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  1. 10 minutes ago, GiddyGuy said:

    Oh!...I don't really care about those but to each their own.

    Sorry the hype's getting to me I'm making a lot of mistakes but yeah I kind of agree it's kind of sad how some people can't get those shirt skins because of money issues.

    And I thought you could get the crabbit plushie from the pax booth.

    Hmmm... From the looks of it these PAX skins might be tradeable.... Which would be fair in my opinion! A limited time item that costs money but STILL IS TRADEABLE is still an item that can be obtained by all! However, I feel like the rarity on them should be changed from Spiffy to Event and then given out to anybody who shows up to any of Klei's PAX panels from now to the end of time... idk just my opinion I guess

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  2. I'll be updating this thread with new quotes each time the game updates so as to make updating speech files easier!
    (These will all be Wilson's quotes BTW)


    A New Reign: East Or West, Base Is Best


    Alongside other announcements:
        ANNOUNCE_DIG_DISEASE_WARNING = "It looks better already.",
        ANNOUNCE_PICK_DISEASE_WARNING = "Uh, is it supposed to smell like that?",


    add this to your DESCRIBE table:
            MOONROCKCRATER = "I should stick something shiny in it. For research.",
            REDMOONEYE = "It can see and be seen for miles!",
            PURPLEMOONEYE = "Makes a good marker, but I wish it'd stop looking at me.",
            GREENMOONEYE = "That'll keep a watchful eye on the place.",
            ORANGEMOONEYE = "No one could get lost with that thing looking out for them.",
            YELLOWMOONEYE = "That ought to show everyone the way.",
            BLUEMOONEYE = "It's always smart to keep an eye out.",
            SENTRYWARD = "That's an entirely scientific mapping tool.",


    A New Reign: A Little Fixer Upper


    add this to your ACTIONFAIL table:
            REPAIR =
                WRONGPIECE = "I don't think that was right.",


    add this to ACTIONFAIL.GIVE:
                NOTGEM = "I'm not sticking that in there!",
                WRONGGEM = "This gem won't work here.",
                NOTSTAFF = "It's not quite the right shape.",


    add this to ACTIONFAIL.TEACH:
                WRONGWORLD = "This map was made for some other place.",


    and add all this to DESCRIBE:
            MOONBASE =
                GENERIC = "There's a hole in the middle for something to go in.",
                BROKEN = "It's all smashed up.",
                STAFFED = "Now what?",
                WRONGSTAFF = "I have a distinct feeling this isn't right.",
            OPALSTAFF = "It's scientifically proven that gems look better on top of sticks.",
            OPALPRECIOUSGEM = "This gem seems special.",
            STAFFCOLDLIGHT = "Brr! Chilling.",
            CARTOGRAPHYDESK = 
                GENERIC = "Now I can show everyone what I found!",
                BURNING = "So much for that.",
                BURNT = "Nothing but ash now.",
            FEATHERPENCIL = "The feather increases the scientific properties of the writing.",
            MAPSCROLL = "A blank map. Doesn't seem very useful.",
            SCULPTURE_KNIGHTHEAD = "Where's the rest of it?",
                COVERED = "It's an odd marble statue.",
                UNCOVERED = "I guess he cracked under the pressure.",
                FINISHED = "At least it's back in one piece now.",
            SCULPTURE_BISHOPHEAD = "Is that a head?",
                COVERED = "It looks old, but it feels new.",
                UNCOVERED = "There's a big piece missing.",
                FINISHED = "Now what?",
            SCULPTURE_ROOKNOSE = "Where did this come from?",
                COVERED = "It's some sort of marble statue.",
                UNCOVERED = "It's not in the best shape.",
                FINISHED = "All patched up.",
            GARGOYLE_HOUND = "It looks very lifelike.",
            GARGOYLE_WEREPIG = "It looks very lifelike.",
            STAGEHAND =
                AWAKE = "Just keep your hand to yourself, alright?",
                HIDING = "Something's odd here, but I can't put my finger on it.",
            STATUE_MARBLE = "It's a fancy marble statue.",
            ENDTABLE = 
                BURNT = "This is why we can't have nice things.",
                GENERIC = "A flower in a vase on a table.",



