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  1. As some of you may know I'm currently busy with the Markiplier and Friends mod, JackSepticEye mod, and Corrupt Memories mod! but I had this BRILLIANT IDEA! I'm just too busy to make it on my own...


    Moon rocks are in DST yes? you know what other game has moonrocks? PORTAL 2! portals work on moonrocks so here's my mod idea... the ability to create portalable surfaces out of moonrock and a portal gun that can be used to teleport between whichever 2 spots on the island you'd like! you just have to build the surfaces in each place and visit each place with the portal gun...


    Now some of you would be like "NOW THAT'S OP FID!" well don't you remember Cave Johnson? he died because of ground up moonrock! It made him deathly ill... so we should make it so that everytime the portals are used it damages you a little bit and has a chance to cause temporary health drain! in some cases it'll be better then losing sanity from a wormhole amirite?

  2. @Corrosive, symbols in custom animations are named timeline_#; so that wouldn't work. Even in animations which have the default symbol names used by the game, it comes out differently. I've created a program which will rewrite them for character animations so I can add custom animations, but it's not configurable yet. I honestly had no plan to release it, I only made it to show PeterA what was wrong with the current auto compiler.


    If there is enough requests I will look into making it public and configurable until Klei gets time to fix the real auto compiler. 

    I hereby request that!

  3. The answer to that question is quite obvious, you dumb-dumb!


    The answer is skid-marks in your jogging shorts.

    ohhhhh maybe I should stop twerkin' my gherkin and maybe enough blood will flow to my brain to figure these things out!

    aw shite I can't put anything on this thread without asking a serious question let me think for a min..... uhhhh


    can you name all 13 books of the broble?

  4. NECROBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP FROM THE FUTUUUUUUUUUURE just took the time to read this entire thread idfk why but I'd like to ask you a very important serious question...


    a bunny rabbit's left foot in the pond of immortality wrapped in a soggy sheet of plastic spoons and badly made ironic T-Shirts can be sarcastic with 3 salad forks and 2 pinches of salt mixed in with a good cup o' tears how??

  5. I made a Tiny Box Tim for my Markiplier mod and had many bugs with him not following me if I left to the caves or died and revived at a touchstone or something... so if you have similar bugs insert this into your creature's prefab file not brain


    inst:DoPeriodicTask(1/10, function()
    local player = GetPlayer()
    if player and player.components.leader then
    then further-more write this into your character's prefab name
    (inside the fn function)
    unless you are making this creature for all characters then you will want to look into postinits...