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  1. 11 hours ago, Ryanbay741 said:

    Hello, I have posted on Steam a few times now if anyone wanted to help me create a few characters, and it just so happens I found this! I have 2 character ideas right now, I have them drawn out if you would like to see. Please reply back!

    Yeah, I'd love to see some of the art if it isn't too much trouble! c:

  2. Are you an artist that doesn't know where to start in programming? Have you got an amazing character lined up but for the life of you just can't program the things you are wanting to program? Do you have plenty of free time and are able to make quite a bit of art? Well then you've come to the right place!

    If you've got plenty of time to throw away on making lots of art, need help with programming, and can match the Don't Starve style then put up a bit of your art here and if I like it then I'll give some programming that you need in your mod(s) for some of your art that I'm in need of for my mod(s)!

    Want to see some of the mods I've programmed in the past? Here ya go: