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  1. Fid (still standing there with his bat propped up as if he was still prying the varg off of Mina who decided to hold her breath until it rolled off) goes to find his dog that he through away earlier to go help Mina when she didn't need help. 

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  2. Fid sees Mina get crushed by the Varg... He sets his newfound friend down and rushes over to help her..."Don't worry, I'll get you out of here... just give me a second..." he presses his bat into the ground underneath the massive beast, puts a thin log underneath the bat, and starts trying to pry it up off the ground enough for Mina to atleast get some air in her lungs.


    (the log is explainable... we had collected logs from before for campfire so there!)

  3. Fid leads the extra hounds astray, hides his new found friend in a hole in a tree and finishes off the chasing hounds... When he returns to the tree he notices a creepy face in it... and he quickly pulls the little guy out of it's mouth... "Well... that's a TOTALLY normal tree... right? heheh.... I better get out of here!" Fid tries to return to the group but stays at a distance to where the hounds and the group can't see him.

  4. Fid looks behind himself as if wondering what the dogs were charging at. He then pointed to his chest and said, "Me?". He took out his bat... ready to swing... and just then 1 of the dogs jumped at him! he retaliated quickly, pressed a button on his bat. *KASHUNK* a spring loaded spear popped of the top of the bat and stabbed right through the Dog's heart.... His bat was stuck in the dog... He couldn't yank it out... The other one, smaller, still snarled as it advanced towards Fid... Fid kept yanking on his bat but it would not free so he quickly held out his hands in a defensive position... "Hey, there doggy doggy... It's ok... I won't hurt you!", Fid said hoping that the dog ignored that he probably just killed it's mother... The dog started calming down but was still angry. Fid thought for a moment and "BINGO!" He quickly threw the rabbit corpse that vilsig had caught earlier out to the dog... As the dog moved forward to eat it he calmed more and more... Fid held his hand out to pat the dog... slowly but surely started to eas his hand onto the dog's head... and started to pat it... The dog hit a full calm as it happily ate the rabbit. Fid started patting the dog and scratching behind it's ears and it started to act rather tame. "I think he likes me!", Fid shouts back to the group who was currently murdering hound after hound. "oh... uh..." Fid quickly picks up the little guy, pries his bat out of the dead dog and goes to hide his new found friend from the group until the heat dies down.

  5. The forgotten age of the start, the beginning of the beginning's end. Unpredictable, due to the nature of ancient beings.


    (oh yeah.... that makes a whole lot of sense to me!.... not....


    also, if there are in fact MORE hounds coming  then I'm going to wait for the last batch before taming 1... I wanna have fun with this bat yo!)


    Fid pulls out his bat and gets in a battle stance ready for the incoming hound mob right infront of him.



    hmmm... assuming the way Don't Starve Together works... wouldn't the hounds attack every person on the island regardless of where they are? just saying...)



    "Oh, I uh... sorry, vilesag, I'm not hungry right now, hehe...", Fid says as his stomach rumbles out loud... Fid (embarrassed) chuckles a bit and eats a few berries to hold him over.

  8. (AAAAAGH!!!!! I missed so much! ok so I'll just explain what Fid did during the past 2 pages)


    When Mark left and said his farewells:

    Fid came up to him and quietly whispered to him what the letter had said and that while he really would like to get away from Vilsig, he'll be staying back to keep his eye on him and care for the group should something go wrong. Fid told Mark to stay safe and return soon.


    When Vilsig came with the rabbits:

    Fid took one... but he didn't eat it... He wasn't sure if he should trust anything from Vilsig! He just kept the rabbits with him.


    When the old man showed up:

    Fid was quick to say "Hello!"


    When Mina introduced us:

    Fid quickly shook the old man's hand. "Hi, Tiresias! It's very nice to meet you!"


    When Tiresias mispronounced Vilsig's name:

    Fid let out a loud laugh! "yknow, I outta call him that from now on... heehee."



    Fid smells something delicious in the air. "Hey, do any of you guys smell that? It smells so good!" (it's the stew Woodie is cooking)

  9. Fid (completely disgusted by what vilsig just did) pauses a few moments before slowly reaching for the letter Mina was handing him... "ugh... I absolutely hate spiders..." Fid unfolds the letter and reads it to himself. (I'm going to need a PM or reply here from silent to know what it says though. )

  10. (I know this is ridiculously long but if you don't want to read it all that's fine... L will be putting out a shortened version...)
    Mark and Fid were walking away from the base looking around for resources and Fid decided to bring up a conversation with Mark...
    Fid: So, what do you think of that Vilsig character?
    Mark: ... What do you mean by that?
    Fid: I don't... think he's trustable, yknow?
    Mark: I honestly got no problem with him... did you see the state he was in? Poor dude got some nasty cuts...
    Fid: Still it I just... Lefay seems like the more trustable of the two and they don't exactly seem be friendly with each other...
    Mark: Oh it happens, maybe they just started on the wrong foot, eh?
    Fid: It's possible.... but... I just... I don't know... I have a feeling in my gut about him... He's kinda creepy!
    Mark: This place is ALL kinds of creepy...
    Fid: Yeah... I guess you are right... I've noticed you looking into the sky quite often lately... and you are really attached to that there umbrella...
    Fid points at the umbrella
    Mark: Gotta keep myself safe from the rain, eh?
    Fid: The rain is great!
    Mark: Oh no, rain is far from great... far from it...
    He zones out
    Fid: What do you mean by that, Mark?
    Mark: I mean... well, I mean I don't like h-- it. I don't like it.
    Fid: Oh, it's not THAT bad! Here, it looks like it's just about to rain! I'll show you....
    Fid takes the umbrella
    Mark perks up.
    Mark: Wait! What... what are you doing?
    He reaches for his umbrella.
    Mark: Give... give it back to me!
    Fid chuckles a bit.
    Fid throws the umbrella.
    It hits a redbird mid-air.
    It opens and the wind carries it.
    The wind carries it deeper into the desert.
    Fid and Mark chase it into the desert but it's no use as it lands infront of a hound and it picks it up and starts running.
    The hound runs into a lava pool and accidentally falls inside, they both can hear blood-curdling screams for some seconds before his throat melts, the lava engulfed him in a matter of 5 seconds, and the creature appeared to have died agonizing. That's some hot fire. The umbrella landed safely by the side of the lava pool far away.
    A vulture comes down and picks up the umbrella and flies off.
    The vulture later has a sudden heart attack in mid-air, dropping the umbrella and landing near a hound's nest, his corpse being feasted upon by the hungry demon dogs.
    The umbrella lands next to one of them... They kick it trying to push the other hounds out of the way! It rolls down a hill...
    It stops right next to a log and a pile of yarn. Was it yarn? Yeah let's just call it yarn for now...
    A pigman walked by and picked up the umbrella. He felt extraordinarily dapper.
    The other pigmen decided to check their buddy out, he was carrying pretty thing. They wanted pretty thing too! They all started fighting for the mysterious item they just found, only for the pig to distract the others and run away with it, accidentally running into a tier 3 spider den
    Spider warriors leapt out and quickly murdered the poor sap... His blood draining out staining the web red... and then a spider queen stood up from the nest and the umbrella stuck to it's leg.
    At each step it took, the umbrella crunched more and more, soon turning into pure scrap. It was unusable. as she roared to attack more pigs a crow saw the scrap, since the sun made it shine bright, it swooped in, grabbed the scrap, and flew away, no damage taken. As the bird flew in the different direction of the queen, he was approaching the spot where Fid and Mark were watching the whole thing happen. a vulture saw the crow in its territory and decided to attack the intruder, thus making the crow drop the umbrella, now only scrap at Mark's feet.
    Mark's eye twitched. And twitched. And twitched. His face gray, his mouth one of a very angry man.
    Fid threw the umbrella and it landed in a spider nest.
    Fid: Oh, I'm sorry dude... I didn't think it'd land over there!
    Mark's eyes twitched. He couldn't believe what just happened. He looked up and could feel a drop of water touching the point of his nose. It felt like a sharp dagger digging thrrough his skin. It's been oh so long since he has felt that... monstrosity on his skin.
    Mark: You... You... you... you...
    His eye twitched with every "you" he pronounced
    Fid: What do you mean, Mark?
    Fid looks around wondering what Mark is talking about.
    Mark presses his index finger against Fid's chest.
    Fid: uh... I uh *cough*... heheh...
    Mark: I didn't throw YOUR bat around now, did I?
    The rain started getting stronger
    Fid trembles in fear over the fact that he may have destroyed his friends' umbrella.
    Fid: I'M SORRY!
    Mark: Sorry? Being SORRY won't bring my umbrella back!
    Fid: I'll go get it! Don't worry... I uh.. just give me a second.
    Mark: Second? SECOND? We don't... WE DON'T HAVE ANY MORE SECONDS!
    Mark looked up at the sky again, they both were getting considerably wet.
    Mark: Unlike YOU I DON'T ENJOY THIS RAIN! GET IT BACK! GET IT BACK NOW! Please... please...
    Fid: What's wrong?! the rain isn't even that bad!
    Mark: Not so bad? NOT SO BAD? ... Not so bad...
    Mark looked around, as if searching for something.
    Mark: Maybe... maybe it actually isn't so... IT'S BAD! IT'S BAD! IT'S BAD!
    His mood changed quickly again, his face one of fear. Mark walked towards the spider den, slowly but surely.
    Mark: I need to get it back... I... I need to get it back, I-- SHUT UP!
    He yelled at no one in particular, then turned to his left.
    He covered his ears with his hands. and started screaming "LA LA LA LA LA!"
    Fid (standing to Mark's right) grabbed Mark's shoulder and tried to snap him out of it.
    Fid: DUDE! Don't go over there! Those spiders are going to kill you... Just calm down and sit under that tree over there...
    Fid points to a tree.
    Mark: No. No no no. I need it back I need the umbrella back give it back...
    He stared at Fid.
    Mark: She can't see me when I hold it, she can't see me... she can see me now, she can see me now.
    He kept repeating that phrase over and over again.
    Fid: Who?!?!?!
    Fid asked with a concerned tone in his voice
    Mark stopped in his tracks.
    He yelled at Fid.
    Mark: I need cover from the rain. I need... A TREE, YES! YOU'RE BRILLIANT!
    He started to run, but then stopped just as quickly as he started, a worried look overcome his face. He slowly made his way towards the tree Fid was talking about.
    Fid then started to run quickly over to the spider den and pulled out his bat
    Mark didn't want to, but he had to. He ran towards Fid and grabbed him by his shirt collar. Stopping him dead in his tracks.
    Mark: ARE YOU MAD?!
    Fid slips and falls on a rock hurting his back...
    Mark: She doesn't like running... she doesn't like running... running is bad... running makes her nervous... running makes her angry...
    Mark kneels next to Fid.
    Mark: Don't you... dare run... ever again... when it's raining. you hear me?
    Mark said worried
    Fid: but... your umbrella...
    Fid gets up and tries to run again
    Mark grabs him once again.
    Mark: LEAVE IT THERE. The damage's already done... she can already see me... Oh gosh she can see me, she can hear me... She's watching us...
    Fid: WHO IS SHE?!
    Mark slowly made his way to the tree, tugging Fid by his shirt's sleeve now. He then looked around and whispered to him.
    Mark: She is... she is... She doesn't like when I talk about her to others... She says it's rude...
    Fid: who?!
    Mark: Rain...
    Fid: you're crazy...
    Fid gets up and walks towards the spider nest not running because it makes Mark freak out. As he passes by a tree lightning strikes it and it falls over nearly crushing Fid but he trips over a rock and falls out of the way just in time.
    Mark: ... She doesn't like you.
    The tree lights on fire. Wind starts blowing and it somehow is strong enough to push the flaming tree and it starts rolling toward Fid.
    Fid quickly gets up and starts running again trying to keep from getting crushed by the flaming tree.
    He doesn't think about running to the left or right... he just runs directly away from the tree like an idiot... (screaming)
    Mark knew he couldn't run. But he also knew he had to. He started running as fast as he could towards Fid, tackling him and rolling both out of the flaming trunk's way.
    As Fid falls he lands in the spider web.
    Fid: ech... this stuff is nasty...
    A spider then walks out of the nest to greet Fid with it's teeth.
    Fid: SPIEDERS!!!
    Fid starts trying to get up out of the web but can only free one arm.
