structures look like they have done witch metal plates
    Q: Can I restore the original recipes?
    A: Yes. This can be done in mod configuration tab.
    Q: Where is copper?
    A: You can obtain copper from rocks and stone hands.
    Q: How to get to a forgotten forge?
    A: Watch the latest video - you'll find the answer there.
    Q: How to activate Metal Golem?
    A: Watch the latest video - you'll find the answer there.




  2. Mastema

    Visit this mod on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=334169289
    Mod adds character Mastema - Adept of nightmare magic.
    Mod works with Shipwrecked, ROG and vanila game.
    Mastema is the only character who came in Don't Starve world on his own will. His goal is to take over the throne of Maxwell. Mastema belevies that this will give him complete power over a nightmare.
    - Hunger 120
    - Health 160
    - Sanity 220
    damage: +5%
    sanity drain in night: -30%
    sanity aura drain: -30%
    has two forms
    he can't wear armors nad helmests (he can wear all clothes and hats)
    nightmare staff takes hp when used
    Large muscles - After a murderous training in his tribe Mastema gained skills of best warriors. He hits harder by 5%
    War mage - When Mastema unite with the power of nightmare, his skin becomes hard like thulecite (90% damage resistance). To accomplish this Mastema must lower his sanity at least 150. But you must remember that if sanity falls below 60 he will lose its powerful form.
    Darkness explorer - Studying shadow powers Mastema doesn't feel dangerous consequences of darkness as the other characters. Also the aura of declining sanity affect him less.
    Forgotten knowledge - Mastema is able to create new thulecite items to help him survive. He can create even Thulecite himself! He has instant access to Ancient tab.
    Total codex - Mastema due to own position in the tribe refuses to wear any armors - both armor and helmets.
    Scepter allows Mastema to control power purple crystal placed in him instead of the heart. With the scepter Mastema can affect objects and creatures in the world in Don't Starve filling them with the power of a nightmare. Scepter powers acts differently on different objects. But in almost every case, the use of the scepter takes Mastema health. At low health sorcerer can even perish! But used wisely can greatly facilitate survival.
    Custom intro
    Custom health badge
    Custom sounds - Mastema has a set of unique sounds, which are based on the sound of Hang Drum - the youngest instrument in the world
    All custom lines - over 1100 custom quotes including DLC lines.
    Map icon for Mastema.
    Portait and a full set of images in the menu
    Kuloslav - code, sounds, quotes, balancing & testing
    Mr. Hastings (Hast) - graphics, balancing & testing




  3. Tiny Alchemy Powers

    ATTENTION !!! I decided to split up Tech Biome and Tiny Alchemy Powers mod. From now on Tech Biome is the Steam Biome mod now. It is made in a completely different style, more match to Don't Starve.
    Users wishing to play the OLD SAVES (worlds using an old version of TAP) must download Steam Biome mod or download older T.A.P version (1.6.2).
    I would like to introduce you to Tiny Alchemy Powers mod to Don't Starve. Mod allows to transmute some stuff into other forms.
    Change items to new forms.
    Needs to be fueled with nightmarefuel
    Currently extractable items: mosquito, wheat grain, rabbit (only in vanilla), broken shell, hound head, spitter head, salt nugget, truffle, spiderhat, purple gem, gold nugget , copper nugget
    Wheat: It can be cut off such as grass, each cut gives wheat grain.
    Nut bush: we have nuts but we don't have squirrels...
    Salt Rock: spices, spices...
    Truffles: you have to go to the ruins
    Crystals (five types): each type has a different nasty surprise for the one who wants to dig them
    Wheat Grain: one dropped by wheat; can be extracted into flour
    Flour: needs to make bread
    Milk: not very tasty, but there is no other (vanilla version)
    Hound Head: a nice trophy
    Spitter Head: ugly trophy
    Shell Dust: flour alternative
    Bones: apparently useful
    Nuts: we are...have nuts and we can cook them
    Salt nugget: how to grind this?
    Salt: not spoil, ideal for dishes but watch out not to oversalt...
    Truffles: great taste but spoil rapidly, cooking not help but alchemy can
    Gray Gem: new precious
    Skull Helmet (three different versions): new creepy helmets
    Bone Armor: new, of course creepy, armor
    Lighting Staff: power of nature (inflicts massive damage - can also hurt character)
    Calm Amulet: You don't like been crazy, are you?
    Bread: restore sanity and good taste
    Cheese: stinky and delicious
    Banana Pie: a little bit of pleasure in the caves
    Mushroom Soup: mandrake monopoly broken
    Fern Spinach: healthy, leafy, and so on
    Nut Muffin: What can I say? Another meal. (RoG version)
    Truffle Ham: next to the menu
    Eggs and truffles: another one
    Oversalted meal: nothing more, nothing less
    Cactus Cocktail: refreshing
    Pancakes: everyone loves pancakes...right?
    Ribs: one of the wonders of the kitchen
    Lemon Coctail - refreshing again
    Mosquito: see for yourself
    Butter: can be done in a crock pot.
    Rabbit: see for yourself
    Batilisk: new loot – bones or boneshard
    Hounds (normal): new loot – hound head
    Foliage: can be cooked in crock pot (treated as a vegetable)
    Spitter: new loot – spitter head
    Broken shell: can be transmuted
    Purple Gem: can be transmuted
    Spiderhat: can be transmuted
    Kuloslav (programming, animations, some graphics, testing)
    Hast (most graphics, testing)
    Q:How to cook bread or other mod recipe?
    A:Recipe for Bread: Bread: Butter x1 + Egg x1 + Flour or Shell Dust x1 (don't add meat)
    All recipes you will find in "Recipes from Tiny Alchemy Powers" discussion.
    Q:What is the alchemy table?
    A:This is new structure, available in the magic tab.
    Q:My table isn't workink? Why?
    A:To use the table, you must first charge the nightmare fuel (after the construction is inactive).
    Q:Why mosquito milk?
    A: Why not?
    Q:Mod is compatible with the RoG?
    A:Yes, it is compatible with the RoG and the vanilla version.
    Q:Why did you remove cactus from TAP?
    A:Because it was put into game with DLC.
    If you have any feedback or ideas, please leave a comment.
    List of recipes available in the new_recipes.txt file.
    T.A.P. is compatible with the vanilla version, RoG, RPG HUD and other mods.




