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  2. Hey, quick status update on the streams. Due to the events of yesterday, I regret to inform you all that there will be no stream this week. I apologize for this to anyone that was expecting a stream today. But I now have some setting up to do on my personal Twitch account as a result. And that will take me some time. Thanks for understanding! I'll see you guys next week!
  3. Ahh, stream over! Thanks to everyone who tuned in! It was a blast! PROGRESS: Snowmen now accept any hats Fixed multi-symbol generation issues caused by faulty autocompiler Snowballs can now be rolled Rolling snowballs makes them bigger Fixed some onsave/onload issues with the snowman PLANS: Update snowball mod with the ability to craft snowballs if it is snowy on the ground Make snowballs only grow bigger when rolling if snow is on the ground, smaller otherwise Make rolling snowballs turn them into big snowballs, bigger snowballs, and biggest snowballs Make Big/er/est snowballs equippable as heavy objects (like chess pieces) Make bigger snowballs stack on biggest snowballs and big snowballs stack on stacked snowballs, making a snowman Make snowman talk when completed Make snowman namable? Make snowman hammerable for hat back Make snowman melt Make snowman give sanity aura Make buttons trinket count for the belly instead of more charcoal
  4. Hey, all! Quick status update. Won't be streaming today. Just don't feel up to it. It was my dad's birthday today and I went out to eat with him to celebrate. Family holds a higher priority than live streams. As it currently stands, stream is pushed back to tomorrow. We'll see how it all goes and if things are good I hope to see you there!
  5. I am looking into Restream so that I can stream to both YouTube and Twitch at the same time! I have been working with Mulk to stream to the DS/T Twitch from now on which can be found here!
  6. I'm freshly back to the forums! Made a new post and completely edited my profile! What do you guys think?

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    2. Fidooop


      The globe is from the outro I've been working on for my videos!


    3. Mobbstar


      Not sure what the context of the globe in the outro is but nice

    4. Fidooop


      Because it looks cool lmao

  7. Hey, everybody. I'm finally back to the modding scene, and with me, I'm bringing modding live streams! Every single Saturday I will be live streaming myself modding new things into the game. Sometimes useful, sometimes vanity, and sometimes just downright silliness! I'll also be posting each new stream here from now on! Playlist of all streams done up to this point Collection of all mods done on live stream Specific streams:
  8. Crafting might stop when the event stops though... O_o
  9. You don't even get sanity in The Forge! O__O
  10. I guess I'll be missing out on 1-2 nights worth of sleep just to grab up those achievements... @__@ More lost sleep dedicated to the Forge! LET'S GO! Any way we can get word of what these accomplishments are ahead of time so we can practice and construct proper comps around them? o_o
  11. Hey, everyone! Just released an update for Daniel! Sorry it took so long to get around to this... I was out of town for a week and couldn't update it with the bad internet. (I also updated the OP to contain the new information) Here's what's new: v2.00.01 Daniel's tiredness now moves at a fixed rate that does not change based on the time of day. (25 minutes from empty to full) Daniel's tiredness thresholds have been increased from 60, 90, 120 to 75, 100, 125. Updated Status Announcements compatibility with Tiredness to change announcements based on the new thresholds. Jerry's damage no longer scales to an extra 15 damage when Daniel is insane. Daniel no longer has a vague speed advantage over other characters on roads. Fixed minor issue that caused Roseate Daniel's feet to show on the front-most layer of the anim.
  12. The mod just went live! Feels good man! Also, I added the Roseate skin to the OP! Enjoy!
  13. Added a video with Daniel's theme song! (Song by @Dudedude)
  14. I'm going to aim for tomorrow thank you very much ....That's IF everything goes according to plan... Otherwise a week sounds good too!
  15. This mod adds Daniel, The Spectromancer to the character roster! Made by CoC (Company of Creators) which are made up of the following: @Fidooop, @Dudedude, @ImDaMisterL, @Asparagus, and @Chris1488 Daniel is based off of the likeness of @Asparagus. (Big thanks to @SageOfLegend for doing Daniel's art and R63 skin's art!) Get the mod here: Join the CoC Steam group: Join the CoC Discord: See the whole CoC mod collection: This mod is also compatible with: Modded Skins: Mods in Menu: Status Announcements: Daniel: Items: Claimed Souls: Videos:
  16. Yes! Do that! Do that thing! Not the nightmare bosses! Don't do the nightmare bosses at all o_o' Actually, nightmare bosses would be pretty coo-- WHAT AM I SAYING?!
  17. TFW


    Image result for cry meme

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      *Clicks Like*

      "You Are Not Allowed To Give Reputation To This User"

      Sorry, Fidooop.

    2. Fidooop
  18. This is fine... I'm fine... Everything is fine... potatocups.... potato... cups... this is all I see now... all I know...
  19. What did nome do? I'm not following o_o EDIT: ....oh.... Of course... first the mechanic female character, then giant variants, and now Genocidium : )
  20. Niiice! I'm hyped for this!
  21. I like it... BUT will there be an option to change the syntax highlighting to match that of Notepad++ and/or Sublime? Most programmers for DST mods generally will use one of those two so having options to mimic their syntax highlighting styles would be extremely convenient!
  22. Happy Birthday, @Dudedude! From @Chris1488 and I!



    Derik celebrates birthdays too! Right?


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    2. Fidooop


      I wanna know where Erik got 200+ tennis balls

    3. Dudedude


      Pah, you guys shouldn't have xD

    4. Arlesienne


      I brought a cake made of bacon. Is that awesome enough? Kind of hard to beat this :).


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    2. Mobbstar


      Of course there's lyrics, they go:

      Per-fect per-fect peeeer-fect per per perfect

    3. Mobbstar


      Woops wrong status @minespatch

    4. minespatch


      It's okay, Mobb. :wilson_ecstatic: