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  1. that case then ban Mena for still being shipped with L even though he's dating someone else...
  2. Ban L and Mobbstar for having really weird reasons to ban people O.o
  3. Ban L because he's paying money he told me he doesn't have o_o
  4. Ban L for finding someone willing to do that (nome) and taking advantage of them
  5. Ban nome for saying that JoeW is that kind of person!
  6. Ban LadyD for making it sound like you say "le deedee" every time you say her name...
  7. Ban L for not hiding the reason in white text( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. ban LadyD for making me jealous ;-; and L because STOP NINJA-ING ME! D:
  9. Ban Asparagus for using a word I had to look up the definition of o_o
  10. Ban Asp because I purposely liked 1 of L's comments just to make it not be 3500...
  11. is there a way to disable notifications when friends put out status updates? I kinda liked it when it didn't bloop me every 20 mins for another status update xD

    1. Mobbstar


      "an next"? "aN Next"?!

      The grammar police officially arrests you!

      *moderator options -> hide status "fid"*

    2. ImDaMisterL


      Grammar police?

      ... *looks at moderator options*

      ... *grabs another donut*

    3. Fidooop


      don't be an abusive mobstritator, mobstar... and besides... I said "an" about a thousand times in that post............... :D

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  12. inst:AddTag("Attractive")

    1. Mobbstar



      A fatal error has occured!

    2. Fidooop


      L, you do realize that this crash isn't physically possible, right? A string can be absolutely anything at all, yo...

    3. ImDaMisterL


      Fid, don't make me-


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  13. did somebody say hopes and dreams? o_o
  14. Perhaps not achievement based but close to it... Part of what makes Don't Starve's replayability is the fact that there were no achievements from the start! Klei even made a point about it when they were forced to make achievements when they ported to the PS4. All the achievements were quite dumb and made no sense! xD I think that Loyal is taken by limited time items (makes the most sense) and I think that Timeless are going to be the rarest of the rare... although it would be nice to have a goal given to you at the start of the day "survive X amount of days as Y" and if you rack up enough of these "goals" you'd get a random Timeless... (which would be untradeable) That in my opinion would be awesome!
  15. YAY! I can finally easily see what I'm missing vs what I have in my epic quest of completionisting! ^-^