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  1. Perhaps not achievement based but close to it... Part of what makes Don't Starve's replayability is the fact that there were no achievements from the start! Klei even made a point about it when they were forced to make achievements when they ported to the PS4. All the achievements were quite dumb and made no sense! xD I think that Loyal is taken by limited time items (makes the most sense) and I think that Timeless are going to be the rarest of the rare... although it would be nice to have a goal given to you at the start of the day "survive X amount of days as Y" and if you rack up enough of these "goals" you'd get a random Timeless... (which would be untradeable) That in my opinion would be awesome!
  2. YAY! I can finally easily see what I'm missing vs what I have in my epic quest of completionisting! ^-^
  3. Listen to this as soon as you realize you're a moderator... and think about the journey you had to get here!

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      This is beautiful.

  4. Sometimes we worry that we'll accidentally scare away Klei and the moderators... Good thing you guys are totally ok with our insanity! ^-^
  5. YAY! I totally didn't at all help(ed) with this! and I totally won't be pulling out my old shipping RP thread at all...
  6. The people in this thread aren't even 5% of the entire DST community probably... The people here don't like spending money, sure... but what about those not hesitating to fork over 10 keys for skins? They'll be more than happy to pay $25 making it horrible for the rest of us...
  7. Did anyone even read my suggestion I made last night? Nobody really even replied to it outside of t0panka and Asparagus... :c Also, somebody said that TF2 keys can be traded for metal? Good luck with that nowadays... It's like 20 refined now due to inflation which would take you months to collect up for a single key! So if someone tells you "Want this Elegant? Give me 10 keys." They're basically saying to go spend a couple years of grinding items in TF2 to get the necessary keys OR spent $25 which is an absolutely ridiculous price! If those skins end up never being put in the Trade Inn and they get thrown on the Steam Market somewhere around $20 is where they'll most likely lock onto and then people like me will NEVER get them unless they nab the super rare 1/10,000 chance or whatever... and then even that seems dumb because that's like Klei just giving out free money like it's candy... Not only that... But that costs more than the game itself! Doesn't make sense to me TBH...
  8. My good ol' friend, Asparagus told me to summarize my really long post of a system recommendation because he liked it and thought that more people would bother to read it if it was short, sweet, and to the point... So here goes! *does what Asparagus says* 1: Trade Inn gets all items. Destinguished and Elegant rarities would be limited though... 10 Distinguished and 5 Elegant at a time. That "pool" would be reshuffled every week. I even think Spiffies and Classies should be capped as well! But all commons should always be for trade. (2 common = 1 common from Trade Inn) and I think the pool should increase the more items come into play... Because imagine shuffling through 100 unique Elegants 5 at a time... That'd take FOREVER! With this, people will still be trading for the items that aren't for sale in the Trade Inn allowing for the good ol' "trading up for profit in items" to be a thing (because due to supply vs demand people will pay more for the item that isn't in the Inn) as well as getting the items you want simply by trading! (Whether it be through the Inn or trading with somebody else!) 2: Trade Inn prices should also scale down the higher the rarity is... 5 Common = 1 Classy, 4 Classy = 1 Spiffy, 3 Spiffy = 1 Distinguished, and 2 Distinguished = 1 Elegant. This would make it so that it doesn't take multiple years for a single Elegant. It also makes it so that you can still work for your Elegants and not get bored and give up. It'd also take long enough that Elegants don't just get spammed out constantly. Very few people will even collect all 4 drops for the week compared to those not being able to collect all 4 drops. And no, the Elegants wouldn't become overcrowded as long as nobody idles multiple accounts. 3: I'm not entirely sure where I stand on the whole 'items = money' thing yet... I just know that the Steam Market is free enough to be able to break the system with ease... That scares me... But I do think that items should be able to be sold for money! Whether it be via the Steam Market or an ingame store run by Klei! I could care less either way... I would use either one if I actually had the money! Hopefully that's short enough and proves the points I'm trying to make well enough!
  9. Like I said, to make it equal for both those without money and those with money Klei'd have to get rid of rarities... But in this case, no... It'd take months before people get any Elegant let alone 10 or 30 which would be considered "too much" For there to be THAT many Elegants it'd take years! As for the headslot items... Yes, people have different wants and desires for different items... At first everyone's going to want mad scientist Wilson just because it's new! but then as hype dies down people'll be going for the ones they want most! I myself probably will prefer GoH Wilson over Mad Scientist Wilson. And I'm not against the Steam Market I just see so many flaws with how manipulable it can be by the community... I myself don't even think anybody in the Klei community would jump to do that... But the same people who idled for items in TF2 and ran the value of refined metal WAY down will catch on and start doing it to DST aswell... and they'll get the same TF2 keys as they did before! A few added steps but it's been made simple for them... Especially with the fact that they can very easily make their own 'idle' servers. I myself wish steam market was a thing for DST! I'm just scared that it'll be taken advantage of... Trading however, will still be a thing! If this randomized pool is a thing then people will be out wanting to trade for those items that aren't out for sale that week! and they'll be offering more than what it costs to get them through the Trade Inn. and in some cases people will be wanting to trade downwards as well.
  10. Klei is not trying to make money off of this... They are trying to reward people for how much they've played! People who don't have time to play would rather just spend cash for those high tier items. Klei's trying to implement a way to fix that as well as get rid of all the duplicate lower tier items! Also, this is a very friendly community, I highly recommend you reword what you said because it could get reported fairly quickly and your two cents can't be viewed by anyone anymore... Please try and be productive and friendly to everyone, including Klei!
  11. *complains about not wanting to read a bunch* *releases a wall of text* *is hypocrite* *NO REGRETS!* I've been thinking about it a bit recently and the way I see it is nothing's going to be 'fair for everybody' unless the super rare stuff... Wasn't super rare anymore! *shrugs* I'm not saying to change the rate at which things drop... I'm stating facts outright... It's the truth and we can't change that without angering some people... Namely the ones who've spent tons of cash for those rare items... I think if we want a good system that tries to be fair (Isn't going to be but it'd be close.) then we want it where all items can either be bought or worked for through time and effort! (Hopefully said time isn't 32 years... For a single Elegant...) Now... I know Klei doesn't exactly like the idea of putting Elegants out on the Trade Inn... But what if there was a select pool of Distinguisheds and Elegants that randomized every single week? I would love that! But... 9 of the former for the later is kind of ridiculous... Even at 9 common that's more than 2 weeks for a single Classy if you had bad drops constantly... Maybe 5 Common for a Classy and scale down each rarity up... so then it'd be 4 Classy = 1 Spiffy, 3 Spiffy = 1 Distinguished, and 2 Distinguished = 1 Elegant. Now doing the math... If one were to ONLY receive common drops (Which we don't.) it would take 30 weeks or 7-8 months to work up to a single Elegant... That's STILL an absolutely INSANE amount! BUT... We actually do have the grace of finding on average 1 Classy per week or 2 and the Spiffy here and there and even Distinguisheds from time to time which would lower that dramatically! If you're lucky you could work your way to an Elegant in a month of playing DST! Granted that's still a LOT of time if you're trying to get every single one of them *cough cough* but it might just work... Another thing I'd like to see implemented would be the ability to 'Trade Inn' 2 commons for a single other common... Just in case people are looking for a specific common and don't want to go searching! Now as for marketability... This can either be REALLY good or REALLY bad... On the bright side: Hey! People who don't have time can just buy their items here on the market! yay!..... But then there's a dark side... This could get way out of hand and really fast too... And by that I mean Distinguisheds will become rarer than Elegants. If idlers catch on to the system and decide "Hey, I can just idle on 20 accounts and turn every single drop I get up into Elegants and sell those on the market so I get lots and lots of money!" Why is that bad? Well for 1 people are freeloading money off of Klei's game and for 2 they are going to be inflating those Elegants and burning out everything else just so they can sell those high priced items on the market... Soon Elegants would become very common and probably drop below the price of the Spiffies! That's... not exactly a good thing... An alternate approach would be to just sell the items for a set price in an alternate section in the Trade Inn and not even open up to the market... Then people won't be tempted to nab cash as much! People shouldn't be here to play DST to make money... They should be here to have fun and look stylish while doing so! And ontop of that.... Klei makes some real cash (Not the couple of pennies the steam market would earn them.) to make even more content for us! I know Klei said they wouldn't be doing micro-transactions but they also said they'd never make a multiplayer Don't Starve. In my general opinion, to make it fair for all without running into a bunch of issues... Make it so that people can work for items as well as pay for them! But stay away from the market at the same time... Unless of course you (Klei) are willing to take the risk... In the end... I really don't see a problem with playing the game for 1-3 months (depending on luck) for a single elegant item. (I mean... If you're lucky enough you could end up just finding an Elegant ) Nor do I see a problem with making a micro-transaction store if there is opportunity of getting every item being sold for free! Now, I can see where this can start to look like one of those mobile games... "Pay if you don't want to wait!" But that's exactly what the best idea I can think of is! Then we don't even have the problem of the community going out there and setting their own prices or taking advantage of the ill informed because the prices will all be right there in the Trade Inn set by Klei themselves! I do however hope that more ways to earn items would get added later on... Like a gambling system (not with money but with items you've collected) or even missions or something.. c: Also, for those of you thinking that it's a very bad idea to do this due to the fact that people will all end up looking too similar... Klei's going to release a lot more headslot items in the future... Some people will lean towards 1 type while others will lean towards another! Does anyone agree with me? Does anybody find any faults in this system? I myself think it's very good for pretty much everybody except for those wanting to make cash off of DST... Which isn't the point of DST... Let me know your views on it! c: EDIT: Just thought of something... There could be a problem with these "supposed to be uncommon" items becoming too common if people are all trading up to them or buying them... (even with the random item pool thing) I don't know how that'd be fixed but I mean... If Klei implements this system then nobody will really trade with each other unless it's cross game trades!
