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  1. oh i just checked the uploaded zip, how embarrassing it got left behind xD i was messing with it but didn't manage to get anywhere you can find the followersitcommand too which at the moment doesn't do anything, wanted to make choppy stand still so i can feed him the gem without having to chase his ass to the end of the friggin map. but will fix that soon
  2. extract the whole "wesna" folder to "Don't starve/mods"
  3. thank you for taking your time trying to help i decided not to leave him burnable on death cause people might abuse it and send him into swarms of spiders to his death just to burn them yeah at first i wanted fire choppy to ignite on death and spawn necronomicon and had problems with that too. I made it work in the end by going into scripts/components/houndtypes.lua there you have the code for fire choppy: function HoundTypes:LoadMeRed() self.currenttype = "red" self.inst.AnimState:SetBuild("hound_red") self.inst.components.lootdropper:SetLoot({"houndfire","houndfire","houndfire"}) self.inst.components.lootdropper:AddChanceLoot("redgem", 0.5) self.inst.components.combat:SetDefaultDamage(40) = 0 self.inst:RemoveComponent("burnable") self.inst:RemoveComponent("propagator") this line here: self.inst.components.lootdropper:SetLoot({"houndfire","houndfire","houndfire"}) made him somehow overide the lootdrop code in choppy.lua making the fire choppy not droping necronomicon it somehow regarded fire choppy and choppy as seperate entityes, so i had to add "necronomicon" in that line to make fire choppy drop it when he dies and ignites or delete the whole line to make him not ignite on death and give priority to choppy's lootdrop funny, and i was thinking all along it was burning the necronomicon somehow (even when it cant be burned) but it was not droping it at all xD
  4. Fixed, the problem was necronomicon was NOT burnable from the start but somehow flaming choppy droped only ash when he burned on death, lol. made fire choppy not ignite on death, how i intended to be so people dont use him as a flame bomb on large spider dens sending him to his death xD
  5. I apologize for this inconvenience, i have looked at the matter and it should be fine now, please give it another try
  6. truly idk, he does attack only one target a time unlike abigail, and the freeze is ocasionaly its not every attack maybe 1 in 10. but if he is op i will lower it definitely
  7. Version 0.8.2


    0.8.2: Fixed fire Choppy burning on death not droping necronomicon only ash 0.8.1: Fixed mod crashing at savegame and sometimes start new game Keep in mind this mod is still in Beta, it works fine for all i tested but it needs more testing so i will keep it in beta till I'm sure it is ready Please... if you find some minor or even major bugs please let me know i will try to fix them This is my first mod.. like... ever, so bear with me Custom character Wesna and her companion hound Choppy Wesna: hp 150/ hunger 150/ sanity 200 Starts with a unique item Necronomicon When reading necronomicon it turns into Choppy When Choppy dies necronomicon is droped Comes with own speech Choppy: hp 200/ dmg 20 Follows you wherever you go Attacks what you attack, defends when you are attacked and when he is hit Upgradeable with a blue or red gem to a fire or ice Choppy Upgraded: hp 400/ dmg 40 Fire version inflicts burn Ice version inflicts freeze I wish to hereby thank all these awesome people for guiding me and helping finish this as a new moder i started from scrach and needed the help Thank you Malacath, DannaAddams, Aredshroom and esspecialy Goldfish911 And thank you the guy who made HF Summons it helped me not alot but ALOT I didnt know him i hear hes gone and said if someone can keep his mods up to date Well i hope this is one way to keep it atleast a little I BOW TO YOU ALL