    He grabs his bat and swings it at the spider killing it with a single blow. But then two more come out of the nest. He tries for an other swing but the bat got stuck in the web along with his arm.
    Mark: I know you don't like me running. I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
    He kept repeating that to, apparently, no one in particular while looking down at his feet and walking around.
    Fid: uhh... a little help here??
    Fid screams out for help as the spiders close in on him and he is helpless against them.
    Fid continues trying to pry himself from the web.
    He pries himself up along with his bat JUST intime for a giant hail stone that falls down in the place he was at thereby crushing the two spiders.
    Fid: Woah...... Did you see that, Mark?
    Mark: I need to help him. YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! I don't care. SHUT UP! YOU'RE A MONSTER! HE'S MY FRIEND! I HATE YOU! Leave us alone. Leave him alone. LEAVE ME ALONE!
    Mark kneeled on the soft grass
    The winds start to pick up. The rain gets harder and harder it gets far worse.
    Mark and Fid are now 100% wet
    Mark: it's... getting harder....
    Fid: That's what she said *cough*
    Mark looked to his left, worried, then raised his hands at Fid, in a defenseful manner.
    Mark: She didn't say that. She didn't say that. You're making her angry. Don't make her more angry
    Fid: What?
    Mark: ... She said your voice is annoying her. That's what she really said...
    Fid: but... I like the rain!
    Suddenly the rain calms down
    Mark: Say... say that again!
    Fid: what?
    Mark: Compliment her! She likes that!
    Fid: who? the rain?
    Fid quickly retaliates and yells out
    (She be rain she no be wears shoes)
    Mark: THAT WAS FAKE!
    The rain got hard again.
    Fid: childhood memories.... whenever it was raining I had the best time...
    Mark got sad, then looked away from Fid.
    Mark: Childhood...
    Fid: I always enjoyed walking out in the rain... I never wore any protection or anything because I didn't mind getting a little wet...
    Mark relates (in a way... sort of... kind of... maybe... used to...)
    The rain soon became just a drizzle.
    (Blewcheese approved of this character ahead of time through a PM)
    Rains Bio:
    Name: Rain
    Race: Her own
    History: Will be revealed by Mark
    Personnality: Appears to be childish and innocent, but in reality is cruel and manipulative
    Appearance: Same age as Mark, thin, tall and slender, blue hair, blue eyes, blue dress.
    Strenghts: Controls the rain, is a great actress, knows how to pull the right strings to manipulate others. Can only be seen when she wants to by who she wants to.
    Weaknesses: Can only appear when raining. Can only be seen when the person had contact with rain water.
    If he asks for more help me come up for more
    Etc: Hates Shakespeare, Winter, Summer and Caves.
    A slender girl, that looked to be the same as Mark's age soon appeared next to Mark, her hair was blue, her eyes were blue and, a blue dress. Although not one, she had the airs of a child.
    Rain: '''You... you really like me?'''
    She asked, joy practically seeping from her voice. Mark still looked away, thinking.
    Fid: I uh... who are you?
    She suddenly hugged Fid, not giving him time to react to anything else.
    Rain: '''Well now I like you too! Wanna be my friend?'''
    Mark looked at Fid, and from behind Rain's back he slowly shook his head 'no'.
    Fid: Sure!
    Fid said this not thinking twice... He loved friends!
    Mark: Don't--
    he whispered, but realised it was too late.
    The girl's eyes widened and she smiled widely.
    Rain: '''YAY! A FRIEND!'''
    Fid hugs back
    She released him from the hug, then coughed.
    Rain: '''Heh... sorry for hurting you earlier, friend... I didn't mean to! Sometimes I can't control my own powers!'''
    Mark: "Liar."
    Mark said, his voice as harsh as poison.
    Fid: wait, is this rain? so you weren't crazy?
    He yelled at the girl.
    Rain: '''You're a party-pooper.'''
    Fid: HEY! Calm down...
    Fid gets between rain and Mark
    Mark replied angrily.
    Mark glared at Rain.
    Mark: Leave... please just leave us...
    Rain: '''But I just arrived!'''
    Mark: A shame, really...
    Fid: You're so rude, Mark... Let her do her and you do you... you won't do each other... probably....
    Mark glared at Fid.
    Mark: This is no time for jokes.
    Rain only giggled.
    Rain: '''You're funny!'''
    Fid: Thanks! I try to be... it keeps everyone happy and that's my constant goal!
    Rain: '''I'm glad that we're friends!'''
    She said happily.