  12. Could somebody who's been keeping up provide a short summary of the more important things stated from the last 3 pages for me?
  13. Let me give you a basic example real fast. Let's say there were 2 rarities 1 was a 99% chance to get and 1 was a 1% chance to get. Due to the fact that it's random you'll be getting way more of the 99% then the 1% the 99% WILL INFLATE no matter what you do! overtime even with the current system commons are going to continue to inflate because of how rare all the rare items are! I'm beginning to think that even Classies are below 20% chance... and that's just no good for the commons because they'll just become more and more common overtime! currently the ratio between commons and GOHs are ok but in a years time the ratio will more than likely be multiplied by 10! and it'd be 20 times worse if idlers come around... :L
  14. You seem to be missing the point... If inflation occurs then those common items that you get ALL THE TIME will be worthless! Extending the time it takes to get the better items...
  15. I don't have anything higher than a spiffy tier right now. You're argument is invalid. I'm being tough and sucking it up! I'm a little buttercup. c: It's not that I have leverage it's that it currently still is possible to make trades and get profit to get more items. I don't want to lose that...
  16. Yeah! exactly what happened to Team Fortress 2... It used to take a week or so to get a key and now it takes MONTHS to get to a key from scratch... and it's even harder due to stupid online websites like the scrapbanking website.... that website ended all quick profiting and now it's physically impossible to go from nothing to a key in a short amount of time without using money... and well a single key isn't enough for almost anything... you said yourself! 10 keys for a GOH because people are abusing others' hopes and desires, right? Nobody knows the real price so they just skyrocket the price right up there so nobody can get it unless they have cash... and those who REALLY want it REALLY badly will throw the cash... It's not right... It's not fair... That is what I hate about ALL trading economies... "Can't have that item unless you have cash! Why not trade up?" *tries to trade up... doesn't make anything... hollow promise was hollow...*
  17. Well a few things... Not many people want every single item but I do... And if trading is going to be made stupidly hard I won't get a single GOH let alone all of them! and I never EVER said that it'd break the game... The game is there to stay! I'm worried for the economy... That is breakable and once it's broken there's no fixing it! ok, sure let's say Klei goes ahead with this idea and idlers show up and start making money just by doing nothing (yes, absolutely NOTHING for money) and Klei gets the wee little teeny tiny 5% bonus from each of their transactions... ($500 of transactions only gets them a measly $25... I don't see where this allows them to make us more content? They really aren't making much cash off of the market at all... and Steam is making just the same amount as them off of their own game!) What's going to happen is commons will become SO common that trading up doesn't even exist anymore! I want to trade and make a profit to get all the items! But I won't be able to if everything is inflated! and oh boy would I pay for the skins if I could... but I can't... it's not that I don't WANT to pay... it's that I CAN'T pay... See the difference?
  18. Plus the fact that the DST playing community is nowhere near as large as TF2's means that it'll only inflate FASTER. If inflation begins to be a problem then it's game over for the DST economy.
  19. Like I said, not really up for that idea and don't know how it would really play out... I'm really more for the first 2 options I stated. Keep it the way it is and scrap the Trade Inn idea entirely or put every single item into the Trade Inn but evenly matched against the droprates... Otherwise the Trade Inn never gets used outside of burning commons out so they don't start to inflate... And seriously never ever introduce the steam market! there have already been several people who've gotten several accounts specifically for idling so they could make money off of the game. People won't think twice about buying 20 copies of the game to make the money back within a week. and then just have a steady income for a few weeks as they inflate the crap out of the more common items so far to the point that it then becomes impossible to get the rare items. and ontop of that.... the rare items then begin to inflate and become cheaper and cheaper then they aren't special anymore, nobody can trade for them, you can only buy them... then the DST economy just sucks and nobody'll like it anymore.
