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  1. I like hot chicks too
  2. I like hot girls
  3. btw, @Kzisor if my "too late" came across as mean or anything that was not my intentions... :C
  4. Too late now... What can you do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ EDIT: Thanks for telling me though... I would have never thought that the otf (Yeah, I just checked and it's not a ttf) could be used as a font!
  5. I did ask... but the link he gave wasn't of much use at all because everything was far too small and it was all solid black... D: I ended up giving up on updating big portraits until just yesterday when my friend Erik and I came up with the idea of making our own template for everyone's lives to be 10x easier!
  6. Hello everyone! My name is Fidooop, and I'm here to show you how to make a nice lovely DST big portrait base! First you'll want the big portrait template: CREDIT TO THIS THREAD: (scroll to Kzisor's post for the 4 different versions WITH a slight glow on them!) Then you'll want the template for the letters: HUGE CREDIT to my friend Erik Debawse! (Known on the forums as DudeDude... I think...) He and I had the idea to do this to make it a million times easier and he threw together all the letters! (Because he's a million times better with art/image editing than I am.) Now for the tutorial half of this post! Your first step will be to copy each of the letters of your character's name and paste them into a new TRANSPARENT image as different layers. (For step two to be easier on you.) EXAMPLE: (I kinda... Cheated and grabbed the Q for the 3rd O and just erased the tail...) Step two is to grab your deform tool. (Most image editing programs have it.) Deform, resize, rotate, move up/down etc. each of the letters to get a nice randomly placed un-even font size to get that ransom letter look! EXAMPLE: Now for step three! merge the layers together, copy the image, and paste as a new layer. Take said layer, put it underneath the first, move it in position for a "shadow", and make it ever so slightly larger! (With the deform tool) EXAMPLE: Step four is here! Your next step is to color the background layer of letters black. But how do you do it? Well my solution was to use the select tool, select the name, grab the fill in bucket tool, make sure I'm using black, and fill in each of the letters! But you can do it your own way if you feel it's better or faster. EXAMPLE: Now let's do step five. What we want to do is blur the background layer. (Most image editing software can accomplish this you just have to find out where the option is located.) Then go ahead and crop the image and merge the layers once more! (Make sure it's still transparent with no background when you finish!) EXAMPLE: Finally, we are here... The final step! Copy your newly created name and paste it as a new layer on the big portrait template. Next, use the deform tool and place it in what you think is the perfect spot! (You may have to squish it a little.) EXAMPLE: From this point on it's just placing your character's image over the top of both the template and the name in order for it to match the style of the other big portraits! (Make sure you get that nice lovely paper cut out effect by making a new layer underneath and putting grey around the edges!) EXAMPLE OF PAPER CUT OUT: Darkiplier big portrait art by Psychohog! We really do wish there was a template for numbers! (0-9) Because... yknow... There are mod characters that use numbers in their names... If someone makes a number template for this I'll throw it in here and give you credit though! Want this tutorial all wrapped up in a nice little zip for you? Here ya go! DST BIG PORTRAIT TEMPLATE Thanks to anyone to uses this! I hope your big portraits come out perfectly! ^-^ By following these steps look at what I was able to create! (I DID NOT MAKE THE ART! I merely ported it to DST versions!) Wilford was drawn by monodes Muyskerm was drawn by Psychohog Markiplier was drawn by The Letter W
  7. the problem has been solved! I had to postinit a component with onsave/onload functions and then hijack any ondespawns (if there were any) with a new ondespawn that ran the old despawn after it did it's work to all players! if GLOBAL.TheNet:GetIsServer() then inst:AddComponent("stikmenleader")endinst.olddespawn = nilif inst.OnDespawn ~= nil and inst.olddespawn == nil then inst.olddespawn = inst.OnDespawn endinst.OnDespawn = function(inst)if inst.olddespawn ~= nil then inst:olddespawn(inst) endif #inst.components.stikmenleader.stikmen > 0 then for k,v in pairs(inst.components.stikmenleader.stikmen) do v:Remove() end endend and this is the component: local StikmenLeader = Class(function(self, inst) self.inst = instself.stikmen = {}end) function StikmenLeader:OnSave()local datatable = {}local i = 1if #self.stikmen > 0 thenfor k,v in pairs(self.stikmen) dodatatable = v:GetSaveRecord()i = i + 1endendreturn { stikmen = datatable}end function StikmenLeader:OnLoad(data)if data.stikmen ~= nil and #data.stikmen > 0 thenfor k,v in pairs(data.stikmen) dolocal stikmen = SpawnSaveRecord(v)if stikmen.components.follower.leader ~= self.inst then stikmen.components.follower:SetLeader(self.inst) endtable.insert(self.stikmen, stikmen)endendend return StikmenLeader
  8. WOOHOO! it's SO close to working! After a long day trying to figure out how I was going to do it (and studying a bunch on DST's code) I finally managed to whip up a component that saved all the stikmen properly! C: I still have one major problem though.... it's not tracking when I despawn... D:is there an event I can listen for or something? anything that I can use to remove all stikmen following the despawning leader from the world? because otherwise every time people leave and come back they will duplicate their stikmen! I don't want that... :L
  9. lol that's what I figured for 1 and 2 and it works perfectly now except for issue number 3 which is being a pain in my butt like no other D:
