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  1. yeah ive had the crash for a while too...I Just stopped using it...
  2. You plant the seeds dropped by birds to get flowers...they you capture a butterfly using a bug net to get a whole, plantable butterfly. Cheers
  3. lol, glad to hear Im not the only one then. I should probably take a look at some other mods that said they crashed then. haha
  4. I am sorry, I have no idea what happened to my game, but it works now! Thanks for that quick response, my apologies for being late on the reply. Cheers mate! =D
  5. every version is telling me that the mod has crashed..=/
  6. ...~2/DONTST~1/data/scripts/widgets/containerwidget.lua:94: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'side_align_tip' (a nil value)LUA ERROR stack traceback: C:/PROGRA~2/DONTST~1/data/scripts/widgets/containerwidget.lua(94,1) in function 'Open' C:/PROGRA~2/DONTST~1/data/scripts/screens/playerhud.lua(156,1) in function 'OpenContainer' C:/PROGRA~2/DONTST~1/data/scripts/components/container.lua(232,1) in function 'Open' C:/PROGRA~2/DONTST~1/data/scripts/actions.lua(188,1) in function 'fn' C:/PROGRA~2/DONTST~1/data/scripts/bufferedaction.lua(19,1) in function 'Do' C:/PROGRA~2/DONTST~1/data/scripts/entityscript.lua(873,1) in function 'PerformBufferedAction' C:/PROGRA~2/DONTST~1/data/scripts/stategraphs/SGwilson.lua(1450,1) in function 'ontimeout' C:/PROGRA~2/DONTST~1/data/scripts/stategraph.lua(458,1) in function 'UpdateState' C:/PROGRA~2/DONTST~1/data/scripts/stategraph.lua(515,1) in function 'Update' C:/PROGRA~2/DONTST~1/data/scripts/stategraph.lua(111,1) in function 'Update' C:/PROGRA~2/DONTST~1/data/scripts/update.lua(121,1)scripts/frontend.lua(707,1) SCRIPT ERROR! Showing error screen I got the same thing. =/
  7. I have v0.3 now, works like a charm! love the exo marble suit...its not op and helps with moving across long boring distances...anyway to incorporate the sewing kit into the mix? It would be nice to repair the suits as well, but this mod is great anyway if you can't add that feature. 10/10. Cheers!
  8. Well, that solved question #2. lol I really like this Idea better than just planting a carrot.
  9. Thanks mate! This really helped me out with fortifying the defenses to my "fort". Have a great day!! =D