    A New Reign: Warts And All


    Alongside other announcements:
        ANNOUNCE_TOADESCAPING = "The toad is losing interest.",
        ANNOUNCE_TOADESCAPED = "The toad got away.",


    and add all this to DESCRIBE:
            MOONROCK_PIECES = "I could probably break that.",
            MUSHROOMHAT = "Makes the wearer look like a fun guy.",
            MUSHROOM_LIGHT2 =
                ON = "Blue is obviously the most scientific color.",
                OFF = "We could make a prime light source with some primary colors.",
                BURNT = "I didn't mildew it, I swear.",
            MUSHROOM_LIGHT =
                ON = "Science makes it light up.",
                OFF = "It's a big, science-y 'shroom.",
                BURNT = "Comboletely burnt.",
            MUSHROOMBOMB = "A mushroom cloud in the making!",
            SHROOM_SKIN = "Warts and all!",
            TOADSTOOL_CAP =
                EMPTY = "Just a hole in the ground.",
                INGROUND = "There's something poking out.",
                GENERIC = "That toadstool's just asking to be cut down.",
            TOADSTOOL =
                GENERIC = "Yeesh! I'm not kissing that!",
                RAGE = "He's hopping mad now!",
            MUSHROOMSPROUT =
                GENERIC = "How scientific!",
                BURNT = "How im-morel!",
            BLOWDART_YELLOW = "It has shocking accuracy.",
            CANARY =
                GENERIC = "Some sort of yellow creature made of science.",
                HELD = "I'm not squishing you, am I?",
                HAMMERED = "I don't think it's supposed to look like that.",
                GENERIC = "Produces a lot of heat, but not much light.", --no gems
                NORMAL = "Is it winking at me?", --one gem
                HIGH = "It's scalding!", --two gems
            FEATHER_CANARY = "A canary feather.",
            SCARECROW = 
                GENERIC = "All dressed up and no where to crow.",
                BURNING = "Someone made that strawman eat crow.",
                BURNT = "Someone MURDERed that scarecrow!",
            STATUE_MARBLE = 
                GENERIC = "It's a fancy marble statue.",
                TYPE1 = "Don't lose your head now!",
                TYPE2 = "Statuesque.",
                --TYPE3 = "",
    Add to BLUEPRINT:
            BLUEPRINT = 
                COMMON = "It's scientific!",
                RARE = "It's REALLY scientific!",
                READY = "Something's moving inside.",

                READY = "Something's moving inside.",

                READY = "Something's moving inside.",


    A New Reign: Arts and Crafts


    Add these to ACTIONFAIL.GIVE:
                MUSHROOMFARM_NEEDSSHROOM = "A mushroom would probably be of more use.",
                MUSHROOMFARM_NEEDSLOG = "A log would probably be of more use.",
                SLOTFULL = "We already put something there.",
                DUPLICATE = "We already know that one.",
                NOTSCULPTABLE = "Not even science could make that into a sculpture."


    Add these to DESCRIBE:
            MOONDIAL = 
                GENERIC = "Water amplifies the science, allowing us to measure the moon.",
                NIGHT_NEW = "It's a new moon.",
                NIGHT_WAX = "The moon is waxing.",
                NIGHT_FULL = "It's a full moon.",
                NIGHT_WANE = "The moon is waning.",
                CAVE = "There's no moon down here to measure.",
            MUSHROOM_FARM =
                STUFFED = "That's a lot of mushrooms!",
                LOTS = "The mushrooms have really taken to the log.",
                SOME = "It should keep growing now.",
                EMPTY = "It could use a spore. Or a mushroom transplant.",
                ROTTEN = "I might be able to fix it with a fresh log.",
                BURNT = "The power of science compelled it.",
                SNOWCOVERED = "I don't think it can grow in this cold.",
            SKETCH = "A picture of a sculpture. We'll need somewhere to make it.",
            CHESSPIECE_PAWN = 
                GENERIC = "I can relate.",
            CHESSPIECE_ROOK = 
                GENERIC = "It's even heavier than it looks.",
                STRUGGLE = "The chess pieces are moving themselves!",
            CHESSPIECE_KNIGHT = 
                GENERIC = "It's a horse, of course.",
                STRUGGLE = "The chess pieces are moving themselves!",
            CHESSPIECE_BISHOP = 
                GENERIC = "It's a stone bishop.",
                STRUGGLE = "The chess pieces are moving themselves!",
            CHESSPIECE_MUSE = 
                GENERIC = "Hmm... Looks familiar.",
                STRUGGLE = "Something's coming!!", --This was commented out... Not sure what it means by "Something's coming" though
            CHESSPIECE_FORMAL = 
                GENERIC = "Doesn't seem very \"kingly\" to me.",
                GENERIC = "Makes my stomach rumble just looking at it.",
            CHESSPIECE_PIPE = 
                GENERIC = "That was never really my thing.",
            CANARY_POISONED = "It's probably fine.",
            FOSSIL_PIECE = "Science bones! We should put them back together.",
            FOSSIL_STALKER =
                GENERIC = "Still missing some pieces.",
                FUNNY = "My scientific instincts say this isn't quite right.",
                COMPLETE = "It's alive! Oh wait, no, it's not.",
            SCULPTINGTABLE =
                EMPTY = "We can make stone sculptures with this.",
                BLOCK = "Ready for sculpting.",
                SCULPTURE = "A masterpiece!",
                BURNT = "Burnt right down.",
            SHADOWHEART = "The power of science must have reanimated it...",