  10. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY SMILEY MOD IS 90% FINISHED!.... But it has... follower problems....................... Well I also have to do 1 little thing for Fantabulous for his upgrade system but other than that everything is finished! What follower problems though? Well there's a lot!!! You see I created these adorable little pets by the name of "stikmen" and boy are they cute as all hell! They all have cute little quotes and random names! and there are even 3 different types of stikmen too but I have a wee... bunch of little problems with them that I can't for the life of me figure out... D: They are already mostly programmed but I'm missing some important knowledge it seems... 1: I'd like it if they treated all players alike! Not just their leader... You see, they are supposed to run from everything a certain distance so they don't get in the way or anything and they do it wonderfully! except for when it comes to a nonleading player... then they seem to just... completely ignore them or something... I'm sure it's a brain problem and I could probably get it working with a bit of tinkering! (but incase I don't I'm leaving the problem here incase somebody knows what's up) 2: I've been trying to dig around the combat component but I can't seem to find a way to make it so that nobody can attack them unless they force attack... because right now it seems that nonleading players can accidentally whap them in the face by holding spacebar or the F key! And that's not good because these little stikmen have very little health and in most cases will be 1 hit killed and then that attacking player will be swarmed and lose his own stikmen because they'll decide to stop following him to go and attack his ass for hurting their kind! 3: The big one... the awful one... the big daddy that's been kicking me in the face since I started porting the mod... I want the stikmen to act exactly as Abigail does for Wendy.... for all players... because these stikmen are supposed to be pets for all players! Smiley, Angry, and Fantabulous are supposed to be able to share their stikmen with other people so Wilson can have his own stikmen and so can Wolfgang and even WX-78! With this power the stick people are a great help to the entire team no matter what! (unless they are fantabulous/angry and have bad internet connection or are REALLY awful at the game... or both...) I just want it so that they leave with their leader and come back with their leader and when the server owner quits the stikmen don't decide to abandon him! With the same values as when they left of course... (all the stikmen are given a set name and the default stikmen are given a set color that makes their body and talker text that color!) I figured since I've been at this all damn day and still have not been able to figure it out I'd just plop it on the forums and continue working on it regardless (I kinda need the mod finished by Friday night to super super super early Saturday morning USA time) Thank you to those of you who are willing to teach a young pupil such as I! I really hope that one day I will be as good at DST coding as I am at DS coding c:
  11. but the problem is already fixed! ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's pretty dumb... but hey it works! SOMEBODY PROMOTE THIS MAN! (also that'd make for a pretty cool mod... wind in the spring time rainstorms!)
  12. So my mod has some custom hats in it and they keep falling off when I load the server back up!...... why? the custom armor isn't falling off....? If they are equipped or in my inventory AT ALL they just seem to plop themselves on the ground when the server loads back up or no reason at all! someone please help? D:
  13. oohhh... This is my first time modding for DST so I had no idea xD Thanks for the tip though! Got any other out of the ordinary DST modding tips for me? lol
  14. So I recently revisited Smiley the stickman and was working on porting him to DST but when I tried to test Smiley with an other computer it seemed to crash all joining clients with a memory error telling them to remove some mods and try again... but the only mod enabled was Smiley the stick man! The mod is 43.7 MB (3 characters, custom voices, a bunch of items, and some cute pets you can make) I really hope that I don't have to take the mod apart into 3 or 4 pieces to get rid of memory errors because that'll just be a total pain in the butt... :L Does anybody have any alternate solutions to this? Really hoping so because the next mod I'm porting to DST is nearly 100 MB and is still growing!
  15. but in portal 2 the portals don't work on grass do they? and the portals don't vanish when hopping through either so that's why I recommended what I recommended xD
  16. As some of you may know I'm currently busy with the Markiplier and Friends mod, JackSepticEye mod, and Corrupt Memories mod! but I had this BRILLIANT IDEA! I'm just too busy to make it on my own... Moon rocks are in DST yes? you know what other game has moonrocks? PORTAL 2! portals work on moonrocks so here's my mod idea... the ability to create portalable surfaces out of moonrock and a portal gun that can be used to teleport between whichever 2 spots on the island you'd like! you just have to build the surfaces in each place and visit each place with the portal gun... Now some of you would be like "NOW THAT'S OP FID!" well don't you remember Cave Johnson? he died because of ground up moonrock! It made him deathly ill... so we should make it so that everytime the portals are used it damages you a little bit and has a chance to cause temporary health drain! in some cases it'll be better then losing sanity from a wormhole amirite?
  17. so you are saying I need 4 different animation files for Tim? 1 for each hat 1 with both hats and 1 with nothing on
  18. So I got Tiny Box Tim working last night thankfully! but... I have no clue how to hide/show his fedora and warfstache! I tried inst.AnimState:Hide("name_of_image") but nothing happened.... does anyone know how I'd do this if I'd even be able to?
  19. I am so sorry I necroed this thread on you Tiddles! Do you forgive me?
  20. ohhhhh maybe I should stop twerkin' my gherkin and maybe enough blood will flow to my brain to figure these things out! aw shite I can't put anything on this thread without asking a serious question let me think for a min..... uhhhh can you name all 13 books of the broble?
  21. NECROBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP FROM THE FUTUUUUUUUUUURE just took the time to read this entire thread idfk why but I'd like to ask you a very important serious question... a bunny rabbit's left foot in the pond of immortality wrapped in a soggy sheet of plastic spoons and badly made ironic T-Shirts can be sarcastic with 3 salad forks and 2 pinches of salt mixed in with a good cup o' tears how??
  22. lol just yesterday a friend and I decided Tiny Box Tim will have a harmonica voice... and... are the enemies still called boners?? rly? o.0