  4. Map Revealer 1.0.3 and [DST] Map Revealer 1.0

    It's a very simple mod revealing the entire map in the game, regardless of the level at which we find ourselves. Despite the simplicity makes it easy modding or just makes the game lot easier.
    Have a nice use.
    Steam version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=225675650&searchtext=




  5. Packim Baggims Choice

    Mod adds three new forms of Packim Baggims. You wanted to have a choice? Here he is.
    Tiger Packim: Through this form Bagims act just like Sea Sack, but he can move himself, has 9 item slots and he has a wonderful, tiger look - fill 3 slots with shark gill and 6 with ice.
    Venom Packim: When you are poisoned Bagims and his aura of regeneration which will certainly make your poisonous life in this wild world easier...until you take the antidote - fill 4 slots with venom gland and 5 with seaweed.
    Tar Packim: glow in the dark... just a pity that space for items is a little less. - fill 8 slots with tar and 1 with tar lamp.
    Works with RoG merged worlds and of course Shipwrecked.




  6. Chester Choice

    Mod adds three new forms of Chester. You wanted to have a choice? Here he is.
    New forms of Chester:
    Vampire Chester: Chester through this form has vampiric aura that painfully experience anyone who dares to attack him - fill all the slots with batilisk wings.
    Life Chester: Chester now gains an aura of regeneration which will certainly make your life in this wild world easier (you must stand very close)... just a pity that space for items is a little less - fill all the slots with red gems.
    Light Chester: glow in the dark ... nothin more nothing less! - fill all the slots with fireflies.
    Works with RoG and "vanilla" version.




  7. Not quite Pyro

    Hi I would like to introduce mod that I make with Mr. Hastings - Not Quite Pyro. Mod adds to the Don't Starve a new character - Pyro It is of course modeled on TF2 character, but he's not identical.
    Pyro stats:
    - Hunger 120
    - Health 150
    - Sanity 180
    - Is completely resistant to soaking (costume and mask) so the spring will not be a problem
    - Inflicts greater damage: Damage Multiplier : 1,2
    - He has some own items:
    Fire Axe: multi tool – axe + hammer;
    Flare gun: It can serve as a weapon, or you can cause the fire with this;
    Endothermic Match: It can serve as a fire extinguisher and a source of light;
    Lolichop: great and so sweet weapon.
    - He can't met Chester
    - He doesn't wear armors and helmets (depending on the armor difficulty level)
    - Pyrovision - special trait allows him to see the world in its own way.
    Mod Configuration options:
    - Speaking model
    Normal: Pyro speaks in complete sentences.
    Simple: Mmmrrrrrrrppghhh!
    - Pyrovision: It can be turned on and off
    - Outfit Difficulty:
    Easy: Pyro can wear all armor and helmets (he still doesn't like waterproof items)
    Normal: Pyro can wear all helmets (he still doesn't like waterproof items)
    Insane!: Pyro doesn't wear any armor or helmets
    Other info:
    I have used graphics developed by Klei: large and small portrait of Pyro, map icon and weapon graphics.
    Character has custom sound (wyro sound - made by Klei)
    Character has all custom strings
    Mod authors:
    Kuloslav (code)
    Mr. Hastings (graphic)
    Q:Why Pyro don't talk "mmmmph and huddas"?
    A: He can say that from the update 1.2.2 (see configuration options).
    Q:Why Pyro can't wear armor?
    A: He can from the update 1.2.2 (see configuration options).
    Q: Why he has two „breathing filters” instead of one?
    A: There are many reasons and the most important is: it was easier
    Q:When Pryo will "shoot rainbows"?
    A:Probably never - I tried to enter, the effect was just ugly.
    Q:What is Pyrovision?
    A:Special trait allows him to see the world in its own way. Please read mod description carefully.
    Q:What Pyrovision changes in the game?
    A: Pyrovision changing the graphics objects in the game. However not affect their usefulness. Pyrovision work when the character has a lot of sanity points.
    Q:What exactly Pyrovision changes ?
    A: List of changed objects:
    all trees
    all surface rocks
    spider and spider warrior
    Q:Why Pyrovision don't change ground textures?
    A:Because after such a change, the game would be unplayable
    Q:Is your mod only unlocks game content or add something new?
    A:The only things mod "unlocks" is a graphic pyro on the world map, graphic in the selection, sounds and item graphics: lolichop, fire axe and flare gun. All code and Pyro animation is my work. Graphics for match and pyrovision objects is Mr. Hastings work.
    Q:Please add more Pyro for Pyro. He is not like TF2!!
    A:Mod called “Not quite Pyro” right? So he will be just such a "not quite"
    Q:When you add Balolonicorn Chester?
    A:His situation is not clear. Although I have finished texture Baloonicorn Chester, Pyro can't meet Chester now. So far i won't add Ballonicorn until I redefine Pyro's disadvantages.




