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  1. Do not worry at all! We're all currently trying to clear our plates off so that there's much more time to spend on US and all the while we've devised a new system for how we go about releasing the US content to everybody... Still in hush hush mode though so you'll have to be patient
  2. Crafting might stop when the event stops though... O_o
  3. You don't even get sanity in The Forge! O__O
  4. I guess I'll be missing out on 1-2 nights worth of sleep just to grab up those achievements... @__@ More lost sleep dedicated to the Forge! LET'S GO! Any way we can get word of what these accomplishments are ahead of time so we can practice and construct proper comps around them? o_o
  5. Hey, everyone! Just released an update for Daniel! Sorry it took so long to get around to this... I was out of town for a week and couldn't update it with the bad internet. (I also updated the OP to contain the new information) Here's what's new: v2.00.01 Daniel's tiredness now moves at a fixed rate that does not change based on the time of day. (25 minutes from empty to full) Daniel's tiredness thresholds have been increased from 60, 90, 120 to 75, 100, 125. Updated Status Announcements compatibility with Tiredness to change announcements based on the new thresholds. Jerry's damage no longer scales to an extra 15 damage when Daniel is insane. Daniel no longer has a vague speed advantage over other characters on roads. Fixed minor issue that caused Roseate Daniel's feet to show on the front-most layer of the anim.
  6. The mod just went live! Feels good man! Also, I added the Roseate skin to the OP! Enjoy!
  7. Added a video with Daniel's theme song! (Song by @Dudedude)
  8. I'm going to aim for tomorrow thank you very much ....That's IF everything goes according to plan... Otherwise a week sounds good too!
  9. This mod adds Daniel, The Spectromancer to the character roster! Made by CoC (Company of Creators) which are made up of the following: @Fidooop, @Dudedude, @ImDaMisterL, @Asparagus, and @Chris1488 Daniel is based off of the likeness of @Asparagus. (Big thanks to @SageOfLegend for doing Daniel's art and R63 skin's art!) Get the mod here: Join the CoC Steam group: Join the CoC Discord: See the whole CoC mod collection: This mod is also compatible with: Modded Skins: Mods in Menu: Status Announcements: Daniel: Items: Claimed Souls: Videos:
  10. Ok, the first ones made me a bit salty but this last one more than made up for it. I still can't stop laughing XD
  11. This is not an issue! @Zeklo is rather good at what he does!
  12. Go ahead and discuss ideas to add to the mod and/or changes to make to existing things in the mod! We're happy to read through any ideas given to us!
  13. Hmmm I'd say it's an issue that there's no public release yet...
  14. We're always open to new members joining our dev team as long as you can prove that you can create content like that of Klei themselves! (We want US to be a very high quality mod) Would you be willing to send me some things you've worked on in the past? If so then thanks!
  15. Hey, everyone! Just updated the main post! Hopefully it's a lot more pleasing on the eyes now
  16. Yes! Do that! Do that thing! Not the nightmare bosses! Don't do the nightmare bosses at all o_o' Actually, nightmare bosses would be pretty coo-- WHAT AM I SAYING?!
  17. TFW


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      Sorry, Fidooop.

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  18. This is fine... I'm fine... Everything is fine... potatocups.... potato... cups... this is all I see now... all I know...
  19. What did nome do? I'm not following o_o EDIT: ....oh.... Of course... first the mechanic female character, then giant variants, and now Genocidium : )
  20. Niiice! I'm hyped for this!