            STATUE_MARBLE = 
                GENERIC = "It's a fancy marble statue.",
                TYPE1 = "Don't lose your head now!",
                TYPE2 = "Statuesque.",


    Hallowed Nights


    Alongside other announcements:
            "Huff... Pant...",
            "I should have built... a lifting machine...",
            "Lift... with your back...",
            "This isn't... gentleman's... work...",
            "For... science... oof!",
            "Is this... messing up my hair?",
            "Pant... Pant...",
            "This is the worst... experiment...",


    Add to DESCRIBE:
            TRINKET_28 = "How Machiavellian.", --Rook
            TRINKET_29 = "How Machiavellian.", --Rook
            TRINKET_30 = "Honestly, he just leaves them out wherever.", --Knight
            TRINKET_31 = "Honestly, he just leaves them out wherever.", --Knight
            TRINKET_32 = "I know someone who'd have a ball with this!", --Cubic Zirconia Ball
            TRINKET_33 = "I hope this doesn't attract spiders.", --Spider Ring
            TRINKET_34 = "Let's make a wish. For science.", --Monkey Paw
            TRINKET_35 = "Hard to find a good flask around here.", --Empty Elixir
            TRINKET_36 = "I might need these after all that candy.", --Faux fangs
            TRINKET_37 = "I don't believe in the supernatural.", --Broken Stake
            HALLOWEENCANDY_1 = "The cavities are probably worth it, right?", --Candy Apple
            HALLOWEENCANDY_2 = "What corruption of science grew these?", --Candy Corn
            HALLOWEENCANDY_3 = "It's... corn.", --Not-So-Candy Corn
            HALLOWEENCANDY_4 = "They wriggle on the way down.", --Gummy Spider
            HALLOWEENCANDY_5 = "My teeth are going to have something to say about this tomorrow.", --Catcoon Candy
            HALLOWEENCANDY_6 = "I... don't think I'll be eating those.", --"Raisins"
            HALLOWEENCANDY_7 = "Everyone'll be raisin' a fuss over these.", --Raisins
            HALLOWEENCANDY_8 = "Only a sucker wouldn't love this.", --Ghost Pop
            HALLOWEENCANDY_9 = "Sticks to your teeth.", --Jelly Worm
            HALLOWEENCANDY_10 = "Only a sucker wouldn't love this.", --Tentacle Lolli
            HALLOWEENCANDY_11 = "Much better tasting than the real thing.", --Choco Pigs
            CANDYBAG = "It's some sort of delicious pocket dimension for sugary treats.",


    A New Reign: Cute Fuzzy Animals


    Add this to ACTIONFAIL.BUILD:
                HASPET = "I've already got a pet.",


    Add this to ACTIONFAIL.GIVE:
                GENERIC = "That doesn't go there.",


    Add this to DESCRIBE:
            BEEQUEEN = "Keep that stinger away from me!",
            BEEQUEENHIVE = "It's too sticky to walk on.",
            BEEQUEENHIVEGROWN = "How in science did it get so big?!",
            BEEGUARD = "It's guarding the queen.",
            CRITTERLAB = "Is there something in there?",
            CRITTER_GLOMLING = "What an aerodynamical creature!",
            CRITTER_DRAGONLING = "It's wyrmed its way into my heart.",
            CRITTER_LAMB = "Much less mucusy than its momma.",
            CRITTER_PUPPY = "Pretty cute for a lil monster!",
            CRITTER_KITTEN = "You'd make a good lab assistant.",
            LAVAE_COCOON = "Cooled off and chilled out.",
            MARBLEBEAN = "I traded the old family cow for it.",
            MARBLEBEAN_SAPLING = "It looks carved.",
            MARBLESHRUB = "Makes sense to me.",
            ROYAL_JELLY = "It infuses the eater with the power of science!",
            JELLYBEAN = "One part jelly, one part bean.",
            FENCE = "It's just a wood fence.",
            FENCE_ITEM = "All we need to build a nice, sturdy fence.",
            FENCE_GATE = "It opens. And closes sometimes, too.",
            FENCE_GATE_ITEM = "All we need to build a nice, sturdy gate.",