  8. Tiny Alchemy Powers - Wersja Polska

    UWAGA! Przestarzała wersja.
    Na ta chwilę nie przewiduje spolszczenia najnowszych wersji TAP, ale mam nadzieje że to się szybko zmieni i czas pozwoli mi na to. Aż do ewentualnej aktualizacji pozostawiam tą wersję.
    This is Polish version of the mod if you search english version please tap link below:
    Steam version:
    tap_mod: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=226218366
    tap_mod_for_rpghud: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=226219895
    Forum link:
    tap_mod: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/448-tiny-alchemy-powers/
    Z prawdziwą przyjemnością przedstawiam polskie tłumaczenie moda Tiny Alhemy Powers. Jest to samodzielnie działające spolszczenie (nie trzeba ściągać angielskiej wersji moda). Do poprawnego działania wymaga spolszczenia Don't Starve. Link do spolsczenia poniżej:
    Pełne tłumaczenie Don't Starve. Wersja z naprawionym menu stworzona przez PolacynieGesi:
    Uwaga: istnieją dwie wersje moda:
    tap_mod_pl - wersja standardowa
    tap_mod_for_rpghud_pl - wersja kompatybilna z rpg hud
    Jesli używasz moda RPG HUD, pobierz drugą wersję.
    Poniżej lista zmian, które mod wprowadza:
    Stół Alchemiczny:
    Nadaje przedmiotom inne formy.
    Musi być zasilany koszmarnym paliwem
    Aktualnie możemy transmutować: komara, ziarna przenicy, królika, połamane muszle, głowę psa, głowę pająka spluwacza, sól kamienną, trufle, kwiat kaktusa, pajęczy kapelusz, różowy kamień
    Nowe przedmioty na mapie świata:
    Pszenica; Drzewo Orzechowe; Sól Kamienna; Trufle; Kaktusy
    New Items:
    Głowa Psa
    Głowa Pająka Spluwacza
    Połamane Muszle
    Sól Kamienna
    Kwiat Kaktusa
    Tajemnicza Przekąska
    Szary Kryszał
    Nowe przedmioty do walki:
    Czaszkowy Hełm - trzy rodzaje
    Kościana Zbroja
    Berło PiorunówAmulet Spokoju
    Nowe Przepisy
    Ciasto Bananowe
    Zupa Grzybowa
    Szpinak z Paproci
    Babeczka orzechowa
    Szynka z Truflami
    Jaja i trufle
    Przesolone żarcie
    Koktajl Kaktusowy
    Zmodyfikowane przedmioty
    Garnek - całkowita modyfikacja
    Komar - można go wydoić
    Masło - można stworzyc w garnku
    Królik - zobaczcie sami
    Bazytoperz - nowy łup: kości
    Psy Gończe - nowy łup: głowa psa
    Paproć - od teraz jest jednym ze składników do garnka
    Pająk Spluwacz - nowy lup ; łgowa pająka spluwacza
    Połamane muszle - mozna transmutować
    Różowy Kamień - można transmutować
    Pajęczy kapelusz - mozna transmutować




  9. Crock Pot for Modders

    From Modder for modders.
    With these files the food out of the crock pot will be visible in the game. It's probably enough for a description.
    Compatibility: there are no problems with the other mod
    files needed for the mod (catalogs)
    information on how to install (install_how_to.txt)
    guide on how to use (tutorial.pdf)

    I wish you all a great amount of mods. If you have any questions, please write to priv or leave comments.
    Guide is also available on forum: http://forums.kleien...l-modification/