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  1. 1 minute ago, leonseye said:

    You and some others seem to be speaking from an assumption that in the future it will NOT be possible to make trades and to make a profit to get more items, which isn't the case whatsoever.

    You seem to be missing the point... If inflation occurs then those common items that you get ALL THE TIME will be worthless! Extending the time it takes to get the better items...

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  2. 2 minutes ago, leonseye said:

    But isn't that what you are afraid of being told if things DO change?

    That seems rather... hypocritical.

    I don't have anything higher than a spiffy tier right now. You're argument is invalid. I'm being tough and sucking it up! I'm a little buttercup. c:

    It's not that I have leverage it's that it currently still is possible to make trades and get profit to get more items. I don't want to lose that...

  3. Just now, t0panka said:

    sooo you don't like this Trading Inn because it will be harder for you to get all elegants and make profit out of trades with people? :/ GG

    Yeah! exactly what happened to Team Fortress 2... It used to take a week or so to get a key and now it takes MONTHS to get to a key from scratch... and it's even harder due to stupid online websites like the scrapbanking website.... that website ended all quick profiting and now it's physically impossible to go from nothing to a key in a short amount of time without using money... and well a single key isn't enough for almost anything... you said yourself! 10 keys for a GOH because people are abusing others' hopes and desires, right? Nobody knows the real price so they just skyrocket the price right up there so nobody can get it unless they have cash... and those who REALLY want it REALLY badly will throw the cash... It's not right... It's not fair...

    That is what I hate about ALL trading economies... "Can't have that item unless you have cash! Why not trade up?" *tries to trade up... doesn't make anything... hollow promise was hollow...*

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  4. 25 minutes ago, t0panka said:

    @TemporaryMan i was talking about Mikedatrix idea and that was 2 commons for classy, 2 classy for spiffy, etc. Also i never said you have to giveaway something. I was just explaining that i have lot of experience about what i was talking about.

    BTW you did giveaway Smallbird backpack to Weirdobob right? It was the only one item he wanted right? He trade it away anyway. If it was different story then sorry i mentioned it but you know what i am saying right? People want best items in game because they dont have them and when they do it takes just little better offer and they will trade it away.

    @Fidooop both of you guys don't need to sell/buy anything ever. There are people that are buying/selling GOHs for 10 and more keys (idk where you get those 2 Fidooop) and i saw more crazy trades = 30 keys for 1 head only because people don't know the value. Also noone will put Wigfrid head for 300$ idk why is that guy extreme again. We can still trade DST items for DST items nothing is changing. Trade inn can't replace trading and destroy rarity right?

    Iddling accounts are here since first day of skins IMO and they are making money with selling DST items for keys or marketable items. Where is the difference? If you put some GOH right now for selling lets say 5 keys you will need just 1-2 minutes and it is gone. With marketable items Klei at least can get some money of those trades and in exchange give us more skins for game or features or whatever! If iddlers buy more accounts again Klei will get more money and that means more content for DST for us! Nobody cared about iddlers that much so why now? Klei is just getting more money for their hard work and it is not affecting you at all.

    You don't need to sell, you don't need to buy anything. Noone is forcing us. I never put single cent to DST items and i wont do it ever. You don't need to either. If you don't like it ok don't but don't destroy it for those who are selling items or wanna buy them. Why are you even talking about what will cost what when you don't even care and you wont even buy anything.

    Also nothing will destroy game at all. Iddlers are playing on their passworded or whatever servers and they are not bothering anyone. There is tons of them now and not a single one was bothering me. Not a single "keys trade" was bothering me. Why would market for DST items destroy anything? You can still play without clothes or with 1129038 GOHs the same game. You don't get better sanity bonus from GOHs. People with all items can't wear them at once. Etc. i can go on and on.

    It is like i don't like those 2 new SW characters but some people like them so im ok, if those next two will be good i am ok, those 2 easy characters dont bother me at all. I wont play all characters anyway and at least beginners can play their easy games too. If both sides get what they want why not. I wont force Klei to delete those 2 characters because i dont like them. I said that i don't and its over. So if you wont use market then don't but those items are selling people, plz understand that, tons of people are selling skins for basically $$$.


    Anyway my idea for Trading Inn was: You can trade 2-3 items of any quality per week for "new drop" so this way you get every week 6-7 drops (and chances to get high tier item). Thats all. I think its simple, helpful, wont destroy trading or rarity and you can all get rid of your doubles .)

    Well a few things... Not many people want every single item but I do... And if trading is going to be made stupidly hard I won't get a single GOH let alone all of them! and I never EVER said that it'd break the game... The game is there to stay! I'm worried for the economy... That is breakable and once it's broken there's no fixing it!

    ok, sure let's say Klei goes ahead with this idea and idlers show up and start making money just by doing nothing (yes, absolutely NOTHING for money) and Klei gets the wee little teeny tiny 5% bonus from each of their transactions... ($500 of transactions only gets them a measly $25... I don't see where this allows them to make us more content? They really aren't making much cash off of the market at all... and Steam is making just the same amount as them off of their own game!) What's going to happen is commons will become SO common that trading up doesn't even exist anymore! I want to trade and make a profit to get all the items! But I won't be able to if everything is inflated! and oh boy would I pay for the skins if I could... but I can't... it's not that I don't WANT to pay... it's that I CAN'T pay... See the difference? 

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  5. 20 minutes ago, TemporaryMan said:

    that paying cash for useless in-game cosmetics is, well... horse armor.

    Like I said, not really up for that idea and don't know how it would really play out... I'm really more for the first 2 options I stated. :)

    Keep it the way it is and scrap the Trade Inn idea entirely or put every single item into the Trade Inn but evenly matched against the droprates... Otherwise the Trade Inn never gets used outside of burning commons out so they don't start to inflate...