    Add this to DESCRIBE.MOONBASE:
                MOONSTAFF = "The stone lit it up somehow.",


                BURNING = "It's very much on fire.",


                BURNING = "It's very much on fire.",


    Add this to DESCRIBE.ENDTABLE:
                EMPTY = "I should put something in there.",
                WILTED = "Not looking too fresh.",
                FRESHLIGHT = "It's nice to have a little light.",
                OLDLIGHT = "Did we remember to pick up new bulbs?",


    A New Reign: Herd Mentality


    Inside of ACTIONFAIL:
            DRAW =
                NOIMAGE = "This'd be easier if I had the item in front of me.",
            WRAPBUNDLE =
                EMPTY = "I need to have something to wrap.",

    Alongside other announcements:
        ANNOUNCE_ROYALTY = "Your majesty.",

    Inside of DESCRIBE:
            HIVEHAT = "The world seems less a little crazy when you wear it.",
            MINISIGN =
                GENERIC = "I could draw better than that!",
                UNDRAWN = "We should draw something on there.",
            MINISIGN_ITEM = "It's not much use like this. We should place it.",
            BEESWAX = "Beeswax is a scientifically proven preservative!",
            DEER = 
                GENERIC = "Is it staring at me? ...No, maybe not.",
                ANTLER = "What an impressive antler!",
            WAXPAPER = "Some sheets of wax paper.",

               SLEEPING = "Sweet dreams, smelly.",

               GROWING = "Was that there before?",


    Winter's Feast:


    Add these to ACTIONFAIL:
            UNLOCK =
                WRONGKEY = "Whoops! That wasn't right.",
                KLAUS = "I'm a little preoccupied!!",


    Add these alongside other announcements:
        ANNOUNCE_KLAUS_ENRAGE = "There's no way to beat it now!!",
        ANNOUNCE_KLAUS_UNCHAINED = "Its chains came off!",
        ANNOUNCE_KLAUS_CALLFORHELP = "It called for help!",

    ANNOUNCE_ROYALTY is now a table.

    Add this to BATTLECRY:
            DEER = "Die, doe!",


    Add this to DESCRIBE:
            GIFT = "Is that for me?",
            GIFTWRAP = "That's a wrap!",
            BUNDLE = "Our supplies are in there!",
            BUNDLEWRAP = "Wrapping things up should make them easier to carry.",
            DEER_ANTLER = "Was that supposed to come off?",
            DEER_GEMMED = "It's being controlled by that beast!",
            WINTER_TREE =
                BURNT = "That puts a damper on the festivities.",
                BURNING = "That was a mistake, I think.",
                CANDECORATE = "Happy Winter's Feast!",
                YOUNG = "It's almost Winter's Feast!",
            WINTER_TREESTAND = 
                GENERIC = "I need a pine cone for that.",
                BURNT = "That puts a damper on the festivities.",
            WINTER_ORNAMENT = "Every scientist appreciates a good bauble.",
            WINTER_ORNAMENTLIGHT = "A tree's not complete without some electricity.",
            WINTER_ORNAMENTBOSS = "This one is especially impressive.",

            WINTER_FOOD1 = "The anatomy's not right, but I'll overlook it.", --gingerbread cookie
            WINTER_FOOD2 = "I'm going to eat forty. For science.", --sugar cookie
            WINTER_FOOD3 = "A Yuletide toothache waiting to happen.", --candy cane
            WINTER_FOOD4 = "That experiment may have been a tiny bit unethical.", --fruitcake
            WINTER_FOOD5 = "It's nice to eat something other than berries for once.", --yule log cake
            WINTER_FOOD6 = "I'm puddin' that straight in my mouth!", --plum pudding
            WINTER_FOOD7 = "It's a hollowed apple filled with yummy juice.", --apple cider
            WINTER_FOOD8 = "How does it stay warm? A thermodynamical mug?", --hot cocoa
            WINTER_FOOD9 = "Can science explain why it tastes so good?", --eggnog

            KLAUS = "What on earth is that thing!",
            KLAUS_SACK = "We should definitely open that.",
            KLAUSSACKKEY = "It's really fancy for a deer antler.",


    Year of the Gobbler:


