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  1. Ban Pyro for deafening everyone both in the call and in this thread >.<
  2. Ban Mobbstar for misspelling my name and then speaking of a boring timeperiod whilst being ninja'd
  3. Ban Soto for being double ninja'd after trying to ban himself for double posting
  4. Ban Asp for getting a handmedown ninja Ban Soto for getting sweet revenge T-T
  5. Ban Soto for being ninja'd by me! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ban Mobbstar for ninjaing a ninja >.<
  6. Ban LadyD for wanting to know what's behind my avatar! o_o
  7. Ban L for not reading the context in the boof chat that left Maroon crying tears of laughter in the middle of study hall o_o
  8. Ban L for not stopping Asparagus and I from having a child in front of Loops last night o_o
  9. Ban LadyD for being a forum-memberist moderator o_o
  10. Ban Soto for joining the "spell Fid's name incorrectly" trend! D:
  11. Ban LadyD because I never mentioned your steam! I didn't even know you had one! o_o
  12. Ban GiddyGuy for not realizing that ">_>" is perfect reason enough...
  13. Ban L for not noticing that it did not raise my ego because of how horribly he spelled my name ;-;
  14. Ban GiddyGuy for thinking they could get away with calling a man "pretty" O_o
  15. Ban Asp because he doesn't realize I can sell it for working my way towards survivor stuffs!
  16. Ban all of you because I legit found a GoH Wes yesterday!