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  1. Wesna The Lost Student

    0.8.2: Fixed fire Choppy burning on death not droping necronomicon only ash
    0.8.1: Fixed mod crashing at savegame and sometimes start new game
    Keep in mind this mod is still in Beta, it works fine for all i tested but it needs more testing
    so i will keep it in beta till I'm sure it is ready
    Please... if you find some minor or even major bugs please let me know i will try to fix them
    This is my first mod.. like... ever, so bear with me
    Custom character Wesna and her companion hound Choppy
    Wesna: hp 150/ hunger 150/ sanity 200
    Starts with a unique item Necronomicon
    When reading necronomicon it turns into Choppy
    When Choppy dies necronomicon is droped
    Comes with own speech
    Choppy: hp 200/ dmg 20
    Follows you wherever you go
    Attacks what you attack, defends when you are attacked and when he is hit
    Upgradeable with a blue or red gem to a fire or ice Choppy
    Upgraded: hp 400/ dmg 40
    Fire version inflicts burn
    Ice version inflicts freeze
    I wish to hereby thank all these awesome people for guiding me and helping finish this
    as a new moder i started from scrach and needed the help
    Thank you Malacath, DannaAddams, Aredshroom and esspecialy Goldfish911
    And thank you the guy who made HF Summons it helped me not alot but ALOT
    I didnt know him i hear hes gone and said if someone can keep his mods up to date
    Well i hope this is one way to keep it atleast a little