  20. Now, see the problem with this is that Klei would have to set a price for and SELL every single one of their items! Otherwise items that aren't being sold will dwindle in value making them worthless.... Like... say they ended up only selling Distinguisheds and Elegants.... well everything else would be so devalued by that point that nobody would ever want common to spiffy and you'd HAVE to buy the elegants and distinguisheds that you want... Then we've got it unfair for 1 side again! We want it fair for those who have time ASWELL as those who have money, right? Set up proper prices and anybody will easily be able to trade up as well as anybody easily being able to pay for the items! simple as that. (well, I mean probably not easy if you're trading for the rare items... but easy enough that it isn't impossible!)
  21. I didn't read absolutely everything in this thread but I did read quite a lot of it! So I'm sorry if I repeat something somebody else said... The way I see it, if the Trade Inn can't allow you access to every single item then there shouldn't be a Trade Inn at all period. Because whether or not items get marketable non-TradeInn items' prices will STILL skyrocket to the point where nobody can get them unless they find a lucky drop. This is going to make it terrible for anyone who wants to get these better items! If not marketable people will just skyrocket the prices to above a CS:GO knife or even a high tier TF2 unusual and they'll want keys... A lot of keys... Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a TF2 key by trading now adays? That economy is broken all to heck and it all started the day the F2P update was released... It used to be simple: Play the game some, get your items, trade up a little here and there, OH LOOK! I've got 2 refined metal now! I can buy one of those key thingies... NOW it's like what? 20 refined for a key? I haven't checked lately because I completely gave up on TF2... Speaking of keys... Do you know why they are 20 refined? Because of idlers... Dirty filthy idlers! I'm not talking about the common DSTer that goes and idles their 4 skins for the week... I'm talking about the horrid people that go out and get about 10 accounts to idle out their items so they can get the good stuff... and once they get the good stuff they straight up sell it for money as fast as possible... They abuse the system as well as peoples' wants and desires! As soon as you give any sort of monetary value to your items then all you'll get are idlers and that will wreck the economy faster than you can say some word that'll take you 2 weeks to say.... Ontop of that, the fact that you are trading 9 whole commons for a classy is insanity! o_o With the current droprates of the items you'd be better off getting the classy you're wanting by waiting for it to drop or just buying it dirt cheap off of somebody who's wanting to trade it... They sure as heck aren't getting 9 commons for their single classy! and they won't want to throw it along with 8 other classies away into a single spiffy... Again... droprates are so common with even spiffies that they aren't worth 9 classies and especially not 81 commons... See how fast that added up on itself? In conclusion... (ok, maybe not... just realized this is at half rant...) Items are going to need to be ALL worthless (even if they are hyper rare) or you're going to run into a lot of problems... The way it is now... All items have no monetary value and are technically worthless. Sure some people think "Oh, I can go sell this for a key or 2!" and they get away with it... but they don't have reason to go much higher and they won't even find that many buyers... If every single item gets put into the Trade Inn in a way that is fair matching it against drop rates then all items become completely deprived of value and you will never run into any problems with idlers or people running the prices way up. So we've got a few choices: 1: Keep everything the way it is now and never change it at all. 2: Never put anything on the steam market and put everything into the Trade Inn. Why no Steam market? As said before, the idlers will take the cake as soon as you flaunt it! And they won't even stop to think it's a lie. Unless... (I'm not sure how this would work out but) if the Trade Inn became an ingame store just like TF2's Mann Co. and Klei was able to set prices for each and every one of their items (Klei being a nice company that doesn't money hoard would lead to a very cheap store.) They'd then be able to put items out on the Steam Market and people would be restricted to selling their items for LESS than the Trade Inn's prices... Leading to a fair market! Also leading to far less idlers... Sure some idlers will arise but not as many! Now, I'm not saying the above HAS to be done... These are only recommendations ^ I do appreciate the work that the devs have put into the skins and drop rates thus far... but I'm really worried something horrible will happen making it so hard to get items that I'll just give up on my goal to get every single one... I'm a completionist, dangit! I really don't care about making a profit or nabbing a few quick bucks off of items, I just want the items! And if they all end up costing insane amounts of cash then I won't really enjoy the trading system anymore and then when you find people on a server wearing these $300 items... Flaunting them about... Well it just adds insult to injury! I know I've talked about things @JoeW has stated that Klei will work on changing before the release of the Trade Inn but I'm just sharing my input where I see fit! Also, Klei, PLEASE know that as soon as you release any sort of update to help add some control to your game's economy. The community will adapt to the changes very quickly even so to the point where there might not even be a way to undo it... Just be careful... END RANT
  22. How does one post a status update with this new forums update? It's confusing me! >.<

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  23. "I'll massage my trembling sphincter to calm it down from the sunglasses that were violently thrown at it via furious headbanging to poker face" - Fid, 2k15

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