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  1. Hey @ImDaMisterL, do you have something to do with this? Go on, spit it out! o_o
  2. It was a good picture! Not stopping you from reposting it if you want to... I just did it this way because I wasn't sure which of you wanted your faces out publicly on the forums...
  3. I'm a little late on this but check it out! For my Birthday I got the money to put the image on a shirt (In mid October last year) and got four of them so that each of us can have our own!! In order from left to right there's @ImDaMisterL, @Fidooop, @NootNoot, and @Dudedude! Definitely one of the coolest Birthday presents I've gotten! ^-^
  4. Please make EnergyGap a meme o_o

    1. ImDaMisterL


      I like his competitor better tbh lol

    2. Fidooop


      This is not competition! He's on our side... The side that wants energy gap to be a meme o_o

    3. Fidooop


      Ooooooh! More memey memes! C:


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  5. Hey, @Chris1488

    Your chemical roman isn't good at DST and will never find any elegant skins! #ROASTED o_o

    chriss chemical roman.png

  6. I'm fairly certain it's the default spear not Wigfrid's Battle Spear... Hope that helps!
  7. Hey, everyone... Just pretend the troll doesn't exist and continue on with your lives! The more you feed the troll the larger he gets and the more difficult he is to deal with and the more toxic the environment gets! I'm sure @JoeW's magnificent bee wrath will show up in due time (And to put my 2 cents in... There's a reason why this is called "Island Adventures" Because Kzisor's putting his own twist on things and it isn't 100% a perfect replica of SW! He's trying to not only port it but apply fixes and changes to it all as well!)
  9. $50 says he'll get an alpha out by Christmas time Yeah, man take your time to make it perfect!
  10. I think it'd be easier on everyone's comps and more available to everyone if you stuck the volcano into the caves and made it unnaccessible except by entrance via volcano! Thing is that the earth quakes and volcano eruptions would have to be made compatible some how... O_o
  11. Yeah, almost no space for nautical nonsense exploration..
  12. Look at the screenshot @Kzisor posted to his Steam account! More information on it:
  13. 7 mods (1 character per mod to save on space so we can do /other/ things heheh)... OCs based on our real life selves! One of them are already done
  14. That'd be neat! But as of right now the mod is on hold so that my friends and I can finish making ourselves into DST! We've also got a very special very secret mod that'll be out sometime soon here
  15. Doesn't appear to be too much conflict! Just the nightmare tools and the white gem but I'm sure we'll figure something out for our white gem that makes it quite different from yours!
  16. Really though, in all honesty I'm fine with the mods having a couple similar items here and there as long as they aren't EXACT copies and neither of us end up getting hate for "copying" each other when really we didn't at all lol
  17. We're going a very different method about it with our white gem... very odd coincidence that we had planned to use the yellow gem and color it white just like you seemed to do though lol
  18. Hopefully our planned white gem doesn't conflict with yours... ...There's a LOT we've got planned that isn't written down lol
  19. None of them... In order from left to right they are: @ImDaMisterL, me, @NootNoot, and @Dudedude.