    Mark: He's not your friend. No one is. Now GO AWAY!
    While Mark tried to sound angry, fear was obvious in his voice.
    Fid: Me too! You look pretty cute.
    Rain giggled and blushed.
    Rain: '''You... you really think so?'''
    Mark: No he doesn't.
    Fid: Can you give us a moment?
    Fid asked Rain as he walks up to Mark pushing him aside.
    Mark whispering to Fid: Dude. She's distracted. Forget what I said earlier, when I say run we run! You ready?
    Fid pushes Mark toward the spider den and puts his arm on Mark's shoulder completely ignoring what he just said.
    Fid: Listen,
    Fid adjusts Mark's glasses, picks up his umbrella and hands it to him.
    Fid: You need to stop... ok? You're being mean and I don't much appreciate bullying...
    Mark: Well I don't much appreciate that... thing!
    He pointed to rain, she seemed just like an innocent child, playing with some butterflies.
    Fid: Oh, calm down...
    Fid says unaware of the EVIL butterfly effect.
    Mark: ... When I say run...
    He grabbed his umbrella.
    Mark: We run... eh?
    He opened the umbrella up, ahhh... how PERFECT it felt... no more rain falling down on him... no more...
    Mark: RUN!
    Fid watches Mark run off and looks over at rain who suddenly looked angrily at Mark
    Rain: '''He just... ran off like that...'''
    Fid: What does he have against you?
    Rain looked down sadly at the ground.
    Rain: '''I don't... I don't know, I... we used to be friends, but then he...'''
    She looked like she was about to cry. (How ironic.)
    Fid puts his arm around Rain's back
    Fid: Calm down... don't cry... please?
    Rain: '''I don't know what I did wrong...'''
    Fid: Mark... isn't right in the head... one minute he's trying to be friends with an apparent evil force and the next he's yelling at you!
    Rain: '''He's going crazy... Fidalgo.'''
    Rain giggled.
    Fid: Hey, how do you know my name?
    Rain: '''I know lots and lots and lots and lots of things!'''
    Fid: if you know that much you'd also know that I don't like being called by my full name....
    Fid said embarrassed
    Rain: '''Yeap.'''
    She giggled again
    Fid: So what else do you know about me?
    Rain: '''I know your parents died, you spent half of your life in an orphanage, then later was adopted by people that abused you!'''
    A moment of awkward silence rushes in...
    Rain: '''Ooh! Ooh! You also had to run from the drug dealers those persons had debts with!'''
    Fid stutters... he falls to a sit on the ground and covers his eyes....
    Rain: '''Oh... I'm... I'm sorry for touching... this subject...'''
    Fid: "it--.... it's ok... I uh... just want that past to stay in the past..."
    Rain: '''I'll never talk about that! Ever again!'''
    She moves her hands to lips and acts as if zipping them.
    Rain: '''That hurts you... friends don't say things that hurt other friends!'''
    Fid: Thanks....
    Rain: '''I'll have to go soon now... it was nice talking with you!'''
    She smiled
    Fid: but... where are you going??
    Rain: '''I'm Rain, silly! When the rain goes... I have to go with it. We'll meet each other again next time it rains! I'll be waiting for it, friend!'''
    Fid: ok... see you later...
    Fid gets up
    Rain: '''See ya...'''
    Rain kissed one of Fid's cheeks.
    Rain: '''I'll miss you!'''
    Fid: you too...
    Fid blushed
    Rain slowly faded away, and the rain stopped shortly after.
    Fid yelling: MAAAARK, you can come out now....
    Mark slowly rose out of some nearby bushes.
    Mark: How... did you know? ... It was the umbrella, wasn't it?
    Fid chuckled...
    Fid: Yes... you were holding it up above your hiding spot...
    Mark: Dang it...
    Fid: well, we better get to resource picking like we promised we would...
    Mark: Don't trust her.
    Fid: Why not?
    Mark: She is not what she seems to be. That rain? That was a façade. And one of her worst, let me tell ya.
    Fid: Who are you to tell me who not to trust?... What about Vilsig?
    Mark: ... Have you SEEN Vilsig? He's pretty much a sentient ball with an arm... do you really think he can cause much damage?
    Fid: I don't know... I just... Lefay seemed to know what she was talking about... He doesn't feel right and his little child voice creeps me out!
    Mark: And Rain's child act doesn't?
    Fid: No...?
    Mark: Do you really think she likes you? She's using you, at best... For what? I don't know yet... but I'll discover...... You completely fell for her, didn't you?
    Fid: NO!... I... uh.... no... not at all! *cough*
    Fid said trying to hold back a blush...
