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  1. Just a little boop to let everyone know that Daniel had an update yesterday addressing a few of the bugs and the crash that came about from the most recent skins update! v1.0.6 Fixed crash that was caused by using a sleeping bag. Fixed bug that caused the Trunk Rolls to not show their proper anim when sleeping. Fixed tiredness meter not draining properly when sleeping in a Tent or Siesta. Sleeping in a Tent or Siesta now does added drainage to the tiredness meter. (not as much as the Trunk Rolls but more than the regular bedrolls) Daniel's all better and ready to play with again! ^-^
  2. I thought for a second that this said that I was lovely... Imagine my reaction when I realized that it was the bug that was lovely and not me... xD
  3. Just updated Daniel! v1.0.4 Fixed characters not examining Jerry properly. Fixed a few mistakes in Daniel's dialogue. Lowered the volume of Daniel's and Jerry's voices. (He *SHOULD* be 100% done now! )
  4. heh... don't mean to brag or nothin' but uh.... these are the only ones I still have to get: (inventory as proof: )
  5. Nothing wrong with the game code! Mod characters just need to make a [charactername]_none.lua file and add it to the prefab table in the modmain.
  6. watchadoooing.png

    watcha doooooing on my profile, JoeW? O__O

    I didn't do anything wrong... I swear! o_o

    1. JoeW


      *JoeW will remember that*

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      *Eats one cookie and gives it back to JoeW*

      *Oops! The cookies jar is empty*

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  7. I fully agree with everything here! I don't have much of anything to add on to it really. *cough* except adding in an official function for mod character to add their own GoH/Survivor/Triumphant skins but whatever I can wait for that *cough*
  8. \ o_o / EDIT: my profile picture GIF (>__>) fits with this song perfectly xD
  9. meeeeeee pleeeease *been in line for a long time and people keep getting to budge ;-; * you know what I look like O__O
  10. No thanks... I think Wendy'll just take her restaurant back
  11. woh dat rep doe.png

    ( ͡JA ͜ʖ ͡VE)

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      ( ͡JA ͜ʖ ͡VE)

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  12. Ban all of you for banning each other too much O__O
  13. Ban Giddy for not banning G for trying to take Ysul from DMage because the romantic action between the 2 are just too awesome O__O
  14. Ban Giddy for not banning G for using foul language in Klei-land o_o
  15. I put on a new banner o_o

  16. I has lots of likes! YAY!.png

    ahhh look at dem likes doe! that number has a lot of syllables O.o

  17. Ban DragonMage for thinking "ass" is a swear o_o *insert link to Domic's "butts" video* also ban G for ninja-ing me D:
  18. Ban Asparagus for helping me make this thread O__O *cough cough* self promotion *cough*
  19. It's time to finally show what's been underneath my censored profile picture this whole time O__O

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      Reported for inappropriate content.

  20. Ban Piturca because I have a bunch of images of Asparagus in my computer now and I don't know why O__O