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  1. woot woot! same amount of posts as rep! I'm feelin' good B)


  2. it's me and @Asparagus throwing our dignity into the fire!!! (open the image in a new tab to be able to zoom in on it)
  3. Ban L because the letter L in his name reminds me of the word "long" with no context what so ever.
  4. Ban Blew because I'm not permitted under the rules of his thread to tell him what happened between A and B o_o
  5. Ban LadyD because I'm feeling more and more motivated to make AspaD my OTP O__O
  6. Ban LadyD for disagreeing with freedom of speech o_o
  7. Ban Pit for not coming up with a creative reason to ban G
  8. Ban G for banning Piturca for banning L for banning G thereby making G ban themself o_o
  9. Ban LadyD for being so shippable with Asparagus o_o
  10. TFW a friend tells you to photoshop a Pig Benis o_o


    1. Dudedude


      It's beautiful

    2. Asparagus


      My O__O face... you will loose 5005 arbitrary points O__O

  11. Ban LadyD because o's are REALLY important in life! o_o You can't just get by without o's because then things get really messed up, yknow?
  12. Ban Pit because they should ignore when somebody bans them if they really truly are wanting a break o_o
  13. Ban WaddleDee because that bad pun was so horrible that it woke me up 2 hours after I had gone to sleep o_o
  14. Ban LadyD for not giving me enough o's and giving Noot too many o's ;-;
  15. ban both of you because you guys know noot's many aliases o_o ban me for getting double ninja'd ;-;
  16. Ban nootnoot* because I'm usually angry when people don't put ENOUGH o's in my name! o_o