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  1. The lore would not allow! ........however, the ice maker machine sounds like a great idea!
  2. These aren't the final stats (probably will be balanced around) but this is what we're planning with the 4 characters! Wyatt: Health: 140 Hunger: 135 Sanity: 130 hunger drains very slightly slower than normal can eat stale food (but not spoiled food) starts with 20% hunger not as scared of the dark as others water doesn't affect his sanity as harshly as others more resilient to winter less resilient to summer walks faster can make a 4 slot bindle (acts as a backpack that equips to the handslot) can make cheap patches that will act as 1-use sewing kits Wentworth: Health: 160 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 200 monsters don't scare him very easily is able to make different syrums that will manipulate his DNA and morph him giving him characteristics of different animals for a temporary amount of time todo: figure out which animalistic abilities Wentworth will be able to obtain Wren: Health: 150 Hunger: 140 Sanity: 110 terrible at combat can't remember magic recipes can build different machines that do different things needs to keep her machines fueled, cooled, and working. (because they can't get too hot, will run on fuel, and will break down under certain conditions... or just randomly sometimes.) todo: figure out what machines Wren will be able to make Wimbledon: Health: 130 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 150 isn't scared much by night or monsters (because he's oblivious) has a special locket that he keeps with him if he loses his locket he will instantly go insane (as if he were to equip a purple amulet) losing the locket also causes him to continuously lose health until he finds it again equipping the locket makes Wimbledon stronger and faster, however upon unequipping it Wimbledon will lose a bit of sanity
  3. oh... I have a stalker... o_o at least it isn't a dusk stalker................. o_o
  4. Updated again! More rebalancing and a few bugs/crashes have been fixed. v1.2.0 Decreased chances of spawning Claimed Souls when killing a mob with Jerry Greatly increased chances of spawning Claimed Souls when killing a mob after having recently haunted it with Jerry. Made Giant Claimed Souls more rare. Increased the chance of spawning a Claimed Soul from smaller mobs. Decreased the tiredness penalty for having Claimed Souls from 20% permanent tiredness per to 12% per. Decreased the tiredness penalty for having a Giant Claimed Soul from 50% permanent tiredness to 40%. Increased Claimed Souls' movement speed. Claimed Souls now keep distance from all players rather than just the Daniel they are following. Claimed Souls now care when their leading Daniel or followers of their leading Daniel are getting attacked. Blue Claimed Souls no longer turn pink when loading a save. Claimed Souls now properly reward Daniel with lowered tiredness upon their death. Jerry no longer thinks he's in a backpack when he isn't. Fixed crash caused by Jerry thinking he was in a backpack when he was on the ground and said backpack was picked up.
  5. Tee hee, your phrase, I will plagiarize it. Sorry if I didn't notice you talking about the evil butterflies dropping margarine... >_>
  6. It wasn't pertaining to the evil butterflies I don't think... Unless it was and I forgot to put it in the thread or something.. Whoops if that's the case?
  7. After much playtesting a buff has been released to better balance Daniel! v1.1.0 Claimed Souls are now more common. Giant Claimed Souls are now slightly more rare. Claimed Souls can now be "freed" by Jerry. Claimed Souls now have a little more health (from 200 to 250) and deal more damage. Giant Claimed Souls now have a lot more health (from 800 to 1000) and deal a lot more damage. All Claimed Souls now do a slight bit more damage during the day. (from 50% damage to 60%) When a Claimed Soul dies Daniel loses 15 tiredness. When a Giant Claimed Souls dies Daniel loses 50 tiredness. When Daniel is in the caves his tiredness gain is now the same as if it was dusk 24/7 rather than night 24/7. Breezy Roll now costs 6 silk rather than 8. Puffy Roll now costs 10 silk rather than 12. Breezy Roll insulation lowered. Puffy Roll insulation increased. Enjoy! ^w^
  8. Just a little boop to let everyone know that Daniel had an update yesterday addressing a few of the bugs and the crash that came about from the most recent skins update! v1.0.6 Fixed crash that was caused by using a sleeping bag. Fixed bug that caused the Trunk Rolls to not show their proper anim when sleeping. Fixed tiredness meter not draining properly when sleeping in a Tent or Siesta. Sleeping in a Tent or Siesta now does added drainage to the tiredness meter. (not as much as the Trunk Rolls but more than the regular bedrolls) Daniel's all better and ready to play with again! ^-^
  9. Updated OP to make it more organized (Thanks, @Chris1488) and added a few things. (check Solar Eclipse and Hardmode)
  10. I thought for a second that this said that I was lovely... Imagine my reaction when I realized that it was the bug that was lovely and not me... xD
  11. Just updated Daniel! v1.0.4 Fixed characters not examining Jerry properly. Fixed a few mistakes in Daniel's dialogue. Lowered the volume of Daniel's and Jerry's voices. (He *SHOULD* be 100% done now! )
  12. This is still a thing.... Just finishing up a few prior mods first
  13. heh... don't mean to brag or nothin' but uh.... these are the only ones I still have to get: (inventory as proof: )
  14. Nothing wrong with the game code! Mod characters just need to make a [charactername]_none.lua file and add it to the prefab table in the modmain.
  15. watchadoooing.png

    watcha doooooing on my profile, JoeW? O__O

    I didn't do anything wrong... I swear! o_o

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  16. I fully agree with everything here! I don't have much of anything to add on to it really. *cough* except adding in an official function for mod character to add their own GoH/Survivor/Triumphant skins but whatever I can wait for that *cough*
  17. Mod now has a name! I've also gotten rid of Wallace and Waverly from the character list (sorry about that... I'd rather have new characters so that if Klei were to ever decide to implement Wallace or Waverly themselves then they'd be able to ^-^) Instead of Wallace there will be Wentworth. (with the same powerset I had planned for Wallace) Instead of Waverly I'll drop the witch idea and make 2 different characters: Wren, The Mechanic and Wimbledon, The Simpleton
  18. I love the quotes but wouldn't Wicker say "An arachnid clockwork"? I'd love help with concept ideas/sketches! I've been thinking the past few days and I think maybe for consistency and quality I'm going to keep the actual development team down to 3 people... I'll see where it goes from there. dat gibus doe
  19. UPDATED THREAD: named the 3 unnamed giants and added some concept art!
  20. there's also quoting, naming, descriptions, balancing, playtesting, and idea making! O__O
  21. d'awww... don't worry, you'll get good with practice! ;P