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  1. lol just yesterday a friend and I decided Tiny Box Tim will have a harmonica voice... and... are the enemies still called boners?? rly? o.0
  2. I'm feeling exceptionally technophorically advanced today!

    1. Mr. Tiddles

      Mr. Tiddles

      2 many big wurds

  3. There'll be more decor and such, but that's the basic sketch. it looks like a nightmare lightning rod!
  4. Working on Markiplier mod! going to have to take out his custom fight music because of the bugs it causes though :p

  5. YAY! can't wait for this! glad you decided to put nacht here instead of making it william2 only also FIRST COMMENT!
  6. I made a Tiny Box Tim for my Markiplier mod and had many bugs with him not following me if I left to the caves or died and revived at a touchstone or something... so if you have similar bugs insert this into your creature's prefab file not brain inst:AddComponent("follower")inst:DoPeriodicTask(1/10, function()local player = GetPlayer()if player and player.components.leader thenplayer.components.leader:AddFollower(inst)endend) then further-more write this into your character's prefab name(inside the fn function) inst:AddComponent("leader") unless you are making this creature for all characters then you will want to look into postinits...
  7. interesting... but how do you make it so that when you dig it up, it actually digs it up instead of deleting it from existence...
  8. a dev commented on my post I love dont starve btw thankyou and the other devs for making the game! you guys rock!
  9. This popped up for me when I feed a spiderqueen's offspring some monster meat!
  10. Version 1.0


    To anyone using this mod to create their mod leave a comment here or here that will allow me to put your mod in a list of "mods helped"
  11. Version 1.1


    Happy *late* Valentines day!!! It's Betty, The Still Beating Heart! Made out of a big heart and veins! Thankyou so much Boss for all the art! Thanks Lawrence Caustic Sorrow for creating code to make betty beat and have the heatstone cause faster regeneration! Change Notes: Steam Workshop File: (more pictures here) Stats: 200 health 150 sanity 150 hunger Health regenerates! Heatstone causes faster regeneration hotter the stone faster the regeneration Plans: None, betty is finished!
  12. Version 2.4


    SMILEY THE STICK MAN! Smiley's forum thread Here is the Steam Workshop file (for screenshots and videos go to the workshop file and look)