    And seriously never ever introduce the steam market! there have already been several people who've gotten several accounts specifically for idling so they could make money off of the game. People won't think twice about buying 20 copies of the game to make the money back within a week. and then just have a steady income for a few weeks as they inflate the crap out of the more common items so far to the point that it then becomes impossible to get the rare items. and ontop of that.... the rare items then begin to inflate and become cheaper and cheaper then they aren't special anymore, nobody can trade for them, you can only buy them... then the DST economy just sucks and nobody'll like it anymore.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Mikeadatrix said:

    Actually this idea is GOLD. This would allow money to go to Klei but not have a 300 Wigfrid. Unless Klei charges that much.....

    Now, see the problem with this is that Klei would have to set a price for and SELL every single one of their items! Otherwise items that aren't being sold will dwindle in value making them worthless.... Like... say they ended up only selling Distinguisheds and Elegants.... well everything else would be so devalued by that point that nobody would ever want common to spiffy and you'd HAVE to buy the elegants and distinguisheds that you want... Then we've got it unfair for 1 side again! We want it fair for those who have time ASWELL as those who have money, right? Set up proper prices and anybody will easily be able to trade up as well as anybody easily being able to pay for the items! simple as that. (well, I mean probably not easy if you're trading for the rare items... but easy enough that it isn't impossible!)

  7. Hello, I've got a wee lil bit of a problem with this here mod... There's no assets yet it's just using place holders from the game and other mods at the moment.

    Basically there are these chloroform clouds that the character can use to put others to sleep and it all works for the most part except the clouds like to lock onto the screen and shrink away into a void of sorts... It's really weird and I have no idea what or how it's being caused... I REALLY hope that it's fixable!

    Here's the mod, go ahead and test it for yourself! Spawn in the "chlorostaff" and attack something...

  8. The Markiplier mod does a transformation I believe

    Yes he does! Like 4 different transformations I think... And in DST too! But the current version on DST is not up to date and doesn't have the "Maniac" state which is the closest to the "werebeaver" state you can get out of his many many many many many many states xD


    The sad part is that going through Woodie's code will still be easier than going through Mark's because Mark's is going to be separated between many files and across 2 different mods because of the way the setup is... D:

  9. (1 question...... meteor? O.o

    also, let's just assume that Fid has pretty much stayed by the pack staying rather quiet, mk? c: )


    Fid raises his hand very slowly and awkwardly...

  10. (ugh I was busy for quite some time and don't really have too much time to RP here anymore... someone wanna sum everything up and catch me up on what's happened thus far since the warg attack? I'll try to keep up-ish as best I can... I mean it's better than nothing right?)

  11. (I got a lil help from Rezecib in doing this. Thx, m80!)


    First off you are going to need the code for this to work properly! Go ahead and place the following code within your modmain.

    local G = GLOBALAddClassPostConstruct("widgets/inventorybar", function(self)    local oldrebuild = self.Rebuild    self.Rebuild = function()        oldrebuild(self)        local image_name = "self_inspect_"..self.owner.prefab..".tex"         local atlas_name = "images/hud.xml"        if G.softresolvefilepath("images/avatars/self_inspect_"..self.owner.prefab..".xml") ~= nil then atlas_name = "images/avatars/self_inspect_"..self.owner.prefab..".xml" end        self.inspectcontrol.icon:SetTexture(atlas_name, image_name, "self_inspect_mod.tex")    endend)
    Next would be the image itself! If you take your character's current avatar and make it silhouette-looking then you've got your image! (it should be 64x64 pixels in size)
    Next you're going to need to place this image in your images/avatars folder under the name of self_inspect_[insert_character's_name_here].png
    (let the autocompiler do the rest)
    Next you'll need to require the .tex and .xml that the autocompiler builds from the image via the assets table in the modmain just as if it were an avatar or minimap icon!
    Assets = {    Asset( "IMAGE", "images/avatars/self_inspect_[insert_character's_name_here].tex" ),    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/avatars/self_inspect_[insert_character's_name_here].xml" )}

    I've also got the code for the devs to use in order to fix this so that nobody needs the extra postconstruct!

    (It's in the spoiler)

    in data/scripts/widgets/inventorybar.lua

    line 200 changes from this:


    to this:

    local atlas_name = "images/hud.xml"if softresolvefilepath("images/avatars/self_inspect_"..self.owner.prefab..".xml") ~= nil then atlas_name = "images/avatars/self_inspect_"..self.owner.prefab..".xml" end

    and line 201 (now 202) changes from this:

    self.inspectcontrol = self.root:AddChild(TEMPLATES.IconButton("images/hud.xml", image_name, STRINGS.UI.HUD.INSPECT_SELF, false, false, function() self.owner.HUD:InspectSelf() end, {size = 40}, "self_inspect_mod.tex"))

    to this:

    self.inspectcontrol = self.root:AddChild(TEMPLATES.IconButton(atlas_name, image_name, STRINGS.UI.HUD.INSPECT_SELF, false, false, function() self.owner.HUD:InspectSelf() end, {size = 40}, "self_inspect_mod.tex"))

  12. "shouting? QUICKLY! everyone put on red cloaks and start humming... they'll think we are a cult and just pass by as if they saw nothing...", Fid said jokingly to try and lighten the mood.

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  13. "oh, he's kind of dumb... I'm sure it'll be fine! Also, Mark... you can pat him too!"


    (woot! raising Lefay's sanity with a pup! Take that vilsig! also, that's... monstermeat... I don't know if it's a good idea to eat...)

  14. Fid walks up as Mina was finishing her rambles "Yeah, Mark and Lefay! And I tried to save her! but my existence was ignored... OH! and I got a cute little idiot to help us out!" Fid holds out the little hound he tamed. "I don't know what to name him yet..."