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  1. I like it... BUT will there be an option to change the syntax highlighting to match that of Notepad++ and/or Sublime? Most programmers for DST mods generally will use one of those two so having options to mimic their syntax highlighting styles would be extremely convenient!
  2. They will actually be fairly different! The only one that's similar to the current hounds will be the purple one... Green will avoid combat and target structures, orange will play with teleportation (putting you into danger and avoiding getting hit by you by tele-kiting), and yellow will run circles around you leaving a trail of electricity that stuns you if you step on it!
  3. I want to get the first update "For Our First Act..." public! It will take quite a bit of work but I'm sure we can get it done! The OP will be going through a few changes as well! It will have some basic information of what the entire mod is and an exact road map of our plans listed out! Everyone get hyped because this thing is happening!!!
  4. Oh, Sudura made another account.... and replied..... here.... Plentiful mobs: There will already be quite a few crowd control items that you will have obtained by the time you enter hardmode. (Not to mention more powerful crowd control items you get in hardmode) Dealing with swarms of enemies will be something you easily adapt to! Also, we're planning on possibly having more enemy variants so it isn't just spam of the same mob but rather a plethora and variety. Warg attacks: I've been considering removing this one or at least making it so that it'll only spawn warg(s) if enough people are grouped up in a close proximity to each other. Charlie's attacks: Once you enter hardmode you're already at a point in time where I highly doubt you'd ever be caught with your pants down and die in the night. This change is to make the night mechanic more difficult because well... believe it or not, this IS hardmode! Starving/Overheating/Freezing punish buff: Wow, even in complimenting things you've lacked in providing constructive criticism! Giants spawning more frequently: Been considering removing this (Not for the reason you mentioned though... Its for actual logical reasons) Solar Eclipse: Only seems dumb because we have yet to fill it with content and ideas. As for the alien talk that everybody's been going on about... We were going for having a more advanced group of intelligent mobs that could be set up to show and built their 'town' after hardmode hits. So putting in aliens seemed like a great idea. And no, not a parasitic kind of thing... (Although that is a great idea, I should write that down to implement on it further!) It was moreso going to be kind of an eldritch styled alien. The big deal behind this is so that there's multiple factions: The survivors and the aliens. The aliens will survive on their own and stick together to help each other to survive. There will also be a relations mechanic! If you prove to be harmful, dangerous, or just a downright waste of resources to the aliens they will begin to not like you. And if you don't try to make good with them it could lead to an all out war between the 2 factions. (Of course, there'll need to be some scaling on how they treat you depending on how many players are on the server because 2 people can't ward off an entire town of aliens) And as for lore? Well... We've already been able to fit this nicely into our lore! To those of you who gave constructive criticism though, thank you! It really helps!
  5. Happy Birthday, @Dudedude! From @Chris1488 and I!



    Derik celebrates birthdays too! Right?


    1. Fidooop


      I wanna know where Erik got 200+ tennis balls

    2. Dudedude


      Pah, you guys shouldn't have xD

    3. Arlesienne


      I brought a cake made of bacon. Is that awesome enough? Kind of hard to beat this :).

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  6. So as Spider said... Yes! There will be 5 brand new gem types to show up alongside Opal! These gems will be used in new recipes found in the ruins. The gems will be: Spectrolite, Bloodstone, Spinel, Zircon, and Peridot. And yes! There will be special gem worms for each of these gems just as there are gem hounds for each of the 6 common gems!

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    2. Mobbstar


      Of course there's lyrics, they go:

      Per-fect per-fect peeeer-fect per per perfect

    3. Mobbstar


      Woops wrong status @minespatch

    4. minespatch


      It's okay, Mobb. :wilson_ecstatic:

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  8. Hey, check it out! I'm a DOOOPlicant! ;)

    (Thanks @Dudedude for the pic)


    1. Fidooop
    2. Gotheran
    3. DragonMage156


      I guess we should start calling you Fidoooplicant? XD

      That's really cute ^_^

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  9. @Dudedude AKA Erik Debawse is going to be our music composer! He makes some really good stuff!
  10. But... I grabbed the links out of all the correct servers? The IA one is even the same as the one L linked in the previous post! I'm confused. EDIT: Oh my god Klei Forums really messed up.............. 0_0 All the links are the same when you hover your mouse over them.....??? EDIT #2: Ok, I fixed it... As well as that typo >~>
  11. Hello, everyone! I'm finally back from my extended "vacation" and I'm able to get back to work on mods! As some of you may know, @Kzisor is going to be leaving modding for a project of his own and has chosen me to fill in and finish what he started with Island Adventures. Earlier today he sent me all the code and I now have control over the direction this mod goes! So what's happening now? Firstly, I've got to finish up my work on the Modded Characters In Menu mod. Then my friends and I (Company of Creators) are currently working on characters of ourselves... We first released Daniel and then Erik. However, Daniel will be going under a full revamp and re-release to the Steam Workshop and then we will be making Yan, Keagan, Noah, Chris, and Andrew. After that's all done I'll finally have enough off of my plate to begin working full force on Island Adventures! However, I will be trying my best to have @halfrose, @Arlesienne, @ImDaMisterL, and others work on strings, anims, and art to the side whilst I work on finishing my other projects. We will be trying as best we can to keep the content as close to the original SW as possible. (Aside from the fact that the SW world will be mixed in with the original one) We do have many new creative ideas that we'd like to add to SW but we'd prefer to keep this port mod as close to the original SW as possible and move our own custom ideas to Unnatural Selection which is a massive community DLC mod that will be worked on after Island Adventures gets released. These new additions to Unnatural Selection will only be available when Island Adventures is also enabled on the server. Want to keep updated? The easiest and best way to stay updated on the progress of our work is to join the Discord servers we have up for our projects! Company of Creators: Island Adventures: Unnatural Selection: However, we will be posting in the Klei Forums as often as we can! (Don't worry, this thread will continue to be used for updating everyone on information regarding Island Adventures)
  12. I still give you a 6/10

  13. You should be careful if you do! @JoeW's bees will be some extreme competition for you! o_o
  14. @Dudedude is going to be setting up his own thread for this... But for those of you who are following this thread: The Erik character (which is based off of @Dudedude and all the art was done by him as well) has finally been put on the Steam Workshop!
  15. Hey, @ImDaMisterL.... Can we trade member titles pls n thx? :3

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    2. Fidooop


      "Naynay", saysay the maymays!

    3. DragonMage156


      Oh c'mon L, when did you become so unabreeable ;) you tld us you hated that title :p

    4. ImDaMisterL


      No, I said I sent it passive-aggresive post-it notes.

      Just like my PMs with JoeW regarding my title.

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  16. Ban everyone here for still playing this game o_o
  17. Oh, that's supposed to be blood? I thought it wa--... Ok, nevermind I'll just shut up now o_o