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  1. With Toadstool being a new caves giant we've decided to dump the Grizzly Bat idea... (Sorry, but we don't want to end up having more than 5 giants per world :C)
  2. OMG I'M LEET!!! o_o


    1. ImDaMisterL


      You asked me to unlike 2 of your posts for that?

      . _.

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      worth it :3

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      So me liking those here broke your Fibonacci-like harmony?


  3. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THE RELIEF!!!!!! The PAX specific items are actually being sold on the market WHEW *wipes sweat from brow* You see, I'm COMPLETELY fine with items that are limited time AND cost money... as long as they keep a tradeable/marketable status... Otherwise I'm ruined O__O me rn:
  5. It's a big deal for me because I'm a skin completionist >_< TBH idek if anybody's got as many unique skin items as I do currently... There might be a few people but idk...
  6. Hmmm... From the looks of it these PAX skins might be tradeable.... Which would be fair in my opinion! A limited time item that costs money but STILL IS TRADEABLE is still an item that can be obtained by all! However, I feel like the rarity on them should be changed from Spiffy to Event and then given out to anybody who shows up to any of Klei's PAX panels from now to the end of time... idk just my opinion I guess
  7. TBH the way I see it is that loyal skins should be given out this way: 1: The loyal is free and available forever ( loyals do that currently) 2: The loyal costs money but it is available forever (like the RoG gift) 3: The loyal is free but only available for a limited amount of time (shadow torch, bottomless pit, etc.) 4: NEVER EVER HAVE A LIMITED TIME LOYAL THAT COSTS MONEY In my opinion all skins should be obtainable by everybody! And if there's a loyal being given out to people who went to PAX then that just isn't fair in the slightest because 1: Not everybody has money to throw away on going to PAX... I'd love to go to PAX! Hell, I'd go to every single PAX event I possibly could! But I don't have the money for it 2: It's then a limited time thing that nobody can ever obtain ever again and it won't be tradeable... All in all loyals being given out at PAX panels just makes me feel bad for not having money to go to PAX >_>
  8. "Hello everyone, it's me again! Guess what time it is! It's time to release the design for a new character, Wimbledon!" - @Dudedude
  9. *leaves for a few hours* ... *comes back* SHUT UP AND TAKE MY LIKES! ALL OF YOU! There'll be different types of Genocidium based on what giants are used to make it. All will act differently but killing any one of them would result in entering hardmode! Now don't go thinking "oh no there's going to be 500 different types of Genocidium!" because there isn't.. Right now there will only be 1 based on the overworld giants (Deerclops, Goose/Goose, DragonFly, Bearger, and Malleus) and 1 based on the cave giants (Ancient Guardian, Salamantis, Lord Worm, Dahlicobra, Vambear/Grizzly Bat... still haven't fully decided on that last one's name...) If SW ever gets ported we'll definitely add in some SW content (including 2 new giants) through US and even make a SW giant based Genocidium aswell!
  10. Ban Mobbstar for not realizing the quaint charm that the underworld has..... oh wait there is no charm... *sigh*
  11. Ban LadyD because it is 5:37 AM for me and I still haven't slept O__O ....MOOOOBBBSTAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_> Ban Mobbstar for being Mobbstar <_<
  12. Ban LadyD for forgetting her basic English rules... o_o
  13. Ban LadyD for wanting to ban Aspa..... I STILL SHIP!
  14. Teehee! Your post, I will ninja it! and I won't have an edit mark on it either ^-^ Ban Asp for letting me take his saying and his face without complaining O__O
  15. ...Wow I completely forgot about Terraria's mechanic and I was actually planning on giving Wren orange hair too XD