    Mark: Fid... a friendly warning... she's a monster, a heartless inhuman monster that cares about nothing but her own pleasure... Stay. Away. From her.... If you know what's good for you.
    Fid: ...You can't tell me what to do...
    Mark: I can't tell you what to do. But I can warn you. You don't know what she's capable off... for Pete's sake she tried to KILL YOU some moments ago!
    Fid: That all changed once I noted her existence... You just gotta be nice to her... and she'll be nice back!
    Mark: Oh no no no... no no no no no...
    Mark stopped.
    Mark: Being nice to her... destroyed me.
    Fid: How so?
    Mark: She... Fid she...
    Mark looked at the ground for a while, then looked back up.
    Mark: She... ugh... well she...
    Mark had the words, but he couldn't let them out.
    Fid: C'mon buddy... let it out...
    Fid said patting Mark's back.
    Mark: I heard you lost your parents, Fid... were you there when they died? Did you presence their death?
    Fid: I uh... no... I... I was supposed to go with them... but... I wanted to stay home and work on my bat.......... My last moments with them I was... They... no... I didn't mean it! I didn't want to argue! I.... Happy thoughts... Always happy...."
    Fid holds the sides of his heads and starts tearing up...
    Mark: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't want to remind you of... of... argh, I'm sorry!
    Fid sits down and starts rocking...
    Fid: Always happy thoughts... never regret a thing... never regret... no regrets if people are always happy... I can't let people get mad or sad... never... never never...."
    Mark: Dude... you sound like me when Rain is nearby... Just... just calm down, eh?
    Fid gets up and pokes Mark's shoulder rather hard.
    Fid: DON'T YOU REMIND ME OF MY PAST.... I can't take it... It's just....
    Mark: You think you're the only one with a tragic backstory here?
    Mark replied back, rather angrily.
    Mark: You didn't see YOUR mother die in front of your eyes, at least! NOR WAS IT YOUR FAULT SHE DIED!
    Fid: You... killed your mother? I'm sorry... I...
    Mark: Not directly, no. ... That'd be Rain... And THAT is one of the reasons I'm warning you NOT to trust her!
    Fid: I'm sure she didn't mean it...
    Mark sarcastically: Nor did she mean to kill the other kids I tried to be friends with, no. Jeremy, Alexia, Gabriel, Don, Julie...
    Mark with a light mad chuckle: Funny coincidence, they all died WHILE IT WAS RAINING!
    Fid: Maybe she was jealous....
    Mark: Bingo!
    Fid: Why not share her with your friends?
    Mark: Don't you think I TRIED? That's why I'm scared she showed herself to you, Fid! She never did that to anyone else... And the whispers... whenever it rained, no matter how protected I was... the whispers came... I could hear her... humming... singing... describing how fun my friends were to play with... how bad they were at the game... how easily she beat them...
    Mark: I had to sleep listening to my mom dying... MY MOM DYING FID!
    Fid: I think you are hallucinating...
    Mark: Hallucinating or not... I just wish I'd never see Rain... ever again...
    Fid: Well... from now on I can keep her company.... Keep her away from you to keep your sanity at peace?
    Fid says with the notion of trying to keep his friend happy in mind.
    Mark: That's the problem... she's the Rain... she can be everywhere the rain falls on... she might be chatting with you and still haunting my mind from dozens of feet away... Fid... just... don't... don't let yourself be controlled by her. Think. Think before acting.
    Fid: ...How do you think I'm alive today?...
    Fid said in such a way that Mark decided to drop the conversation.
    Mark sighed.
    Mark: Let's gather some more things then head back to camp, eh?
    Fid: Yes... let's...


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  11. (it isn't raining just yet xD)


    Fid hands over the reeds that Mina gave to him. "I kinda wanna get out of this heavy atmosphere... I'm going to go pick some resources up! I'll see you all later." Fid takes his leave to go pick some resources for the group and get some fresh air.

  12. "I'm not sure who to trust right now so I guess the choice is up to you Lefay...", Fid stated calmly... "Give me the honey and I'll patch Vilsig up... or keep the honey and let him heal on his own..."

  13. The sun just starts to rise up in the sky. As Fid notices he gets up and stretches his muscles for the incoming day. He looks around the sky and notices some incoming rain clouds. "Oh boy! Rain!", He says aloud, happily. He was excited for the rain since he loved it so much.


    (yeh... there we go ^-^)