    Add to DESCRIBE:
            CRITTER_PERDLING = "My feathered friend.",
            DRAGONHEADHAT = "So who gets to be the head?",
            DRAGONBODYHAT = "I'm middling on this middle piece.",
            DRAGONTAILHAT = "Someone has to bring up the rear.",
            PERDSHRINE =
                GENERIC = "I feel like it wants something.",
                EMPTY = "I've got to plant something there.",
                BURNT = "That won't do at all.",
            REDLANTERN = "This lantern feels more special than the others.",
            LUCKY_GOLDNUGGET = "What a lucky find!",
            FIRECRACKERS = "Filled with explosion science!",
            PERDFAN = "It's inordinately large.",
            REDPOUCH = "Is there something inside that?",


    A New Reign: Against the Grain:


    Alongside other announcements:
        ANNOUNCE_CAVEIN = "The ceiling is destabilizing!",
        ANNOUNCE_ANTLION_SINKHOLE = "The ground is destabilizing!",
            "Allow me to pay tribute.",
            "A tribute for you, great Antlion.",
            "That'll appease it, for now...",
        ANNOUNCE_TOWNPORTALTELEPORT = "I'm not sure that was science.",


    Add to DESCRIBE:
            ANTLION = 
                GENERIC = "It wants something from me.",
                VERYHAPPY = "I think we're on good terms.",
                UNHAPPY = "It looks mad.",
            ANTLIONTRINKET = "Someone might be interested in this.",
            SANDSPIKE = "I could've been skewered!",
            SANDBLOCK = "It's so gritty!",
            GLASSSPIKE = "Memories of the time I wasn't skewered.",
            GLASSBLOCK = "That's science for you.",
            SUCCULENT_POTTED = "A succulent in a pot.",
            SUCCULENT_PLANT = "Aloe there.",
            SUCCULENT_PICKED = "I could eat that, but I'd rather not.",
            TOWNPORTAL =
                GENERIC = "This pyramid controls the sands.",
                ACTIVE = "Ready for departiculation.",
                GENERIC = "A mini departiculator.",
                ACTIVE = "A more sane person would walk.",
            WETPAPER = "I hope it dries off soon.",
            WETPOUCH = "This package is barely holding together.",
            GOGGLESHAT = "What a stylish pair of goggles.",
            DESERTHAT = "Quality eye protection.",
            OASISLAKE = "Is that a mirage?",
            CAVEIN_BOULDER =
                GENERIC = "I think I can lift this one.",
                RAISED = "It's out of reach.",


    A New Reign: Heart of the Ruins:




                NOTATRIUMKEY = "It's not quite the right shape.",
                CANTSHADOWREVIVE = "It won't resurrect.",


    Alongside other announcements:
            "I think it's time to leave!",
            "What's that?!",
            "It's not safe here.",
        ANNOUNCE_RUINS_RESET = "All the monsters came back!",
        ANNOUNCE_SNARED = "Sharp! Sharp bones!!",


    Add to DESCRIBE:
            STALKER = "The skeleton fused with the shadows!",
            STALKER_ATRIUM = "Why'd it have to be so big?",
            STALKER_MINION = "Anklebiters!",
            ATRIUM_RUBBLE = 
                LINE_1 = "It depicts an old civilization. The people look hungry and scared.",
                LINE_2 = "This tablet is too worn to make out.",
                LINE_3 = "Something dark creeps over the city and its people.",
                LINE_4 = "The people are shedding their skins. They look different underneath.",
                LINE_5 = "It shows a massive, technologically advanced city.",
            ATRIUM_STATUE = "It doesn't seem fully real.",
            ATRIUM_LIGHT = 
                ON = "A truly unsettling light.",
                OFF = "Something must power it.",
            ATRIUM_GATE =
                ON = "Back in working order.",
                OFF = "The essential components are still intact.",
                CHARGING = "It's gaining power.",
                DESTABILIZING = "The gateway is destabilizing.",
                COOLDOWN = "It needs time to recover. Me too.",
            ATRIUM_KEY = "There is power emanating from it.",


  3. I'd really LOVE to do full on custom character animations from scratch for my own modding purposes! But the problem is that I need a FULL on list of every single symbol name and their default pivot placement as well as a default image resolution size for said symbol so that when the animation gets used it doesn't make certain pieces of the animation disappear.

    The only mod I know that actually does custom character animations is the dab emote but they fell prey to the missing symbols causing tons of pieces of the character to just disappear whenever the dab emote is played. (such as anything that is equipped, the dress symbol, the beard, etc.)

    But yeah, if somebody can find a way to access a list of all symbol names and pivots and what not (including skin specific symbols) I'd GREATLY appreciate it! ;)