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  1. After much playtesting a buff has been released to better balance Daniel!

    Claimed Souls are now more common.
    Giant Claimed Souls are now slightly more rare.
    Claimed Souls can now be "freed" by Jerry.
    Claimed Souls now have a little more health (from 200 to 250) and deal more damage.
    Giant Claimed Souls now have a lot more health (from 800 to 1000) and deal a lot more damage.
    All Claimed Souls now do a slight bit more damage during the day. (from 50% damage to 60%)
    When a Claimed Soul dies Daniel loses 15 tiredness.
    When a Giant Claimed Souls dies Daniel loses 50 tiredness.
    When Daniel is in the caves his tiredness gain is now the same as if it was dusk 24/7 rather than night 24/7.
    Breezy Roll now costs 6 silk rather than 8.
    Puffy Roll now costs 10 silk rather than 12.
    Breezy Roll insulation lowered.
    Puffy Roll insulation increased.

    Enjoy! ^w^

  2. Just a little boop to let everyone know that Daniel had an update yesterday addressing a few of the bugs and the crash that came about from the most recent skins update!


    Fixed crash that was caused by using a sleeping bag.
    Fixed bug that caused the Trunk Rolls to not show their proper anim when sleeping.
    Fixed tiredness meter not draining properly when sleeping in a Tent or Siesta.
    Sleeping in a Tent or Siesta now does added drainage to the tiredness meter. (not as much as the Trunk Rolls but more than the regular bedrolls)


    Daniel's all better and ready to play with again! ^-^

  3. 2 hours ago, Teen1dol said:

    I just tried logging in and my game won't even start up. I get the "stack overflow Lua error" messages, and my game closes or return to the main menu. My only saved server had the Crash Bandicoot skin mod - YcH1tQ4.png?1


    2 hours ago, PeterA said:

    Thanks for the report guys, we'll have a hotfix out for that mod character crash issue asap!

    Nothing wrong with the game code! Mod characters just need to make a [charactername]_none.lua file and add it to the prefab table in the modmain. ;)

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